Editable Wedding Invitation Templates for the Perfect Card

He’s popped the big question and you’ve said yes. The date has been set, the venue booked and the caterers scheduled. Now comes the most exciting part: inviting your friends and family to be part of your special day.

Your invitation sets the tone for the whole event. Are you planning a rustic barnyard extravaganza? Add a wooden texture to your rustic invitation. Will you be having a destination wedding in a tropical paradise? Use a palm tree invite to get your guests excited. No matter your theme, let your guests know what to expect from the start.

To help you create the perfect wedding invitation, we’ve created a wedding invitation template that will ensure you create a custom wedding invitation that’s just right for you. We also have a list of everything you should consider when writing your invite, so that you don’t miss a single detail.

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What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation

It’s important to include all the necessary information your guest’s need to know on your wedding invite. By writing in all the details, you’ll avoid the hundreds of texts and calls from confused guests. We have a list of eight items that should be considered when writing your wedding invitation.

1. Your Names

This one is pretty obvious. Whose wedding is it? Make sure this text is the largest so that your guest’s know right away the wedding they were invited to. It’s also up to you to decide if you want to include your middle and last name on the invite or keep it simple with just your first names.

2. Location and Address

Let your guests know where they should show up. Not only should you include the name of the venue, but include the address to ensure they arrive at the correct place. If the venue has many different buildings, specify which one.

3. Date and Time

Let your guest’s know what day the wedding will be and what time they should arrive at the venue. Make sure to add padding in the timeline to account for that cousin who is always late to everything.

wedding invitation with palm tree


Although all your friends and family will want to join you on your special day, scheduling conflicts will come up. Make sure you have enough seats and food for everyone by asking them to respond. If you have an online RSVP link, include that in the invite.

5. Meal Options

The wedding menu has already been finalized so let your guests know what their options are. Have them pick their meal ahead of time to make the catering run more smoothly.

6. Gift Registry

Let your guests know where you’ve registered. Make it easy on your friends and family by putting all the information they may need in one place.

wedding invitation

7. Cute Quote or Phrase

Add a unique touch to the front of your invitation with a wedding quote or phrase. Some templates already have this, while others have space for you to add one in.

8. Plus One’s and Kids

You have already decided if you’re going to have a big or small wedding. Depending on your intended size, make sure to let your guest know if they can bring a plus one or their children.

Wedding Invitation Templates

Now that you’ve figured out what you want to include in your wedding invitation, filling in your wedding invitation template will be a breeze. Just choose a design, font style and enter your personal details. Click anywhere on the template to start creating yours.

Custom wedding invitations are easy to create and a fun way to tell your friends and family all they need to know about the big day. Once you create yours, upload your design and print! Don’t forget to check when to send your wedding invites so they arrive with plenty of time to RSVP.