Baptism Party Themes and Ideas

Baptisms, which are also called christenings, are more often then not a time to welcome a new baby into the family faith. Although it seems tradition that children are baptized when they are younger, there are no rules that insist only the tiny tots can partake in the ceremony. No matter at what age, one thing that’s for certain is that this important ceremony should be celebrated and celebrated in style. These party ideas and inspiration will work for almost any baptism ceremony.

baptism party ideas and themes

Party planning can be tough for just about any occasion, but especially when the reception follows a more formal ceremony. You want the big day to feel respectable and be enjoyable all at the same time. Before the party can get started you’ll need to get the word out with some unique baptism party invitations. Invites will not only give your guests a sneak peek into what the day’s celebrations will be all about, but they also serve as a special keepsake especially when customized by you. Use your invites as a way to set the tone for the big day.

Along with setting a tone, you may want to pick a theme for your christening party early on. If you decide to choose a theme for the baptism celebration it can help make the planning process just that much easier. Between the personalized party invitations, the festive décor, the baptism themed favors and not to mention the food (arguably the most important part,) you are certainly going to have your hands full.

Get ready to be inspired, to make a statement and to plan a respectful soirée with these baptism party ideas.

Christening Party Themes

Have you thought about choosing a theme for your party? Not only will it make it easier on you when it comes to picking out uniform party supplies, but a theme will also elevate your baptism party to a level of poise that just can’t be imitated. One of the most common themes most obviously revolves around Christ. Think light hues, white crosses and angels. After hand picking the perfect theme the rest of the details will just seem to come together and before you know it, you will have thrown a perfectly pulled-together party. Take a look at some of our favorite baptism party themes for both girls and boys.

Themes for Girls

Girly party themes have us thinking about light hues, extravagant décor and glamorous favors. Pick out a color to reign supreme over her big day. Baby girl baptisms can be celebrated with soft pinks or any color that the guest of honor favors. Aside from choosing a hue or two from the color wheel, other great baptism themes for girls revolve around the religious tone of the induction. Oh and we almost forgot, animals make for great themes too.


  • Color-Themed Party– Pick a color any color. This theme is pretty straightforward, select a color and let your imagination go from there. Everyone seems to have a favorite color, so inquire with the guest of honor about the hue she most adores. Incorporating this shade into the party essentials will not only add a personal element to the celebrations, but add some bright and fun aspects as well. It should be fairly easy to find all of your party supplies in a solid color of your choice. You can even go as far as adding a festive print in your décor details ( think polka dots or stripes.)  Make sure this color is present in all of your party supplies, from the favors to the decorations. Like we mentioned above, little girls usually favor more dainty colors like pinks, purples and blues. Remember that the most important part is not what most people prefer, but what the guest of honor prefers. This big day should be all about her.  Have some fun when planning the menu for the big day by choosing items in that color. Get creative and don’t forget that food coloring is your friend.
  • Pink and Gold – Some colors just tend to complement each other quite perfectly. One of these combos that have us swooning is a signature pink and gold party theme and it is one of our favorites. With the flashy gold and delicate pink you are really setting the tone for a fabulous celebration. Not to mention, there is just something so sophisticated and playful about this theme that really beckons you to have some fun. Making this baptism party theme come to life doesn’t have to be tough. Add some festive to your tablescape with gold confetti and a flashy banner reading ‘congratulations’ or ‘god bless.’ Add glitzy cupcake toppers or you can even make some adorable cake pops with pink bows, these make for great party food. A celebration wouldn’t be the same without balloons. Inflate light pink balloons and attached some hanging confetti to them for an added frill that will really bring the party to life. There is an array of décor elements that could play a part in this big day that is all about soft and sweet.
  • Vintage Bunny– Maybe just picking a color or color combo is a little on the dull side for you. If so, why not incorporate some adorable little animals into the party planning? There is nothing as cute as a little bunny and this theme is all about the ears, the fluffy tails and a hoppy good time. It’s almost as if your little girl has hopped from one life to another. Symbolize this with a vintage bunny theme that will have you smiling from ear to ear. This theme is perfect for celebrating a little one’s baptism. With a few simple touches, bunnies will be reigning supreme over your christening party. Set up a dessert table that includes a variety of candy shaped like carrots and use marshmallows to symbolize some fluffy tails. Add a little pizzaz to your cake with a bunny ear cake topper. When it comes to the decorations, it can be really easy to make a bunny out of anything. Take balloons for example, just cut out some large ears and tape them to the back add a face and voila! Cut out bunny shapes to put up around the party venue for banners. Trust us- this theme will not disappoint.
  • Blessed Day– What a truly blessed day it is and the celebrations should mirror just that. This party theme for girls is going to include décor elements like crosses, bible verses and floral arrangements. You can adjust this theme to fit any taste really and it’s a great sophisticated theme for an adult baptism soirée. Add wood elements for a more rustic or vintage theme. Choose bold colors for a more vibrant and modern feel. Create a personalized frame print with the baptism date to display around the venue. This is not only a great décor and conversational piece, but also serves as a wonderful keepsake for the guest of honor.

Themes for Boys

When we start thinking about little boys’ baptism celebrations, it’s safe to say we’re dreaming of dark colors like blue and green. These are iconic boyish hues, which tend to be popular among the little tykes. Animals and cowboys are also popular themes among the young guys if you are looking for a more dynamic theme. If he is old enough, let him help decide on the perfect theme for the party (remember, you are celebrating him.)


  • Pick a Color– This theme is pretty straightforward. Pick a color any color and go from there. Everyone seems to have a favorite color, so inquire with the guest of honor about the hue he most adores. Popular shades include blues or greens, but you must remember it’s not about what’s popular but what the guest of honor wants. From the invitations to the dessert table, make sure that this shade is incorporated into all of the party must-haves. When it comes down to it, it’s all about the little details that make a big celebration extra special. Create a banner, set up a photo booth and start frosting cupcakes because it’s time to start setting up a color-themed party! Once the planning is over you will surely be sick of the color you that was chosen.


  • Light Blue– This iconic boyish color will not let you and your party planning needs down. What a perfect hue for your boy’s baptism celebration. When it comes to the details, think blue balloons and clear candy jars filled with nothing other then color coordinated treats. Photo prints of the guest of honor attached to a blue string make for a great décor piece. Hang it above the dessert table or  in another prominent location. If you want to take this theme one step further, go ahead and add a pattern. We are loving the chevron look right about now. If that still feels like it’s missing a little something, we have found that the elephant elevates this color theme to the next level. The only thing cuter then a baby elephant may just be a baby elephant themed party.  A little goes a long way so add the cute animal into smaller elements of the party like the table setting or cupcake toppers. This refreshing color palette is a great symbol for the big day, a new beginning.


  • White and Silver– We absolutely love the classic yet modern feel you can get from mixing both white and silver party décor pieces. You can’t go wrong with a white and silver baptism bash. There’s something so regal and elegant about this color scheme that is sure to impress. This theme is perfect for an adult baptism celebration and feels so pure. It wouldn’t be a true celebration without a few streamers, hang them around the party venue in these colors. This color theme really packs a punch. Bring the theme to life with lanterns covered in white tissue paper, confetti garland, banners and more.


  • Little Miracle– He is a miracle sent from above and his celebrations should reflect that as well as reflect the new beginning this ceremony symbolizes. A fun idea, especially for party decorations, is to include stars into this theme. Create tiny cut outs and hang them from the ceiling on clear string for a super whimsical feel. Hang them above the more important areas of the party like where the food and drink are located so guests know where they can find some tasty treats. You can even find star shaped balloons to really bring this to life. Another important shape to incorporate would be a few crosses. This big day is really about your little miracle and celebrating his baptism.

No matter what theme you select for your baptism celebrations make sure that the guest of honor stays the center of attention throughout the party planning.

Baptism Decorations

The first question we must ask ourselves when it comes to party décor is, what would the party be without decorations? If you answered this, as did we, then the word ‘nothing’ rolled off your tongue. Allow your celebrations to come to life with these must-have decoration ideas.

Keep in mind that all of your party décor will be based on the theme you selected for the party. The most common and what we would call staple items include fun garland, a banner that reads ‘congrats,’ balloons, flower arrangements and streamers all with colors and styles that coincide with your theme. You can even DIY the party decorations to really make a statement. Baptism quotes and verses are also popular to incorporate into the décor. Create some meaningful signage to hang around the venue.


As you are picking out the decorations for the celebrations, don’t forget about a small favor to send your guests home with. A party favor serves as a token of appreciation for being a part of your special day. Seeing that a baptism is such an intimate ceremony your guest list will most likely be filled with family and very close friends. These special people deserve a little thank you. A religious votive candle, keychain and every some sweet treats are great favor ideas. Personalize your party favors even more with a custom sticker that includes the christening date along with a photo. You can thank us later for how adorable those will come out.

Baptism Party Food Ideas

If the christening takes place in the morning you can gear the food around more of a brunch theme. On the other hand, an early afternoon ceremony may be followed by finger foods and cake of course. It’s tradition for the cake to be white and décor should include the guest of honors name as well as christening date. Decorative crosses make for easy cupcake toppers or table confetti. Along with finger foods or a buffet style spread, you should also offer your guests drinks as toasts will be taking place. Your guests will want to celebrate not only the religious occasion, but health too.

Remember that party guests will follow your lead. That means if you would like a more laid back situation you can set out a buffet and let your guests eat as they please. On the other hand, a more formal approach could be a round the table dining experience. Another great tip, seeing as there will most likely be a lot of kids attending the reception, is to separate a kids table from the adults. Think no breakable items and less distraction. In the end, it’s really all up to you, the party planner extraordinaire.

Baptism party planning is no easy task, which should be taken into account when marking this special occasion. The key is to keep calm and do not panic. Take it step by step and if you keep our tips and inspiration in mind you should be well on your way to planning a fun-tastic celebration. Remember that once all is said and done you’re going to look back on this day and be happy you got to enjoy and rejoice with those near and dear to you heart.