Anniversary Invitation Wording: Examples and Ideas

An anniversary is a time to reflect, cherish, and celebrate one’s relationship and the love and commitment embodied by it. Whether it’s a milestone wedding anniversary like the 25th or 50th, or “merely” the ringing-in of another year of happiness together, the occasion calls for a memorable celebration with family and friends. We’ve collected a list of the perfect anniversary invitation wording to set the tone for your event. Add these words to your custom invitations—with or without photo—and make the celebration extra-special with personalized anniversary gifts like tabletop picture frames, glass prints, photo blankets, Christmas tree ornaments, and more.

Setting the Tone

We still do wording example in an anniversary invitation cardThe tone of an anniversary invitation is greatly dependent on the nature of the celebration. For a formal event, elegant language with a touch of nostalgia can be ideal. On the other hand, a casual or themed anniversary party allows for a more relaxed and playful wording. Regardless, the invitation should give your guests a sense of the party’s expected vibe or atmosphere and, at root, what you and your husband, wife, or partner wish.

Basic Information

Any anniversary invitation begins with the essentials. Include the names of the couple, the number of years being celebrated, and the date, time, and location of the event. These all-important party details ought to be clear and easily readable, as they form the foundation of the invitation. And don’t forget to include RSVP details, such as an email address or phone number, to make it easy for guests to confirm their attendance. For out-of-town guests, consider providing accommodation suggestions or even an insert map (or, even better, an image of a map uploaded and added to your custom card) for their convenience.

Adding Personal Touches

Custom 60th anniversary invitation with example wordingWhat makes an anniversary invitation truly special is adding personal touches that reflect the couple’s journey. Including a favorite quote, a meaningful lyric from your wedding song, or a short poem written by the couple can add a heartfelt touch to the invitation. Additionally, including photos from different stages of your life together can evoke cherished memories and create a sense of nostalgia for the guests. Choose one of our stylish invitations, upload a photo or two, and add anything to make it unique to you.

Formal Invitation Wording

Jane and Michael Landers
request the pleasure of your company
to celebrate 50 years
of love and commitment
at a formal dinner
Detroit Athletic Club
241 Madison St
Detroit, Michigan

Casual Invitation Wording

Join us
to raise a toast
to 25 years
of laughter, love, and adventures
Casual attire
and good vibes only
814 Vaughn St.
Portland, Oregon

Themed Party Wording

Help us celebrate 70s-style
as we commemorate a groovy 40 years
at 7:30 PM
June 15th
711 4th St
Bellevue, Washington

Family Party Wording

Join Kevin & Shea
(and kids)
to celebrate 14 years of marriage
at 6 PM on Saturday
April 27th
815 Rivenoak St
Birmingham, Michigan

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Wrapping Up

Remember: anniversary invitation wording should not only communicate the necessary details but also express the love, joy, and gratitude you feel for your enduring relationship and the guests who will share in this special celebration. Whether it’s a milestone anniversary or an annual affair, thoughtful and well-crafted wording can set the tone for a memorable and heartfelt event that celebrates the beautiful journey of love together. An anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate not only the years that have passed but also the bright future that lies ahead. So take the time to create an invitation that honors your love story, bringing smiles to the faces of all who receive it.