Easy 25th Anniversary Party Ideas and Planning Tips

Make your 25th wedding anniversary one to remember by hosting a timeless anniversary party to celebrate this major milestone in your life. Whether you’re renewing your vows or throwing a party with family and friends, anniversary parties are a great way to cherish the amount of years you’ve spent with your loved one. You can plan your own anniversary party with your significant other or you can work with your children on planning the celebration if they’re old enough to help. Either way, we have you covered with helpful tips for venues, food, and entertainment, to jump start your 25th anniversary party ideas.

black and silver 25th wedding anniversary invitation

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What is the 25th Wedding Anniversary Called?

The 25th wedding anniversary is traditionally called the Silver wedding anniversary. Silver is also the symbol and traditional gift for the 25th anniversary.

25th Anniversary Color

The color for a 25th wedding anniversary is silver, to match the traditional 25th anniversary symbol. You can incorporate silver throughout your party decorations, the anniversary cake, and the couple’s wardrobe.

25th Anniversary Themes

When it comes to wedding anniversary themes, you can choose a custom idea that evolves around the couple or you can choose a theme based on the anniversary symbol. Silver themed 25th anniversary parties are extremely popular since they go hand in hand with the 25th anniversary symbol. However, you can also explore options like re-creating the couple’s honeymoon as a theme, or creating a theme based on their favorite hobby or vacation spot. Explore these 25th wedding anniversary themes below:

  • Silver Anniversary Theme: Deck your anniversary party out in silver for a traditional 25th anniversary theme. You can even mix and match metallics to add a modern touch to this party theme.
  • Honeymoon: Re-create the happy couple’s honeymoon by centering their theme around the original honeymoon destination. This is a fun idea and often provides a nostalgic feeling for the honorees.
  • Favorite Hobby: If the honorees are known for staying true to a certain hobby, you can go all out and build a theme around this hobby. The couple will appreciate the personalized feel of the celebration.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Nothing goes better with silver than blue. Host a lovely Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed anniversary brunch if you’re looking for an elegant way to reminisce on 25 years of marriage.
  • Summer BBQ: If your anniversary party is in summer and you opt for a casual party, you can host a summer BBQ party in your backyard with family and friends! Whether you go with a traditional BBQ theme or choose a Southwestern theme, this is an easy and kid-friendly theme that doesn’t require the stress of a formal party.
  • Black and White Cocktail Party: Host an adult-only cocktail party and set a black and white dress code to celebrate your anniversary in style. You can name cocktails after memorable moments or milestones in the your marriage and offer a mocktail bar option for guests who don’t drink alcohol. Refer to our guide on cocktail party ideas for more inspiration.

Don’t forget to apply your theme to your 25th anniversary party invitations, so your invitations serve as a teaser for all the fun to come.

Location Ideas

Choosing a location for your 25th anniversary depends on the number of guests and your budget. Celebrating 25 years of marriage is a major milestone and you’ll likely want to invite every one who has played in role in your lives over the years. If you can afford to rent out a local space or venue, this is the best option so you can create the guest list you really want. Consider renting out your local recreational room, a private room at your favorite restaurant, or a hotel ballroom to accommodate all of your guests. If you’re working with a smaller budget, you can get creative and clear out your house or a relative’s house to host the party at home. Visit our easy and detailed guide on how to plan an anniversary party for additional location ideas.

Decoration Ideas

When it comes to decorations, you should consider both the season and theme of the party. You’ll want your decorations to be cohesive and make your party area come to life. No matter which party theme you choose, be sure to include large numbered balloons for the couple’s anniversary year, seasonal greenery or florals, festive centerpieces, custom signage with anniversary quotes, silver garlands, and photos of the anniversary couple throughout your party decor. If you’re going for an elegant look, you can set out custom candles with photos of the couple, table runners, and set aside budget for custom lighting to give the party an intimate look. If you’re going full-on silver with 25th anniversary party decorations, you can sprinkle silver confetti on the tables, hang silver fringe chandeliers or fans, and make sure your bar is stocked with chic silver drinkware.

Food and Drink Ideas

Preparing a menu for your food and drinks is another important step in anniversary party planning. You can either have your party catered or ask a family member or friend to help cook.  Either way, avoid taking on the role of cooking by yourself, whether you’re the host or one of the honorees. All in all, the best idea is to have the party catered and scale your budget to include having your party catered. These days, you can book a large upscale catering companies or opt for a small local caterer to match your budget. You can also choose between having the guests served or save a bit of money by setting up a buffet.

When planning out your menu, remember to offer a variety of dishes and drinks so all guests can enjoy the food. Include a couple vegetarian options, non-alcoholic beverages, and a gluten-free option for the party. You can also set up a hydration station right next to the bar so guests have easy access to water throughout the party.

elegant photo 25th anniversary party invitations

25th Anniversary Entertainment Ideas

In need of entertainment ideas? We have you covered with simple and popular ideas to liven up your anniversary party. Between planning out music and considering who should give a toast, entertainment is a necessary and fun component on your party planning checklist. Here are a few entertainment ideas to consider:

  • Live Band: Book a live band to cover some of your favorite classics over the years.
  • DJ: If you have a variety of taste in music, opt for booking a DJ so he or she can spin your favorite oldies or the latest hits.
  • Slideshow or Video Tribute: Playing a slideshow of the couple over the years will warm the hearts of everyone in the room. Putting together anniversary slideshows or video tributes always help to capture the couple’s history and show their love journey.
  • Toasts: Have family, children, and a few close friends give heartfelt speeches and toast the anniversary couple. This is the perfect chance for loved ones to let the couple know how much they mean to them.
  • Photobooth: Since this will be one of the biggest parties of the year for the couple and their family, capture every special moment by setting up a photobooth! Add plenty of themed props to make the photobooth more interactive and humorous.
  • Inspiration Jar: Since not all guests will be able to make a toast, you can designate a table where guests can write down how the couple has inspired them over the years. The honorees will be able to take home the jar and read all of the memorable notes that guests have left.

Celebrating a quarter century of marriage is a special milestone that many couples wish to achieve. If you haven’t celebrated an anniversary yet, this is the one to make unforgettable! With party planning tips above, a bit of personalization, and a head start, you can make your 25th anniversary party one of a kind.If you need more inspiration, reference these anniversary wishes , anniversary quotes for him and quotes for her.