20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 32 Handmade Ideas

After two remarkable decades of marriage, your 20th anniversary is the ideal time to look back on how far you’ve come. Among all the traditional wedding anniversary gifts for your the 20th year, emeralds are the one of the most commonly celebrated. Appropriately, the vibrantly green gemstone is known for being one of the strongest of its kind.

When choosing or hand making an anniversary gift, there are plenty of ways to run with the emerald theme. On the one hand, you can follow the tradition quite literally, gifting items encrusted in gemstones themselves. If you prefer to go a bit outside the box, showcase the emerald color throughout a series or green gifts — from planters and herb gardens to crystal-filled terrariums.

No matter what, personalized gifts always make the strongest impact. Peruse over thirty handmade 20th anniversary gift ideas below to celebrate your own marriage, your parents or your favorite couple.

1. DIY Wooden Lantern

diy wooden lantern

Source: Oh Oh Deco

Warm up your home for your anniversary with a homemade wooden lantern. This a great way to show off your woodworking skills with minimal prior experience. Include loving anniversary messages to go along with your light-themed present.

2. Life is Good Floral Print

Display an uplifting message in your home to remind you of your 20th wedding anniversary each time you pass. Print this bright and colorful artwork for free and mount in a rustic frame.

3. Date Engraved Cuff

date engraved cuff

Source: Shutterfly

Searching for the right 20th wedding anniversary gift for your husband or wife? This simple cuff melds with all styles and features an engraved display of your wedding date.

4. Hanging Air Plant

Air plants are some of the easiest varieties to care for. Fill a small glass globe with white pebbles and a small air plant. Hang with decorative twine and include a wall attachment for versatile home decor.

5. Playful Fringe Planter

playful fringe planter

Source: Oh Oh Deco

Break away from the traditional stone and terracotta planters by adding a bit of pink and white fringe. Wrap yarn around a small piece of cardboard and glue the edges to a thick, lace ribbon. Cut the edges and add to a simple pot.

6. Foliage Wine Glass

foliage wine glass

Source: Shutterfly

Ideal for the wine connoisseur in the family, buy a set of monogrammed, stemless wine glasses and toast to your 20th year of marriage. The delicate ring of foliage encircling your initial is etched into the glass, making it dishwasher safe.

7. Soothing Body Butter

Lavender and vanilla is a truly calming combination, perfect for making homemade body butter. Mix a series of natural oils and beeswax into a decorative glass jar for a spa-inspired anniversary gift idea.

8. Watercolor Floral Mug

By following the same method of watercolor flowers on paper, use standard Sharpie markers on an upcycled white ceramic mug for a beautiful gift. Seal with Mod Podge for safe washing.

9. Herb and Rose Incense

herb and rose incense

Source: Bliss Makes

Incorporating the green theme of the emerald anniversary, bundle together fresh sage, rosemary, lavender and rose for a homemade smudge stick. Pair with other homemade self-care gifts and wrap up in a decorative box.

10. Pun-Filled Vases

If you plan to give a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your spouse on your 20th anniversary, spruce up the vase with this pun-inspired project. Choose the personalized message of your choice, add vinyl letters as a stencil and spray the glass vase with Sea Glass spray paint.

11. Herb Garden Collection

Give the gift of year-round fresh herbs with this mini DIY garden. Paint the base of three plastic lotion containers and fill with soil and fresh herbs. Pair with recipes or a spice set for a full cooking gift set.

12. Homemade Air Fresheners

homemade air fresheners

Source: Hello Glow

Terracotta clay is easy to infuse with potent essential oil scents, making it a great material for DIY air fresheners. Stamp naturally inspired shapes and images into small cutouts of terracotta and hang throughout the home.

13. Macrame Necklace

macrame necklace

Source: Lia Griffith

Design your own statement necklace with a macrame charm. Choose a necklace chain and ring to hold your macrame design and tailor the colors of each piece to your partner’s style.

14. Homemade Crystal Terrarium

A playful take on the emerald anniversary theme, fill a small glass terrarium with gemstones, air plants and lightly colored sand. This gift idea pairs well with a DIY hanging air plant project.

15. Earring Hoop Hanger

Gifting a pair of emerald earrings this anniversary? Supply a DIY place to hang them by combining three concentric embroidery hoops. Attach three rows of wire to hold earrings with ease.

16. Standing Photo Canvas

standing photo canvas

Source: Shutterfly

This easel-backed photo display combines the look of a classic standing frame with an elegantly wrapped canvas. Personalize the base of the image with names and a loving message.

17. Floral Cork Trivet

Add a splash of color to your favorite couple’s kitchen with this hand painted cork trivet. Create or purchase a floral stencil and add craft paint to one side of a cork circle. Pair with hand painted bowls and other DIY dishware.

18. Wooden Photo Shelf

Showcase your partner’s love of minimalist design by building a wooden shelf, ideal for displaying photographs and small succulents. Loop two leather straps around a rectangle of pine wood and hang on an empty wall in your home.

19. Mini Gift Bouquets

mini gift bouquets

Source: Hello Glow

Follow these expert tips for arranging simple floral bouquets for your 20th anniversary celebration. Leave them around the house for your partner to find or pop them all into unique vases for your anniversary dinner centerpiece.

20. Tea Towel Tray

tea towel tray

Source: Kreativ K

Transform a wooden frame and tea towel into a rustic, decorative tray. Add two small leather straps to the short edges of the frame for easy carrying. This gift makes an excellent base for dining room table centerpieces.

21. Gold-Dipped Keychain

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to create a romantic charm from air-dry clay. Poke a hole in the top of the heart before it dries and then attached to a decorative keychain and set of colorful pom poms. Add a few emerald-toned charms to fit the 20th anniversary gift theme.

22. Gemstone Tassel Earrings

Incorporate the look of emeralds in your 20th anniversary gift by adding multi-colored tassels to the base of mini crystal balls. Add all appropriate earring hardware and package in a small jewelry gift box.

23. Love Grows Here Flower Pot

love grows here flower pot

Source: Shutterfly

Plant something new together on your 20th anniversary and watching it grow over the next two decades. Choose a sentimental message for the front of the pot and display in the kitchen or on the front steps.

24. Pinch Pot Set

pinch pot set

Source: Bliss Makes

Small succulents make excellent decorations on desks and dining room tables. Form small pot shapes from terracotta clay and paint with each one with a unique design. Fill with mini succulents and group together as a gift set.

25. Revamped China Plates

Purchase a collection of mismatched china plates from a local thrift store and reinvigorate them with creative color blocking. Tape off geometric shapes and color with transparent layers of porcelain paint.

26. Flower and Seed Organizer

Celebrate your partner’s green thumb with a DIY antique seed box. Transfer or glue vintage seed catalog prints around the outside of a wooden box purchased and your local craft store. Fill the box with seed varieties and floral arranging tools.

27. Floral Photo Wristlet

floral photo wristlet

Source: Shutterfly

By adding two wedding or family photos to the front of this striped, leather wristlet, your partner can carry a reminder of your 20th wedding anniversary everywhere she goes. Choose between black and gold leather accents.

28. Memory Charm Bracelet

Celebrate all the special adventures you’ve taken in the past 20 years with a homemade charm bracelet. Thread emerald-colored beads and your choice of meaningful charms onto craft wire for a 20th anniversary-themed gift.

29. Rustic Photo Tile Trivet

rustic photo tile trivet

Source: Shutterfly

Surrounded by an ornate metal trim, this photo tile acts as a convenient and eye-catching trivet for your kitchen counter. Keep your counters safe from hot pans and display as an anniversary reminder when not in use.

30. Herbal Salt Infusions

Amp up your seasoning selection by gifting a collection of herb and spice-infused salts. Once you’ve made your concoctions, pour each salt combo into a small glass jar and seal closed with green sealing wax.

31. Handmade Beeswax Lip Balm

These naturally scented and lightly tinted lip balms make thoughtful gifts with minimal ingredients. Add your desired combo of essential oils to beeswax, coconut and almond oil as well as a few drops of food coloring. Design handmade labels with happy anniversary messages.

32. All You Need is Love Pillow

all you need is love pillow

Source: Shutterfly

Adorn a cozy accent pillow with a romantic anniversary message backed by a memorable photo from your wedding. You can even choose to customize both sides of the pillow for optimal personalization.

The most poignant and memorable 20th wedding anniversary ideas often feature your favorite photos. Pair any of these DIY gift ideas above with a hand-curated wedding album. Tailor your wedding album ideas to showcase the past twenty years and everyone who’s come into your life along the way.