35 Blissful Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Congratulations, bride-to-be! The best day of your life is just around the corner. As the big day approaches, you probably have a million things on your mind, including your bridal shower. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled the ultimate list of gorgeous bridal shower cakes for every bride’s style.

Your bridal shower is one of the few celebrations you’ll have before tying the knot, and you deserve to have every detail be all about you, right down to the dessert. Whether you’re looking for a cake with bold, vibrant colors or magnificent buttercream roses, look no further. You’re sure to be inspired by these 35 bridal shower cake ideas. After you’ve picked the perfect cake, work with you maid of honor on a fun bridal shower game to break the ice and keep guests entertained.

1. Rustic and Romantic

Incorporating a burlap rose on a white cake will give your bridal shower a mature, simple design without looking boring. Add text in twine to tie the whole thing together.

2. Tea Time

Give your cake a rustic look by placing it on a stand inspired by the great outdoors. The wood design will be a great complement to citrus fruit accents and flowers.

3. Simple Rosemary

Rosemary and other herbs against a white bridal shower cake will add the perfect earthy accent to your dessert table. Add a golden cake topper for the finishing touch.

4. Love Birds

What better combination for a rustic bridal shower than burlap and lavender? Add a hint of romance with some love bird cake toppers.

5. Chocolate Roses

An easy way to have your cake mimic the outdoors is by dusting devil’s food cake with powdered sugar and layering with white buttercream. Spruce up the whole thing with rose petals and baby’s breath.

6. Elegant Fondant

Who said a plain white cake has to be boring? Add texture to your dessert with small flower accents made of rolled fondant.

7. Pretty in Pink

Light pink frosting is a great complement for chocolate cake. Incorporate buttercream roses and some white sprinkles for a simple accent to the design.

8. Little Pink Cupcake

Looking for a grab-and-go dessert that all of your guests will enjoy? Opt for some adorable grapefruit mimosa cupcakes that all of your girlfriends are sure to love.

9. Modern with Bloog Orange

Hosting a summer-time shower? Make a white cake pop with slices of blood orange and some greenery.

10. Naked Frosting Cake

Naked cakes are trendy, elegant and delicious! Top with delicate flower accents to create the perfect dessert for a vintage tea party-inspired shower.

11. Champagne Cake Balls

Want a dessert that is both simple and unique? Try these strawberry champagne cake balls for a fun, elegant twist on a regular cake. These bite-sized beauties are sure to be a hit!

12. Dressed in Pearls

Pearl and peony accents against a white tiered cake will give your bridal shower a tasteful and refined look. This cake will go perfectly with a garden or tea party themed shower to celebrate your big day.

13. Dreamy Macarons

Macaroons are another delicate treat that you can creatively shape to resemble a tiered cake. Incorporate some blush-colored roses to tie it all together.

14. Dainty Lace

White piping against a white cake is a simple way to add a dainty flair without being over-the-top. Add your favorite flowers for a personalized touch.

15. Ombre and Hydrangeas

A spring bridal shower calls for a fresh floral cake design. Incorporate lilac, hydrangeas and yellow carnations against a white and turquoise cake for the perfect pop of color.

16. Love is Simple

Adding texture to your cake’s frosting is an easy way to make it unique. Top your bridal shower cake with scripted letters to show that love is in the air.

17. Glitzy and Glamorous

For the bride who is all about glitz and glamour, add some sparkle with a gold glitter cake. Offset the sparkle with blush accents.

18. Tiffany Inspired

tiffany inspired bridal shower cake

Source: Anna Cakes

Diamonds are a bride’s best friend! This Tiffany-inspired cake is sure to sparkle at your bridal shower.

19. Disco Balls

For the bride who loves cupcakes, try making these disco-themed desserts. Use a butter knife to score the frosting and add silver sugar sprinkles.

20. Fondant Roses

An easy way to add some glam to any bridal shower cake is by incorporating some iridescent flowers. This look can be achieved by using an edible glitter spray on fondant flowers.

21. Nautical

To give the look of a glittery cake tier, cover the cake in sprinkles. Using edible color mist, spray the whole tier in gold and add some color with floral accents.

22. Love at Sea

An easy way to add glamour to your cake without being over-the-top is by using gold glitter heart accents. To give a nautical effect, place against a blue and white striped cake.

23. Watercolor Roses

watercolor roses bridal shower cake

Source: Anna Cakes

Bright colors are a great way to show a bride’s bubbly personality. Pipe pink floral patterns around a sky blue tiered cake.

24. Bright and Colorful

Flowers are an easy way to incorporate pops of color in a cake. Pick flowers the bride is planning for her bouquet for a personalized touch.

25. Bold Ombre

bold ombre bridal shower cake

Source: Rose Bakes

Ombre is a simple way to brighten up a bridal shower cake. To add texture, leave ridges in the frosting.

26. Handpainted

For a cake that is both colorful and unique, try hand painting the fondant in bright pinks and corals. Add gold studs and macaron accents for some extra flair.

27. Beautifully Bold

These creative cupcakes are the perfect addition to a Gatsby-themed bridal shower. Place red velvet inside mini champagne glasses and sprinkle black frosting with gold for the perfect party.

28. Dark Florals

dark florals bridal shower cake

Source: A Bake Shop

Dark flowers atop vanilla cupcakes are an easy way add a vibrant, bold touch. This design is especially good for a fall or winter bridal shower.

29. Chocolate Chips

chocolate chips bridal shower cake

Source: A Bake Shop

For the bride with a sweet tooth, try this chocolate chip cookie dough cake and matching cupcakes. It’s a unique take on a classic dessert!

30. Salted Caramel

salt caramel bridal shower cake

Source: A Bake Shop

A salted caramel cake and cupcakes are a perfect choice if you want a rich flavor profiles. With caramel drizzle and chocolate shavings, who could resist this dessert?

31. Sweet Berries

Dark berries are a great way to add a unique and refreshing spin on a bridal shower cake. Try placing strawberries, blackberries and blueberries on top of a naked red velvet cake with white buttercream.

32. Gold and Stripes

Gold accents and red florals are an easy way to make any bridal shower cake pop. Using a gold crown cake topper will have the bride feeling like royalty.

33. Batter Up

Are the bride and groom sports fanatics? Choose a cake inspired by their favorite sport for an extra personal, fun cake.

34. Travel the World

For the bride who loves to travel, dedicate a tier to her desire to see the world. Add a beautiful, scripted cake topper and some ribbon trim as well.

35. Metallic Brush

Metallic brushstrokes on pink fondant will create a unique, eye-catching cake. Top with big, beautiful flowers for a feminine touch.

Your bridal shower is the perfect time to bring friends and family together to celebrate your upcoming wedding day. Make sure to brush up on some common bridal shower etiquette like who should host and how far in advance to send an invite.