Memorable 35th Birthday Party Ideas

So, you are helping your best friend plan her 35th birthday, and you are stuck on trying to find a theme. A lot goes into deciding a theme for a party, including who is coming and what kind of budget you are working with. You may want to have a party at someone’s house, you may not. Whatever the case may be, these memorable 35th birthday party ideas will give you some inspiration during your party planning.

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Special 35th Birthday Party Ideas for Anyone

Having a 35th birthday party could consist of a wide range of people showing up. You want to be able to have themes that are family friendly and for all genders. The following themes are perfect for doing just that.


What better way to entertain people than by having Karaoke? This not only lets people act a little silly, but it is the perfect activity for people of all ages. Enjoy your friends singing duets or watch little kids try to put on a show.


Have a party like the Great Gatsby and throw a 1920’s bash. Everyone can come dressed in their best attire from this era and enjoy a night of dancing. Consider playing jazzier music and having nicer appetizers on the tables for snacking.

Mardis Gras

A Mardis Gras celebration is one for the books. Use the colors yellow, green, and purple to decorate the entire house. You can have masks in arrangements and throw beaded necklaces on all of the tables. Consider serving food and drinks like jambalaya and mint juleps to transport people to New Orleans for this celebration.


If you are looking for a party that is on the fancier side, and you are entertaining a larger group of people, a masquerade themed party is the perfect solution. You can have guests come in semi-formal attire and bring masks if they want to. Have music for dancing, and serve small snacks. A dessert like chocolate fondue is a good way to have guests help themselves.

Disco Party

This theme is great if you are looking for a fun and unique party theme. Tell your guests to come dressed in “disco attire” if they have it available. Play your favorite disco hits, and have colorful lights all around the party. If you want to go all out, get a disco ball to hang at the center of the dancing. You can serve drinks in a punch bowl and have finger food for casual snacking.

35th Birthday Party Ideas for Him

Planning a 35th birthday party for him can be hard, especially if you aren’t sure what theme he would like best. It takes a lot of energy, but once it is over, the guy in your life will be amazed by all of your hard work. You can also browse our gifts for him if you want to give him an additional gift when throwing the party.

Barbecue and Brews

Just like the theme says, have BBQ and an assortment of beers for food and drinks. This theme is definitely more laid back and casual. A barbecue party is the perfect option for someone that doesn’t want to make a big deal out of their party but still wants to celebrate.

On the Green

If the birthday boy is a fan of golf, there is no better way to celebrate 35 than with a golf themed party. Everyone can come dressed in visors and polos. You can also serve cupcakes with green sprinkles on top to resemble the grass. Sticking with the golf theme, if you give out party favors, you can give guests custom golf balls with the number 35 on them.

At the Ballpark

If he is less of a golf fan, and more of a baseball fan, have a baseball themed party. On the invitation, tell everyone to come in baseball hats and jerseys of their favorite team. You can serve typical stadium food, like hot dogs and burgers.

girls blowing sparkles

35th Birthday Party Ideas for Her

From a brunch party to a pink birthday party, birthday celebrations for girls can sometimes end up being more of a production. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be super expensive. The following birthday party ideas are perfect for a 35th birthday and can be as cost effective as you like.

Garden Party

If you are looking to have a party during the day, consider having a garden brunch party. You can utilize the backyard, and have brunch outside with a mimosa bar. Put floral arrangements on the table and include a lot of greenery. For a fun garden party decoration, fill small watering cans with your flower arrangement and have them as the centerpieces.

Rosé All Day

Just like the theme says, think rosé and roses for every aspect of this party. You can serve different kinds of rosé wine and put roses in vases on all of the tables. Try to find napkins or plates with roses on them, and you can even buy rose birthday invitations.

All That Glitters…

If you know a girl that absolutely loves glitter, throw her a party where glitter is one of the main decorations. Put glitter on all of the tables, and have her favorite color compliment the sparkles. You can give her a wine bottle covered in rhinestones and glitter, and you can have edible glitter on the cupcakes for guests. If you want an activity for guests, provide music for dancing the night away.

Inexpensive Birthday Party Themes for Adults

When you are planning a birthday party, it can be easy to overspend. Luckily, there are some creative ways to have a very fun yet inexpensive party for either your or your friend’s 35th birthday.

Outdoor Rustic

All this theme really needs is a backyard and some simple snacks. Serve finger good like crackers and cheese or hummus and pita chips. You can serve wine and beer along with nonalcoholic beverages to your guests. For decorations, all you need to do is string lights, lay blankets out on the grass, and play music outside.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts aren’t just activities for kids! Have a scavenger hunt for your guests and make them go around the area or around the house looking for what is on the list. You can also turn this into a photo challenge or a photo scavenger hunt. For a photo challenge, come up with different tasks like taking a picture in front of a license plate with the farthest state. Whichever team is able to complete all of the tasks wins.

Movie Night

Pick the birthday boy or girl’s favorite movie and play it either inside the house or outdoors on a screen. Provide a bunch of snacks like popcorn and you can even have a sundae bar.

Pizza Party

A pizza party is a great option for something more casual and interactive. Buy or make pizza dough and provide different toppings for guests. The guests will be able to make their own pizza and put whichever toppings they prefer on it. You can also just have a dinner party to serve any number of guests at the birthday.

35th Birthday Party Ideas Not at Home

If you don’t want to have a party at your home, but it’s within your budget, consider going somewhere else for the party. There are a lot of different venues and activity options for birthdays that you can splurge on for your 35th.


Invite all of the guests to a bowling alley for a stress-free birthday party. Most alleys serve food and drinks, and allow you to bring in dessert. You can even arrive early to decorate the lanes with balloons and streamers.

Roller Skating

Dress up in whatever retro clothes you have, and take your party guests to a roller skating rink. This is a super fun way to dance and skate the night away.

Vineyard/Sports Bar

If you have a smaller group of people, consider going wine tasting with friends. If you want something more casual, you can also go to a sports bar to enjoy drinks and celebrate.

Cooking Classes

Test everyone’s cooking abilities with a cooking class. Look online for ones being offered in your area, and book in advance. This is an interactive party idea but doubles as your food.

Park Potluck

If you want to keep things casual while enjoying the outdoors, have a potluck in the park. You can tell guests that instead of gifts, they can bring their favorite dish to the party. You can make a sign-up sheet in advance so food doesn’t overlap.


Even though it is a 35th birthday, let out everyone’s inner kid at an arcade. Everyone can go to a place like Dave and Buster’s for food, drinks, and a good time.

backyard bbq party

Invitation Ideas

Every party needs an invitation, but not every invitation has to be the same as the year before. You can add extra style to your cards with foil or glitter. You can choose to keep it classic or decide to personalize whatever birthday invitation you pick.

Thank You Card Inspiration

If you are the birthday boy or girl, it is polite to send a thank you card to guests for attending, especially if they brought you a gift. You can personalize them to your taste and to fit the theme of the party. If you aren’t sure when to send a thank you card, look at how to send thank you messages for birthday wishes.

A 35th birthday is definitely a reason to celebrate. Try and be creative when picking a theme but keep your budget in mind. Not every party has to be at a house, but another venue does require a little bit more planning. Remember, no matter what you choose to do for the party, it’s all about spending time with friends or family and celebrating life.