Make Custom Board Books for Kids

Bring joy to learning with custom board books for your little ones. Designed for young children, Shutterfly’s collection of board books turn story time into an interactive activity that promotes learning and imagination. Our personalized board books incorporate your child into the story while helping them learn animals, recognize loved ones, and understand their feelings and emotions. Your child will be amazed to see their own face and name as the main character in their custom book and will cherish these keepsakes as they grow up. To get started, follow this guide on the best custom board books to design just for your kiddos.

What is a Board Book?

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Board books are typically a child’s first introduction to reading books. These hardcover books are the perfect way to not only enjoy story time with your kids, but our selection of personalized board books help incorporate them into the story to make learning extra fun. Board books are small, hardcover books for children printed on durable, thick pages with round corners, and the 5.75” x 5.75” size is perfect for little hands. Available in a range of themes that highlight animals, people, and emotions, these kid-friendly storybooks are keepsakes your family will want to treasure forever.

Make Learning Fun With Custom Children Board Books

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Custom board books are a magical way to explore your little one’s imagination. Shutterfly’s selection of board books introduce children to numbers, letters, family members, animals, emotions, and more. You can make reading time creative, fun, and interactive by creating a one-of-a-kind book design just for them. You can choose from one of our templates or design your own board book that puts them right into the story.

The books are easy to personalize — just add the photos and text as you go through the pages in our easy-to-use design tool. Depending on their age, you put want to up the page count from 20 to 30 or 40. They’ll have a blast reading with Mom or Dad and seeing their own photo and name displayed on their photo board book. These keepsakes are the perfect way to combine learning with enjoying pictures of cherished memories, milestones, and loved ones. Custom books are great gift ideas for their first birthday, Christmas, and other special occasions.

Custom Board Books to Upgrade Story Time

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Personalized board books are fun way to get your children introduced to the world of books. With board books, you can enhance their story time experience by integrating them into the story. Include your child’s name, pictures, and feature their family members and loved ones into the pages of their custom book. The book’s size is perfect for your kiddo’s small hands, so they can flip through the pages with you as they enjoy interactive storytelling that encourages learning, imagination, and self-expression. For more ways to incorporate your children into the story, make a personalized storybook that makes them the main character through a range of personalized text, illustrations, and their photo.

Best Children Board Book Ideas

Not sure where to get started? We offer a range of children board book styles perfect for your family. Use one of our themed templates about animals, people, or emotions or create a custom board book about whatever you like with our easy-to-use design tool. Board books aren’t just great for your own kids — you can design a book as a baby shower gift, birthday gift, or just as a keepsake for someone special in your life. Use these ideas as inspiration to get started on your photo board book.

Animal Board Book

animals board book

Make an Animal board book to help them learn about animals like lions, turtles, penguins, and monkeys. Incorporate your little one’s photos into this personalized board book to make it extra special.

Names & Faces Board Book

names and faces board book

Use our Names & Faces board book style to help your child identify their family members and loved ones. Include Mom, Dad, their siblings, grandparents, and cousins. You can even include their friends, teachers, or babysitters to create a custom book full of memories your family will cherish for years to come.

Emotions Board Book

emotions board book

Our Emotions board book is a valuable tool to help young children process and understand their feelings and emotions. This personalized board book introduces children to the feelings they may encounter at home or on the playground. Introduce your little one to excitement, happiness, sadness, and more with this photo board book about feelings.

Favorite Things Board Book

favorite things board book

This adorable children’s board book is a great way to learn about everything your child loves. Our Favorites board book lets them show off their favorite toy, food, animal, friend, and more. They’ll have a blast reading through a book of their favorite things during story time.

Resources on Custom Board Books

Children board books are a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading. Perfect as gifts for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, and important milestones — a board book will bring joy to story time with your child. More great gifts for kids include back to school supplies, room decor, and games and toys.

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