40 Fun Bridal Shower Games

When planning a bridal shower, games are the perfect way to break the ice and encourage mingling. There are a lot of games out there, so it can be difficult to narrow down to the perfect ones for your party. That’s why we pulled together an interactive guide with 40 bridal shower games with directions on how to play them.

The guide includes classic bridal shower games, trivia and even some games you’ll remember from childhood, but with a twist. There are plenty of options to find the one that fits your party’s theme and the bride’s personality.
As you plan to honor the bride, don’t forget to find a bridal shower invitation that will get the guests excited.

Instructions: Click through the buttons below to sort by style and category. Click the title for game instructions.

Add a twist to the classic game, Celebrity, by only using famous married women. They can be from real life, TV, music or film!

Make up a multiple-choice quiz about the bride and groom.

See who can guess the pet names guests give their significant others.

See who can arrange photos of the bride in chronological order.

Have guests find their celebrity match.

Get the group to work together to write a toast for the bride.

Have guests give hilarious marriage advice.

Play bingo with a sweet twist.

See how well the bride and groom know each other.

Have the group write a poem for the bride.

Have guests guess what part of the story about the bride is false.

Play this quick and fun game to see what everyone is carrying in her purse.

Test the group’s knowledge about the bride-to-be and her groom.

See how twisted the couple’s love story can get!

Put the bride and groom to the test!

Play Charades with a wedding twist!

Play Crosswords, but with questions about the nearly-weds.

Play Pictionary with a wedding theme.

Have guests write the bride’s wedding vow.

Here’s an icebreaker that will get everyone introduced and learn something about each other.

See if the bride can match lingerie to each guest’s style.

See how the bride and friends would handle worst-case scenarios on the wedding day.

Hold a blind tasting of delicious cakes.

Bring a bit of nostalgia to the party.

Have guests share advice for a happy marriage.

Play the classic game, Jenga, but with a new challenge.

See if guests can match romantic quotes to movies, TV shows and/or books.

Bring your party outside and play this outdoor game.

See who knows the most about famous wedded couples.

Keep guests on their toes with Catch Phrase with a wedding theme.

See who can recall what the bride is bringing on her honeymoon.

Give everyone a list of forbidden words and see who can go without saying them.

Bake cupcakes and put a surprise in one of them. Who will be the lucky guest?

Here’s a classic shower game that let’s everyone be a fashion designer.

Have each guest decorate a small cake or cupcake for a prize.

Give the guests presents with this fast-paced gift exchange.

Get a hilarious life-size poster of the groom for a different version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Bring everyone closer and have her share the story of her first kiss.

Have each guest share facts about themselves.