Add Style to Your Office with an Easel Calendar

In need of a monthly planner, organizational office supplies, or a great New Year’s gift for a loved one? If so, you may want to consider creating a special DIY Easel Calendar. These monthly calendars are bestsellers for a reason: they aren’t just easy to make, but they’re the perfect way to showcase your favorite memories. Ready to get started? Follow the instructions below to create an easel calendar for anyone or any space.

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What is an Easel Calendar?

An easel is a type of unique photo calendar that stands on a wooden easel with 12 months’ worth of 5X7 inch cards. This differs from built-in spiral-bound desktop calendars. The thick matte cardstock makes this monthly desk calendar an excellent way to revisit your favorite photos and memories every day. Unlike traditional wall calendars, these calendars can stand up directly on the tabletop with their built-in support to help you keep track of your important dates from the start of the New Year. They make great gifts for loved ones or personal daily planners.

An easel calendar on an office desk.

How to Make an Easel Calendar Step by Step

When you’re ready to get started creating your monthly calendar, start by signing into your Shutterfly account or opening the app. Then, follow the simple steps below:

1.  Upload Your Chosen Photos

Photos are the main ingredient that will bring your photo calendar to life. That’s why it’s so important to take time when choosing, uploading, and organizing your photos. Not sure what to include? A few popular types of images used for calendars include photos of:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Vacations
  • Old Memories
  • Parties
  • Seasons
  • Hobbies
  • Other Major Events

Once you’ve chosen 12-48 photos for your calendar, upload them to your Shutterfly account. Then organize them in a separate folder for easier access for your project. Once you’ve organized your photos, it’s time to find a matching calendar layout.

2. Choose an Easel Calendar Layout

Easel calendar layouts typically range with one to four photos per card, depending on the design you choose. Ask yourself how many images you want on each month display, what primary colors match, and which design embellishments you want to add. For more details descriptions of popular layout and designs, jump to the calendar styles section below.

An easel calendar for a side table.

3. Import Your Photos

Once you’ve selected a layout and design, you need to import your photos into the project. They’ll appear in the bar below your project once imported. As you place each image, they’ll show up with an orange checkmark to signal that you’ve already used it within the project.

4. Place Your Photos and Captions

Continue placing each image and caption in your project until all available text boxes and image frames have been filled. Make sure to edit any images you want within the project by using the built-in photo editor. With the photo editor, you can crop, rotate, and color correct any photos in your project. Finally, make that any images you include are high enough quality for printing.

5. Review Your Calendar

Once you’re happy with your finished calendar, it’s time to review. Preview your final project and check for any photo clarity errors, spelling mistakes, or duplicative photos. Sometimes a second pair of eyes will catch errors you may have missed, so if it helps, ask someone else to review the calendar after you. Once you’re sure there aren’t any errors, add the easel calendar to your cart.

6. Checkout!

Once you’ve created, reviewed, and placed your finished calendar in your cart, it’s time to checkout. If you need more than one copy for gifting or otherwise, make sure to add additional copies of your calendar to your order here. Then start planning where you’ll put your finished calendar with the helpful hints in the next sections of this guide.

An ombre easel calendar for a home desk.

Popular Tabletop Calendar Styles at a Glance

Looking for a specific layout or theme idea for your calendar creation? If so, we’ve made a list of some of the most popular easel calendar designs, along with a description of the style.

Classic Black and White

This classic design style is as old as time. Pair your favorite black and white images with an equally classy design scheme to create a stunning calendar. This is an especially beautiful design for wedding photos.

Elegant Script

Looking for simplistic design elements that don’t take up too much space in your calendar? If so, you may like this elegant script design. Not only is it subtle, but it adds just enough flair to help you design pop.

Photo Gallery

Have lots and lots of photos to display? Consider opting for the photo gallery design. It’ll give you all the space you need to create beautiful layouts chock-full of your favorite photos. And if you have enough to choose from, try to match each photo’s weather and dress wear to the corresponding month.


This rustic themed easel calendar design is a perfect gift idea for the holidays, or for the home office. Add plenty of festive photos of you and your family during the colder seasons for a memento you’re sure to love.

Pet Themed

If your furry friends are the stars of your life, make them the stars of your easel calendar. Include as many photos as you’d like of your pet best friend and take the finished product to the office to show off to your coworkers.


Seasonal calendars make great gifts during the holidays or perfect home office keepsakes. For whatever reason you create your calendar, these seasonal designs will help bring your old memories back to life.


If you’re well known for being artistic or a fan of watercolors, this design is the perfect fit for you. Match your photos to the corresponding watercolor on each slide or simply choose your favorite photos to showcase.

A easel calendar on a side table.

Where to Keep Your Easel Calendar

Easel Calendars can virtually be placed on any flat indoor surface. The best place to keep your easel calendar will likely depend on your decor, space, and needs. The most common places to display your calendar include:

Work Desk: 

Your office space is often one of the go-to locations for a calendar. After all, it makes business and appointments scheduling much easier by having the dates in an easy to see spot.

Home Office:

If you work from home often, it might make sense to include a personalized calendar in your home office. You’ll be able to stay on top of your scheduling with a calendar full of family photos that match your home.


Consider keeping your easel calendar on top of a mantlepiece if you’re short on space. Not only is this out of the way location perfect for those trying to keep their home uncluttered, but you can proudly display the calendar at all times.


Similar to the mantle, a bookcase helps you keep your special calendar out of the way while staying easy to access. Even better, you can use it to keep track of progress on your reading list!


If you have a vanity, you might want to keep a desktop or easel calendar on its surface to help you plan for events. This simple reminder will make sure you get all the time you need to get ready for your upcoming plans.


Many homes include plenty of shelve space where you can place calendars, cards, or other decorations. Get creative by matching your custom calendar to your nearby wall art.

Kitchen Counter:

If you often find yourself spending lots of time in your kitchen, adding a personalized easel calendar might help you feel more organized with your grocery schedule. It can also help with scheduling kitchen chores such as mopping or pantry cleaning.

Side Table:

Side tables make an excellent location for easel calendars when you have no other space. Whether it’s in your office space or your home, adding a calendar will add a touch of decor and organization.

A DIY Easel calendar for a gift.

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