Digital Wedding Etiquette: Survey and Infographic

From “checking in” on Facebook to uploading snapshots of the bride and groom to Instagram, wedding guests are taking an active role in sharing special moments on social media. Because of this new trend, digital weddings and the rules about them are becoming increasingly prevalent. Shutterfly conducted a survey to find out just how prevalent sharing wedding details has become in the online social space.

While it’s always fun to share photos of a good time, take your cue from the bride and groom when it comes to sharing their wedding day on your social accounts. 65 percent of recent wedding guests agree that it is important to ask the couple’s permission before posting wedding photos online. So, before you break out the photo filters and dream up the perfect hashtag, take a moment to look over the infographic and see what the trends are for digital weddings. Afterwards you’ll be able to confidently purchase those timeless wedding invites that are sitting in your cart waiting for you to commit.

digital wedding etiquette

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