What Are The Best Colors To Wear For Family Pictures?

Family photos are unique opportunities to capture memories of loved ones, frozen in time. For years to come, they’re sure to be looked back on fondly as a reminder of the many memories shared together. Therefore it’s important to make sure your family shows up to the photoshoot dressed to impress. Making sure everyone looks their best is key to making sure everyone looks back happily at a framed family photo, instead of with regret. But there’s so much that goes into planning family photo outfits that will be proudly displayed on your home decor wall art or your holiday photo cards. From the hairstyles to keeping clothes clean on little ones, trying to color coordinate your family can feel like a hassle. That’s why we’re here to help. So what are the best colors to wear for family pictures? Look below for our answer, along with a little outfit inspiration.

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What Are The Best Colors To Wear For Family Pictures?

The best colors to wear for family pictures are colors that match your family’s personality, photo surroundings and season, and that match with your home decor. Too bold of colors often stick out as visually distracting, taking away from the subjects. Similarly, you may not be happy with your family photo if colors don’t match your home decor cohesively enough. Make sure you plan ahead when picking your colors because the perfect colors produce beautiful final results. And if you need additional advice on outfit styles, look to our guide on what to wear for family photos.

Young parents with their daughter having fun in park and taking color coordinated family pictures.

Family Photo Color Schemes

There’s plenty of common color combinations, leaving plenty of options for the perfect family photo. Each photo you take will be a reflection of you and your family and will be cherished for years to come. Finding a good color scheme to take your photos will will accent any customized art work you choose to showcase them on and will be remembered for years to come. So if you’re looking for the right outfit color combination that will make your framed prints pop, check out the popular options below:

  • Denim and Tan
  • Brown and Maroon
  • Denim, Yellow, Crimson
  • Navy, Tan, Cream
  • Glitter and White
  • Crimson, Tan, Denim
  • Red, Grey, Black
  • Navy and Crimson
  • Blush and Teal
  • Blush and White
  • Light Blue, Tan, White
  • Navy, Yellow, White
  • Tan and White
  • Orange and Teal
  • Light Blue, Tan, White
  • Blue, Green, Yellow

Best Colors To Wear For Professional Photos

When it comes to professional photos, the most important thing to keep in mind with colors is that the focus is kept on your family. You also want your chosen color palette to set the right tone for your professional photos. Read some of our top tips below before your photo session:

  • Black and dark color combinations work perfect for more formal, indoor photography sessions. Keep this in mind when planning your family’s outfits.
  • Do your best to avoid patterned colors in clothing, as this looks distracting and at times, overly casual.
  • When dressing children, make sure they’re not overly uncomfortable in their chosen outfit. If they’re unhappy, it’ll show through in the family picture.

For Black And White Family Photos

If you’re trying to find the perfect color combination and style for a formal black and white family photo, make sure to check out our guide on the dress code for a black and white photoshoot. To compliment your black and white photos, you can incorporate them into your formal Christmas cards you plan on sending this year.

Best Colors For Family Pictures Outside

If your family photoshoot is planned for the outdoors, there are a few more details to keep in mind when deciding on your color palette. Each photo you’ve taken for your outdoor family picture will look great being featured in your main living areas displayed as a large print hung up for all to see. We’ve included some of our best tips on colors for outside family pictures below, just for you.

fam'ly vacation / a timeless fam'ly portrait / of the whole fam'ly

  • White dress for beach pictures: A white and tan or muted color dress code works perfectly for family photos taken at the beach. Just make sure that nothing gets ruined from ocean spray or sand!
  • Neutral colors: Natural or neutral colors are always a safe bet when it comes to taking photos in the outdoors. If you’re stumped and scouring through your closet, try finding matching pieces of white and tan.
  • Bright pop of color: Bright pops of colors can add personality into family photos, but you want to make sure that they don’t distract from the subjects. And try to stay away from neon colors in general.
  • Coordinating family sweaters: If you’re planning on a winter-themed photo shoot, coordinated family sweaters can make a great touch. Just make sure the patterns aren’t too overwhelming.
  • Don’t match too much! Matching is great– until it isn’t. Make sure that your family doesn’t look exactly the same by including different types of clothing and different shades from the same color palette.

Seasonal Colors for Family Picture Outfits

With the photos you’ve taken for each season, create a year in review photo book with all the different seasonal colors you’ve dressed up to over the year. You can see how you family has changed from season to season and year to year by looking back on your photo books. A collection of different photos over the seasons will be the best way to remember different occasions over the past year and will be a time capsule for you to admire in the future. Explore all the different seasonal outfit colors coordinated for each season and how you can utilize them within your own seasonal photos.

Spring Family Picture Ideas

These spring picture ideas will help your family look picture perfect and ready for the new year. Check out our top picks below:

Playful family tickling and laughing in the nature during their spring family photo session.

  • Pale peach
  • Blush pink
  • Mint green
  • Baby blue
  • Cream
  • Light gray
  • Soft yellow
  • Spring green
  • Lavender

Family Picture Outfits Summer

Summer weather comes with a whole new color scheme and dress code, so make sure to stick to the color schemes below when picking out your family outfits.

Happy family playing soap bubbles in park as part of their color coordinated family picture for summer.

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Bold Red
  • Bright Orange
  • Bold Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Royal Blue

Fall Family Picture Outfits

 Plan ahead with the following color schemes that suit the changing colors just right. These colors will complement any autumnal season and will be the highlight of your fall photo shoot.

Happy family having fun in autumn park with taking their family pictures. Parents are holding their playful daughter on shoulders.

  • Browns
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Burnt Orange
  • Dark Shades of Green
  • Dark Purple
  • Neutrals

Family Christmas Pictures Outfits

Looking for just the right family Christmas gift? Look at the winter color combinations below. You can use them to create the perfect family photo to turn into your best photo gift yet. Or better yet, to use for your annual family holiday card.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happy family with dog labrador retriever are waiting for the New Year in Santa Claus hats while sitting near beautiful Christmas tree at home for a family picture.

  • White
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Medium to Dark Gray
  • Ruby Red
  • Dark Purple
  • Emerald Green
  • Blue

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