Different Ways To Say Thank You Through Actions

Whether it’s for watching your kids, throwing you a birthday party, or just for some good advice, there’s a million reasons that you may want to thank someone. Luckily, there’s just as many ways to say thank you. So if you’re looking for some new creative ways to thank someone special, check out our guide here.

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Ways To Say Thank You with Thank You Messages

The main thing to remember when thanking someone is to be genuine. No matter how you express your thanks, if there’s real intent, the recipient is sure to appreciate it. So here’s some great ways to say thank you with words:

  • Write a heartfelt letter. Letters and thank you cards are one of the best ways to thank someone. They show that time and effort have been taken in the thank you, and are appreciated by everyone. Don’t forget to handwrite the note, and if you’re looking for additional guidance, check out our guide on how to write a thank you letter.
  • Leave “sticky note” for them to find. If you live with the person who you want to thank, or even work with them, leaving them thank you “sticky note” notes where they can find them is a cute and fun way to express your message.

Thank you message on adhesive note on office table

  • If it’s casual, send an email. The most important part of telling someone thank you is that you acknowledge them, whether it’s in a formal or informal way. If they did something for you like walking your dog after you twisted an ankle, you should at the very least send an email. And if you’re looking for a guide on how to write your thank you letter, check out our resource on thank you messages.

Other Ways To Say Thank You: How To Say Thank You with Actions

  • Make them breakfast in bed. If you live in the same house as the person you are trying to show your appreciation to, a breakfast in bed can be a meaningful show of thanks. Just make sure that they’re not left with the dirty dishes.
  • Make brunch plans. Breakfast, lunch, or brunch plans can be a fun way to get together with someone you’ve been trying to thank. Ask them their favorite brunch spot or try something new to make it extra special.
  • Make them dinner. Sometimes, after a long day of work, having someone make you dinner feels like a true gift. For that reason, making someone dinner is a perfect way to say thank you.
  • Buy them a small gift. Many love small gifts of appreciation. Whether it’s the thing you’ve seen them eyeing in a shop window, a customized candle for their home, or a simple cup of coffee, gifts are great ways to say thank you.
  • Watch their kids. Do they need a short break to get a haircut or catch up with some other friends? If so, offer to take care of their household so they can have a stress free outing.
  • Call them just to say “Hi.” Sometimes the little things can make the biggest difference. If it’s been a while since you’ve talked or they live far away, call them up to say thank you and catch up.
  • Send them flowers. Flowers are the universal symbol of appreciation. You can either order them to their home or work, or deliver them yourself.

Thank you note with smile face and flower cluster on wooden chair

  • Surprise them. Turn your thank you into a sneaky surprise. Leave a gift for them somewhere they’d never expect (like in their work bag or on their bed) and don’t tell them.
  • Be creative. Maybe you’re great at poetry, or maybe you really like making photo books for friends and family. Whatever your talent or hobby is, put it to use when saying thank you.

Another Way To Say a Big Thank You

Return the favor. Returning the favor to someone who helped you out can be the best gift of all. Reciprocation is a perfect thank you, and one of the best ways to show someone what a true friend they are. For example, if someone made you a dinner when you were sick, offer to take them to a meal or bake them something special. Or if someone offered to babysit your kids, dog, or house, offer to do the same so they can get some time away.

Funny Ways To Say Thank You and Different Ways To Say Thank You On Facebook

There are lots of ways to tie humor into your thank you. If the recipient is someone who always enjoys a good laugh, consider something special. This can be anything from a funny handwritten poem expressing your gratitude to a humorous gratitude-filled meme. On social media, consider sharing past photos or videos of you and the recipient that convey the special bond you two share, with a little added humor. Or, you can always record a funny video of yourself thanking them, with the gift they gave you included.

Try your best to always keep the humor appropriate in order to risk offense, especially when sharing the gratitude over social media. After all, the last thing you want to do when thanking someone is share a rude message.

Thank You In Different Languages

Maybe you’re looking for a way to say thank you in another language. If so, try the following expressions below:

French: Merci

German: Danke

Mandarin: 謝謝 (Xièxiè)

Spanish: Gracias

Italian: Grazie

Japanese: ありがとうございました (Arigatōgozaimashita)

Swedish: Tack

Russian: Спасибо (Spasibo)

Thank You Synonym

Just looking for some different words for a simple “thank you?” We’ve got you covered. Check out our synonyms for the classic sentiment below:

  • Thanks.
  • Bless you.
  • You’re a lifesaver.
  • I appreciate it.
  • I appreciate you.
  • Much obliged.
  • I can’t thank you enough.
  • I’m so grateful.
  • I owe you one.
  • Thanks a bunch.
  • You’re too kind.

A young woman hugging her husband after receiving flowers from him.

If you’re looking for additional resources for thanking someone, check out our additional guides. These include thank you quotes and messages, how to write a thank you letter with templates, and small gift ideas for anyone.