Pretty Bridal Shower Invitation Templates & Theme Inspiration

You’re thrilled to plan the perfect bridal shower for your bestie. A chance to shower her with gifts, love and support. It’s also a chance to show her that you truly know her style.

“If the bride-to-be is into cooking, a cooking class shower can be a ton of fun,” says wedding planner Amy Nichols of Amy Nichols Special Events. “Or, if the couple plans to camp for their honeymoon, an outdoor or adventure-themed shower could be right up their alley.”

A vintage-inspired bridal shower invitation.

Wedding planner Amy Nichols says using an invitation template is a great way to get started on the design process. Templates are easy to use and allow you to personalize stationery with unique text, color schemes, and even upload custom images, depending on which template you choose.

Another way to select a thoughtful theme for the bridal shower is to reflect the wedding location, suggests Amy. “For example, you can throw a wine country-themed shower for a Napa wedding, or a Parisian-inspired shower if the couple plans to have a destination wedding in France.”


Once you’re confident in your choice of party theme or style, you’ll want to incorporate this special look into your bridal shower invitations.

Amy’s approach to invitation design is subtle and elegant.

“I like it when the theme is tastefully represented in the design, but doesn’t hit you over the head,” she says. “The colors, font style, and motifs can all suggest a Parisian-themed shower, but that doesn’t mean you have to feature a baguette on the invitation.”

If you’re pressed for ideas, you’re in the right place.

“Invitation templates are a great way to get started, especially if hosting parties or planning events isn’t second nature to you,” says Amy. “Looking through templates might also inspire a color scheme or motif.”

The following showcase of bridal shower invitation templates are sure to inspire and launch the invitation design process for your party. If you can’t find the exact look you’re going for, remember that some templates allow you to upload your own images, which means you can create the perfect mason jar bridal shower invitations you want for her garden party shower.

Here, we’ve featured a taste of nearly every theme, style and type of bridal shower, from floral bridal shower invitations for garden parties to unique designs for couples wedding shower invitations. Enjoy!

Floral, Elegant and Unique Bridal Shower Invitation Templates

a floral photo bridal shower invitation

With a bouquet of lovely pink flowers and a photograph of the bride-to-be, Perfect Floral is a great choice for a rustic or casual bridal shower party.

Perfect Floral

For a casual or rustic-style bridal shower, Perfect Floral fits just perfectly. This fun and flirty stationery designed by pottsdesign features a beige cork background, a large bouquet of pink flowers, and a frame for a custom photograph of the bride-to-be. One of the many lovely floral bridal shower invitations at Shutterfly, Perfect Floral allows you to create personalized invitations using an existing template. Simply upload an image and customize the font to instantly create stylish invitations for the party.

Customize Perfect Floral with event details now.


a fancy bridal shower invitation

With an elegant, designer invitation template ready to go, you can simply customize the text of the Gleaming Bride invitation for your bestie’s formal bridal shower.

Gleaming Bride

In a sophisticated color palette of gold, white and peach, this modern stationery features two beautiful flowers, sparkly gold stripes and a mix of various elegant font styles. As one of many elegant bridal shower invitations at Shutterfly, the final look design complements formal parties and showers at fancy venues. Designed by pottsdesign, Gleaming Bride is also available with a pop of color: purple flowers instead of peach.

As with all of our bridal shower invitations online, you can personalize Gleaming Bride for your bestie’s shower right now.


a floral bridal shower invitation

With a lovely floral border and a chalkboard background, Forever Floral is the ideal invitation for a casual garden bridal shower party.

Forever Floral

Designed by Blonde Designs, Forever Floral is one of many pretty bridal shower invitations templates that are quick and easy to make your own. This modern design features a border of pink, yellow and blue flowers as well as a chalkboard background with customizable text for the special event. Blonde Designs is a perfect choice for casual parties and can fit a wide variety of themes, including garden parties.

Order Forever Floral with details of the party.



a custom sunflower bridal shower invitation

Planning a season-inspired bridal shower? Use a flexible invitation such as Craft Shower to design the perfect sunflower bridal shower invitations for your bestie’s spring or summer party.

Craft Shower

Sunflower bridal shower invitations work well for spring and summer bridal showers. If your shower is inspired by the time of year or simply by the bride’s favorite flower, Craft Shower is a great invitation template you can use to upload a custom image that reflects the theme of the party.

Customize Craft Shower with a photograph and custom details of the party.


Bridal Luncheon Invitations

“If you’re throwing a bridal shower luncheon, it’s a good idea to list an accurate start time,” says Amy. “If you want guests to arrive at 11 am and plan to be seated by 11:30 am for lunch, you may want to make that clear. Having a buffer to allow for stragglers will help if you’re doing a seated meal.”

Serving drinks? “You can always start with cocktails for about 30 minutes before sitting down to lunch,” says Amy. In that case, Brunch and Bubbly below might be just the invitation you need to get your guests excited for the midday celebration.

a luncheon bridal shower invitation

Invite your bestie’s closest friends and family to her luncheon bridal shower with this bubbly invitation template, ready for your event details and a custom color palette.

Brunch and Bubbly

Vanilla Print has designed one of our favorite bridal luncheon invitations, Brunch and Bubbly. A fun and contemporary design, this bridal stationery features pink and gold polka dots, fancy script and darling champagne glasses, making it the ideal template for a daytime bridal shower for your bestie. To personalize this invitation, all you need are essential party details.

Begin customizing Brunch and Bubbly today.


Couples Wedding Shower Invitations

a bridal shower invitation with a photograph collage

With four frames and a lovely design, Capturing Moments is a couple’s bridal shower invitation bursting with personal style. Pick four photographs of the happy couple to create stationery that reflects their love story and invites guests to the special party.

Capturing Moments

Capturing Moments allows you to showcase your favorite couple’s style and love with custom photographs. This modern stationery features four frames; one large frame as the main invitation and three mini polaroid-inspired frames for additional images that add to the story. Upload four photos to create lovely couple’s bridal shower invitations for a barbeque or casual bridal shower.Designed by Petite Lemon, Capturing Moments can be personalized with unique text and a custom color palette.


a contemporary bridal invitation for a couple’s party

For the couple who does everything together, this bridal shower invitation is a great way to show off their unique style and love story.

Patterned Hearts

One of the more unique couple’s bridal shower invitations, Patterned Hearts is a cute and contemporary invitation template that’s ideal for a couple’s bridal shower. Available in two different design color schemes, Patterned Hearts features two large hearts with the names of the bride and groom, with a funky zigzag background both bride and groom will love.Designed by Blonde Designs, have fun personalizing Patterned Hearts for your couple’s bridal shower.

Personalized Bridal Shower Invitations Whether you’re throwing a formal party at a fancy venue or a luncheon at your home, this special pre-wedding celebration is your chance to spoil the bride-to-be with everything you’ve got! Begin designing the ideal bridal shower invitations now, with templates that reflect your bestie’s unique style or love story — ones that show she truly picked the perfect gal to be her maid-of-honor.