Joyful First Communion Party Ideas

Preparing for your child’s first holy communion is truly a special occasion. Before Baptism or Confirmation, a child must undergo their first communion at the age of 7 or 8. Hosting a communion party to celebrate your child’s first Eucharist ceremony is a meaningful gesture. Your precious son or daughter has finally completed communion classes in preparation for this moment. Often times, a communion party with close family and friends reiterates how joyous taking steps towards faith can be. We’ve provided useful first communion party ideas and tips below that will help guide you in the right direction.

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How to Plan a First Communion Party

Planning a communion party can be a bit stressful. In order to enjoy the special moment of your child’s first holy communion, you should plan out your ceremony and party details ahead of time. You don’t need to host a lavish celebration to make your child’s communion party a success. However, you should take the time to make sure all of the details are in place.

  1. Confirm the time and date of the First Communion ceremony with your church. In order to throw a first communion after-party, you have to secure a date for your child’s communion ceremony. Catholic churches usually schedule Communion rites only once or twice a year so you should work with your church to finalize a date as soon as possible.
  2. Organize your guest list for the Communion party to follow. Once you’ve secured a date for your child’s first holy communion, you can start the party planning process. Begin with organizing your guest list and deciding who you want to invite. Remember that this is a special moment and your first communion party invitations will likely include both ceremony details and party details. Therefore, you should invite family members and close friends who you feel comfortable with during both parts of the day. Have friends and family who are non-Catholic? No problem. Be sure to have non-Catholic attendees stay seated when it’s time for all Church members to partake in the Holy Communion.
  3. Choose a venue or location. If you’re only inviting a small group of family and friends, opt for a celebration at your home to save money and create an intimate setting. You can plan a party in your backyard or decorate your dining area to keep your party set-up under control. If you’re inviting over 20 guests, you should consider renting a venue or large banquet room at a restaurant to accommodate your guest list. Renting a space is suggested if you have a large family or plan on inviting your extended family.
  4. Plan out your budget for food. Once you’ve assessed how many individuals you plan to invite, you can organize your budget for food and a First Communion cake. If you’re hosting a group of less than 20, you can serve a filling lunch or dinner and whip up most of the dishes on your own. In order to keep costs low for a larger party, try serving a variety of delicious hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized sweets instead. You can offer guests First Communion cupcakes to accommodate a larger party instead of a cake. Take advantage of the day before and prepare as much food in advance as possible.
  5. Secure day-of help. Chances are very high that you’ll be getting your little one dressed and ready for their first Holy Communion when the day comes. Although you’ve likely prepared food and decorations the day before, there will still be day-of tasks to complete. Ask a friend or two to stay behind during the ceremony and carry out the rest of your party tasks. Guests will likely head straight to the party after Communion, leaving you little time to make it home before the party gets going.

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First Communion Party Decoration Ideas

First communion party decorations should be simple, kid-friendly, and religious. Start with plates, cups, napkins, and utensils when planning your decorations. You can find plates with crosses and angel graphics, or you can create custom plates with a special saying or bible verse. After you’ve chosen religious inspired tableware, you can then move onto finding garlands, white balloons, framed canvas prints, and décor that have religious symbols or sayings.

When it comes to treats, consider making or buying decorative cookies, cake pops, or tea party inspired treats. Often times, soft colors such as white, pink, light blue, or light yellow, work great for first communion party decorations. You can also create a fun candy bar with different cross-shaped candies and custom lollipops to add another sweet element to your party.

Since there will be kids at the communion party, you can get creative and organize a neat kids’ table full of religious coloring books, easy art supplies, or bracelet making activities. First communion party ideas are all about finding decorations and activities that represent the joyfulness of the occasion and your child’s journey in faith.monogram paperweight with custom family photo

First Communion Party Favor Ideas

First Communion party favors should be modest and meaningful. You can choose from cute party favors that incorporate crosses and angels, or you can opt for a custom party favor that features a photo of the honoree. Always remember to offer both adult-friendly and kid-friendly party favors if you’re unsure of your guest list. Small favors that remind guests of what and why they’re celebrating always work best.

  • Cross key chains
  • Angel key chains
  • Custom ornaments
  • Personalized bookmarks
  • Cross-shaped candy
  • Angel or cross charms
  • Personalized chocolate bars
  • Faith stones
  • Tins personalized w/ photo
  • Bracelets w/ cross
  • Custom magnets
  • Mini–rosaries
  • Custom keepsake box
  • Custom champagne flutes
  • Custom stemless glass
  • Cross candles

Planning a First Communion party can seem hectic since you’re planning for both a ceremony and a party to follow. However, this occasion is priceless and means a lot to your child, entire family, Godparents, and you. In order to fully enjoy this moment and celebrate a new chapter in your child’s life, plan in advance and focus on the messaging of your event. Remember to keep your food, decorations, and invitations representative of the reason for this special day.