10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For A Decade Of Love

Are you close to celebrating your 10th year wedding anniversary? If you have learned anything in the last ten years is that time goes by fast and now it is time to celebrate this important achievement as a couple, as well as the commitment and dedication that has gotten you this far.

There are so many options when thinking of a 10th anniversary wedding gift. Take a look at the traditional anniversary gift list to get your creative wheels spinning, then decide whether you want a traditional anniversary gift or a modern one.

Here is the symbolism behind the items used to commemorate your first decade together:

  • Traditional – Tin and Aluminum. These materials symbolize the protection of outside elements, durability and flexibility. In a couple it means you both have the strength to protect each other after your first ten years of marriage.
  • Modern – Diamond Jewelry. Diamonds are strong and durable, an ideal symbol for road that has gotten you to the ten year mark and for the road ahead.
  • Flower – Daffodils. Daffodils are beautiful and represent rebirth, joy, and happiness — very appropriate symbols for this wedding anniversary.
  • Color – Blue. Blue is the chosen color for this anniversary, it can be bold yet soothing — providing a sense of calm and peace.

We have gathered a list of 10th wedding anniversary gift ideas to inspire the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

1. Tin Cocktail Shaker

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas cocktail shaker

Source: Jim Scherer

Tin and aluminum are the traditional materials for the 10th wedding anniversary gift. A tin cocktail shaker is ideal for couples who enjoy hosting parties and playing the experimental mixologist. Toast to the first ten and the many years to come with a homemade cocktail.

2. Stunning Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is the 10th anniversary gift from the modern gift list and the perfect opportunity to upgrade your original wedding rings. A new diamond ring for her or diamond cufflinks for him are a dazzling ways to celebrate your love.

3. DYI Daffodil Bouquet

Daffodils are a beautiful representation of fortune and cheerfulness. You can easily put together a lovely daffodil bouquet, pick the freshest bunches at your local flower market and arrange with a lovely bow.

4. Blue Themed Canvas Photo Wall

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue inspired photo canvas prints

Source: Shutterfly

Create a modern blue themed canvas photo art wall by simply choosing a few favorite photos of you as a couple — think vacation, posed or candid shots. Display proudly at home and surprise your loved one.

5. Family Vow Renewal

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas daughters flower girls destination vow renewal

Source: Mommy Diary

Think of celebrating your 10 year anniversary by having a family vow renewal ceremony. Have your kids participate by reading their own vows as a family — a loving way to involve those that weren’t present at your original nuptials.

6. The Perfect Wine Box

This idea is perfect for your wine loving spouse. Pick a wine of significance, maybe it is their favorite or the one served on your wedding day. Then, select a box that you can creatively add the wedding date to or both of your initials. The box can be kept for future generations.

7. Tin Mini-Garden

Small details are just as appreciated as big ones. Put together the most delicate mini-garden for your tin anniversary, with small succulents and moss in a former mint container. A great way to recycle and create something beautiful.

8. Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamonds are strong and durable, an ideal symbol to celebrate ten years together. Jewelry like a diamond tennis bracelet, is a great addition to any jewelry collection. A wonderful way to show your partner your love and appreciation.

9. Blue Home Accents

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue print table runner

Source: Shutterfly

You can always spruce up your home with touches of color. You may want to celebrate with a home cooked meal, consider bringing in elements of blue into the table décor like a table runner with a bold print.

10. Daffodil Nest Centerpiece

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas nest daffodil centerpiece

Source: Meghan Klein

If you’re celebrating by hosting a dinner party, incorporating daffodil centerpieces is an excellent touch. Create a nest-like base to represent the home, the base of your life together, and incorporate complementary flowers along with the daffodils, like tulips and baby roses.

11. Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation to celebrate ten years of marriage can be loads of fun for you, your spouse and the kids. Choose a location everybody will enjoy. To commemorate the anniversary and to create lasting memories hire a local photographer to take fun family portraits.

12. DYI Blue Painting

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas diy blue painting

Source: Kori Clark

Put your creative hat on and make a blue abstract painting as a gift for your love. You can always buy a painting but it will have more sentimental value if you do it yourself. Don’t be shy, let loose and create something to be enjoyed by both.

13. Aluminum Holiday Ornament

It is always nice to be able to add special ornaments to your Christmas tree every year, think of gifting holiday ornaments made from aluminum. It can be something that can be enjoyed and admired every year.

14. Ten Photo Gallery Quilt

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas ten photo gallery quilt

Source: Shutterfly

Let the number 10 inspire you and create a photo gallery quilt made with your top ten family photos. Include you and your spouse, kids and pets for a gift that is sure to bring a big smile to your better half.

15. Blue Butterfly Cross-Stich

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue butterfly cross stich hoop

Source: Sew French

Handmade gifts express so much love, devotion and joy. If you are into cross-stitching, consider making something beautiful in blue to commemorate your 10 year anniversary. A stunning butterfly would be remarkable.

16. Blue Custom Pillows

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue personalized pillows

Source: Shutterfly

Give your outdoor seating area a fresh new look with custom-made pillows in the anniversary color. Personalize with a favorite photograph, your wedding date and anything else your heart desires. Plan a surprise unveiling with an outdoor celebration with wine and a charcuterie board.

17. Antique Tea Tin Planter

Turn an antique tea tin into a perfect anniversary gift by adding a beautiful indoor plant. This gift is ideal for those with a green-thumb. The vintage feel with the greenery makes a stunning combination.

18. Paper Daffodils

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas paper daffodils

Source: Grace Kim

Daffodils expertly made out of paper can be just as beautiful as the real ones. Pick several of different heights, sizes and colors. A flower bouquet that can be enjoyed well past the tenth anniversary celebration — a keepsake worth displaying in a shadow box.

19. Notes Of Blue

Make a bold anniversary statement by surprising your spouse with something blue in your home. Choose a piece of furniture that may need a bit of sprucing up, like a bookshelf or upright piano and paint it tenth anniversary blue.

20. DIY License Plate Wall Art

A great do-it-yourself project that can be both meaningful and look great on your wall. Look for old aluminum license plates that may have hints to your anniversary date or wedding location, then paint, place on a wood plank and hang on your wall.

21. Blue Glass Accents

Blue glass vases, glassware or candle holders can be great gift options. They will look beautiful on any piece of furniture in your home. You can beautifully arrange these glass accents in an array of blues for a wonderful effect.

22. Tin Cookware Planters

Take those old tin cake pans and turn them into beautiful planters. Succulent plants would work well for this project. Decorate with rope or burlap ribbon to complete the look.

23. Vows Renewal

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas vow renewal backyard

Source: Holly Fish

Recreate your wedding day in your backyard with your children’s participation. Take the opportunity to renew your vows by hosting a mini-wedding at home — dance to your anniversary song, serve your favorite picnic foods and have games for guests. Keep it light, fun and casual for all to enjoy.

24. Picture Perfect

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue chevron photo frame

Source: Shutterfly

Choose your favorite picture as a couple to create a photo frame with beautiful blue details. You can even choose to have a special 10th wedding anniversary photo shoot. Whichever route you decide to go, your gift will be appreciated and treasured for years to come.

25. Diamond Art

Another way to gift diamonds is by giving a piece of art to your partner. Look for a piece that will complement your home décor. A diamond’s perfect geometric design can give a modern vibe to any space you choose to display it in.

26. Picnic Day

Surprise your love with a lovely picnic just for two. You can make this mini-event even more special by making sure to pack favorite treats and decorate with celebratory balloons. Pack a bottle of bubbly and two glasses to toast this milestone.

27. Breakfast In Bed

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue personalized serving tray

Source: Shutterfly

There is no better way to start your anniversary day than with breakfast in bed. Have your beloved wake up to the delicious scent of fresh coffee and warm maple syrup. You can add a personalized serving tray with a family picture to make this surprise even more special.

28. Lovely Terrarium

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas terrarium

Source: Home Edit

A beautifully arranged terrarium can be a thoughtful gift, especially if you decide to do-it-yourself. Take a spacious deep glass container, prepare with a base of rocks, then dirt and moss and arrange a few succulents. You can even add a glass ball or figurine to go with the arrangement

29. Diamond Pilsner

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas diamond personalized pilsner glass

Source: Shutterfly

This is a suitable idea for beer aficionados. Take this opportunity to personalize pilsner glasses with your family or couple’s initials. You can even make sure the design includes a detail as an ode to the anniversary year — like a diamond print.

30. Tin Can Vases

Tin cans for your tin anniversary gift. There’s so many ways to recycle discarded cans. One excellent way is by transforming them into beautiful containers like vases, candle holders or containers to organize any desk. All it takes is some paint, wall paper and ribbons — oh, and a dash of creativity.

31. Family Photo Desktop Plaque

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue personalized photo collage plaque

Source: Shutterfly

Family is probably the biggest treasure that a decade together has brought to your lives. Create a photo desktop plaque with a collage of family pictures. Choose an option for a ten-picture collage to represent each of the then years together.

32. Hand Stamped Jewelry

If you are a crafty person then think of making something that includes and commemorates the date of your union. A leather wrap bracelet with a hand stamped metal plaque can be a stylish accessory.

33. Family Coasters

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue personalized coasters

Source: Shutterfly

Practical gifts can sometimes be the most appreciated gifts. Ceramic coasters can not only save your coffee table from ring stains but can also be great conversation starters. Especially if they celebrate family and your union. Custom-made coasters will accomplish this.

34. Crepe Daffodils

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas crepe paper daffodils

Source: Lia Griffith

Handmade crepe daffodils can be just as cheerful as the real thing. Make a bunch and select a planter to place them in. This can make any corner of your home or office instantly brighter.

35. ‘Diamond’ Earrings

Anything diamond inspired can a delightful gift. Think of ‘diamond’ earrings made of enamel or a ‘diamond’ layered necklace. This is a gift that can spruce up an outfit and give it a modern take.

36. Ten Photo Collage Frame

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas ten photo gallery frame

Source: Shutterfly

A ten photo collage frame will be a treasured gift for everyone in the home. This is a great project to involve everyone in the family, by having each member pick their favorite picture.

37. A Gift For The Home

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas diy blue agate clock

Source: Drawn to DIY

If you both have discussed that bare wall and debated what would go perfectly on it, then make it your mission to find something that will look stunning on it. A blue agate clock could do just the trick.

38. Diamond Jar

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas diy diamond jar

Source: Curly Made

A fantastic do-it-yourself project, take some empty jars and cover them with paint but leave some cutouts of diamond shapes. Deliver it with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

39. Midnight Blue Laptop Case

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue starts personalized laptop case

Source: Shutterfly

If your one and only is more into tech gifts than sentimental gifts, then this midnight blue personalized laptop case will surely delight their heart. Customize with a favorite picture, name and special message.

40. Mini-Mint-Tin Containers

Take several unused mini-mint tin containers and decorate each one with vibrant colors and complex patterns. These can be very useful to carry around or keeping in car, holding everything from vitamins to safety pins.

41. Beach Day For Two

Pack a picnic basket for two and head to the beach or the lake. Choose a meaningful location, maybe the beach where you took your first romantic walk or the lake where you first held hands. Pack all the essentials (favorite food, treats and drink) and enjoy your anniversary day — just the two of you.

42. Engraved Jewelry

An engraved piece of jewelry is always a great option as an anniversary gift. Engrave a favorite saying, a happy anniversary message or an original love note into the piece for maximum love effect.

43. For Coffee Lovers

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue personalized travel mug

Source: Shutterfly

A personalized travel mug is just the right gift for those that cannot be separated from their coffee. A quirky gift for your quirky partner in crime — think blue, fun and practical.

44. Holiday Aluminum Tree

If your anniversary date lands around the holiday season then you can surprise your spouse with an aluminum Christmas tree. Place license plates in a tree formation, add holiday lights and a few ornaments at the base. Voilà! An anniversary holiday tree.

45. Blue Knit Scarf

If knitting is your thing, then why not make a very special blue anniversary scarf? Your partner will appreciate your gift every time they cozy up and feel the warmth of this comfy gift.

46. DIY Felt Daffodils

This DIY felt daffodils can look stunning in a simple white cylinder vase. Get your crafty self on and plan on preparing this perfect bouquet made out of bright yellow felt.

47. Blue Themed Can Coolers

10th wedding anniversary gift ideas blue personalized can coolers

Source: Shutterfly

Combine two symbols of the tenth wedding anniversary, blue and aluminum. Place a favorite drink that comes in an aluminum can and place inside a fun blue cooler. These personalized can coolers is a practical and easy gift for those that enjoy a nice cold beverage.

There are so many ways to honor your growth as a couple, an opportunity to have some joy and fun. We recommend you document your celebration — whether intimate, big or small — by creating a photo book for you to enjoy in the years to come.

However you choose to celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary, the most important thing is to make sure that the gift you get your spouse comes from the heart. Whatever you decide on, it will surely be a treasure that will forever be cherished.