40 Birthday Party Games for Kids

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party game? It gets everyone talking and moving, not to mention helping make a memorable day for your child. But with all the other planning involved—from cake to goodie bags—you may not have the time to plan a fun activity. That’s where we come in, with 40 kids birthday party games to make your next celebration one for the books. We’ve included classic fun birthday party games like Red Rover that are perfect for an outdoor party. Or there are unique games that you can change up to match the theme of the birthday. There are even helpful filters like age group and props needed so you’re picking a game that works best for your type of party.

With planning underway, don’t forget to invite family and friends! Our birthday invitations are as unique as your party, covering everything from 1st birthdays to sweet sixteens.

Instructions: Click the buttons below to filter the options by kid age, group size, energy level and props needed. Click the game’s title for more complete instructions and examples of how to play.

Have everyone bring their bikes for a race to the finish!

Mix up the classic cake walk with fun prizes instead of sweets.

See who can finish the race with the fewest bubbles popped!

Give teams a list of hidden objects with clues to find them.

Pop balloons and complete the challenge hidden inside.

Get the creative juices flowing with a short play.

Pool optional! Get everyone on their feet with this classic game.

Match this classic game to your party theme.

Have each player act as their own Navy captain in battle.

Hide and Go Seek meets I Spy.

This clever balloon game makes science fun.

Try to knock over your friend without touching them.

Try to guess who keeps eating all the flies.

Have players try to draw a simple snowman without looking.

Use silly string instead of arrows for target practice.

Try spin offs of this classic game with different prizes or challenges.

Add different levels or decor depending on your party theme.

Depending on your party theme, replace the donkey with a funny character or animal.

See who can guess how many items are in a jar for a prize.

Perfect for an Army themed birthday party.

See which team can direct their teammate across a field of landmines.

Pick words that match your party theme for a spin off this fun game.

For a spy themed birthday party, see who can match up fingerprints of each player.

All you need are leftover cans to create a fun, challenging race.

Find the sharpest shooter in your group.

See who has the best aim in this simple outdoor game.

Keep the balloons in the air to see who will win the prize.

See who can match the colors with the flowers found in the yard.

Bring this classic word game outside.

See which team can collect the most popcorn in this easy race.

Play this tug of war spin off with as few as two players.

Add obstacles to the classic potato sack race.

Make this game difficult or easy depending on your group.

See who can collect the most items from outside.

Use leftover milk gallons for an easy DIY game of catch.

See who can ask the most questions without answering any.

Get everyone guessing what their lie is in this zero prop game.

Create a fun story full of good and bad luck.

See who can go the longest without laughing.

Don’t break your grip in this fun outdoor game!