7 Personalized Shutterfly Products For Your Newlywed Home

Marriage is all about two lives melding into one. As you celebrate your recent marriage, you may realize that you and your love are in need of various products that make your house a home. Whether you and your partner were living together before the marriage or have just moved in together, all newlyweds are often in need of some functional and decorative home items.

You’ve spent months planning the perfect wedding, winding down in a home that has all the right touches will brighten up your day. Check out the following list of Shutterfly products for newlyweds. These items will solidify your wedding bliss as you incorporate hints of love throughout your home. Take a look at these wedding gift ideas as well if you are shopping for a loved one’s wedding.

1. Photo Book

A wedding photo album is a classic staple one should have in their home. Include it on your coffee table, bookshelf or bedroom. Looking back on this special day will surely make you smile and reminisce for years to come.

2. Wall Art

Art can add life to any room. But, nothing is more special than having a perfect photo of the two of you in your home. If you’re looking for wall decor ideas, choose from a variety of framed prints and styles to compliment your happy household.

3. Glass Frame

A glass frame adds a delicate touch to any shelf or room. Include a photo of you and your loved on your wedding day and customize with your last name. Add the date and location of your wedding to commemorate the big day. It is sure to be a keepsake that you cherish forever.

4. Personalized Pillow

Spruce up your living room couches or master bedroom with personalized photo pillows. This can be a favorite photo of your wedding day, engagement party or even your honeymoon. Not only will it be a conversation starter, it will be a comfy addition to your movie date nights.

5. Catch All Tray

Wedding rings and jewelry gifts from your sweetheart are beautiful reminders of your love. Keep them on your night table in a beautiful catch all tray.  You can include initials, an important date or a location that you two shared as an added personalized touch.

6. Table Runner

A table runner adds dimension to any dining area and can be used to complement your plates and glassware. Personalize your table runner with a pattern that reminds you both of your honeymoon or a special photo.  It will surely impress your loved ones as you gather around for your next dinner party.

7. Coasters

Whether you are having a drink to wind down or inviting some of your closest friends for cocktails, pretty personalized coasters add the perfect finishing touch. You can also include an image of your special day for when you have romantic dinners in.

Celebrate your new marriage with products that represent you and your partner’s love. Customization through photos, monograms, dates and your last name all add personal touches to home decor items and serve as reminders of your big day. No matter what you and your partner’s style may be, choose wedding gifts and keepsakes that you will continue to use and cherish for years to come.