12 Awesome 80th Birthday Party Ideas

Whether it’s a parent or a grandparent, turning 80 is a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated. But along with finding the perfect birthday gift, there’s a few things to consider to make their 80th birthday one to remember. And it all starts with finding the right theme and party ideas. Check out our 80th birthday party ideas below to get your party planning started.

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How to Throw an 80th Birthday Party

The trick to throwing the ultimate 80th birthday is starting your party planning early. By ensuring all plans are made and confirmed well in advance, you can be sure things will go more smoothly. Plus, you’ll have time to make last minute adjustments if anything does go wrong. So what are some of the key party plans to figure out well in advance? They include:

An 80th birthday party invitation from Shutterfly.

And if you’re looking for a more complete list of party planning instructions, make sure to visit our resources on where to have a birthday party and how to plan a birthday party.

80th Birthday Party Themes

Before finding that perfect personalized gift, you’ll want to make sure you’ve picked the right party theme. The following themes for an 80th birthday party are as easy to put together as they are to enjoy. Pick your favorite from the selection below or use them to inspire a unique idea all your own.

1. 80th Tea Party

Tea parties are perfect party themes for a parent or grandparent who loves an excuse to dress up for an elegant affair. Take the party to a local tea venue or set up your backyard with tea sets, elegant garden decor, and plenty of finger sandwiches and biscuits.

Grandmother and granddaughter are opening a present together at an 80th birthday tea party.

2. Cheers to 80 Years

This classic 80th birthday theme is perfect for the 80 year old who loves a particular drink. Whether it’s a nice glass of wine, beer, or signature cocktail, make sure to feature that drink across the party menu. Along with plenty of decorations, the key to pulling off this party is inviting all the guest’s friends and family to help celebrate.

3. Garden Party

Style your garden party with plenty of European or bohemian decorative elements for a picture perfect birthday. Consider a mix of picnic blankets and decorative outdoor pillows along with bistro tables for guest seating. String lights or pastel streamers with balloons also make great accents. And to ensure the party’s success, plan a menu full of finger food, sandwiches, and the honoree’s favorite drinks.

Family 80th birthday celebration outside in the garden.

4. Vintage Birthday Party

Fill your party with vintage elements like old photographs of the honoree, sepia colored decorations, vintage furniture, and glass mason jars. This elegant party theme looks great in photos and it’s a fun opportunity to make use of the birthday person’s old photos.

5. Outdoor Evening Celebration

Throw a dinner party like no other. Along with plenty of outdoor lighting like string lights and lanterns, it’s important to include some of your honoree’s favorites. This might include a playlist of their favorite music, a dinner menu full of their most loved dishes, and an evening toast in their honor.

Happy family and friends celebrating a birthday party with sparkler fireworks after dinner.

6. Still Rock’n It Party

If the birthday person still loves to rock out, throw a Rock n’ Roll themed 80’s birthday. This means a rock’n playlist, plenty of old Rock posters, and maybe even a rockstar dress code. This party is perfect for the young at heart.

7. Their Favorite Restaurant

If your parent or grandparent prefers smaller scale birthday parties with a few loved ones, consider taking them to their favorite restaurant. Not only are they guaranteed to love the food and company, but you can also make it an extra special occasion by bringing a cake or a few birthday decorations in advance.

Grandfather celebrating his 80th birthday with his family at a restaurant.

8. 1980’s Party

An 80’s party makes for a fun and festive 80th birthday. Ask guests to come in costume, decorate the house or venue in plenty of “groovy” colors, and provide old fashioned party foods. And don’t forget to fill a playlist with 80’s party music for a dance party that will last all night.

9. Tropical Birthday

If the birthday honoree loves vacations in the tropics, throw them a island-inspired birthday party. Along with plenty of floral and beach decorations, you want a dinner menu to feature plenty of Pacific-inspired foods as well as some delicious beach cocktails.

Smiling elderly woman at an 80th birthday party with tropical decorations.

10. Aged to Perfection Celebration

Throw an “aged to perfection” party featuring the honoree’s favorite wine, whiskey, or other liquor. This theme is a fun play on words that gives the birthday person a chance to celebrate themselves and their favorite beverage. It’s also a great theme for fun vintage decorations to help commemorate an 80th birthday.

11. Glitter and Golden Years

A glitter and golden years party is the perfect theme for an honoree who loves a birthday with glam. Decorate the venue with plenty of gold and glittering decor, and include fun props like feather boas, beaded necklaces, and a photo booth. This 80’s birthday theme also looks great with a few bottles of sparkling wine.

Family with presents standing indoor at a birthday party.

12. 80 Years Young Party

Feature the honoree’s favorite childhood memories with an “80 years young” party. This may include a snack table stocked with childhood sweets and beverages, old-school tunes, and plenty of decor with famous stars, movies, and other memorabilia from their younger days.

Party Favors For 80th Birthday Ideas

When the party’s over you’ll want to send guests home with a commemorative party favor. Some fun and cute ideas for 80th birthday party favors may include:

Chocolate birthday cupcake with gold numbers 80, and gold candle.

80th Birthday Party Games

Party games are a great way to keep you guests engaged and entertained, while also providing an opportunity to get to know each other. Whether you’re looking for an ice breaker or a series of competitive games for your party, it’s important to find games that everyone can participate in. Looking for some fun, family friendly entertainment for your 80th birthday party? Then make sure to visit our complete list of 40 entertaining party games for our top picks.

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