Flower Girl Proposal Ideas to Try Before Your Wedding

Is there a special little girl in your life that you want to include in your upcoming wedding? If so, asking her to be your flower girl is a great way to let her know how much she means to you. Whether she’s your cousin, niece, or stepdaughter, a flower girl proposal is a sweet gesture that she’s guaranteed to love. However, it’s important to plan out your flower girl proposal with gift ideas, sweet notes, or other cute ideas so she’s just as excited for your wedding day as you are. That’s where we can help. Check out our flower girl proposal ideas below for the perfect inspiration.

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How To Ask Flower Girls

When you’re ready to start planning your flower girl proposal, it’s important to make sure you follow the guidelines listed below. Between picking out the perfect flower girl gift to including her in your wedding plans, you’ll want to let her know just how special she is.

Asking Your Flower Girl Guidelines

  1. Ask the parents’ permission. It’s important to remember to ask the parent’s permission before you ask the flower girl. They’ll know whether or not the younger girl has previous obligations or if she might be too overwhelmed by the event.
  2. Schedule an appropriate time to ask. You don’t want to ask the flower girl too early or too late. Asking her to be your flower girl when the wedding is a year away will make it difficult for her to remain excited until the actual event. Alternatively, asking her too late might mean she’s underprepared or overwhelmed by the wedding. Try asking her no more than three months before the event starts.
  3. Make the proposal feel special. You want the flower girl to feel special, loved, and included in the wedding. Your gift, letter, or whatever you use in the proposal needs to do just that.
  4. Explain who and what is involved. Jealousy is the root of many wedding tantrums in children. Explain beforehand what other children are involved and what their roles are to help avoid potential rivalry. 
  5. Make them feel included. If the child is old enough, consider involving them in wedding party plans such as getting ready in the morning and wedding photos. This will help make them feel extra excited for the ceremony. 

Adorable flower girl at wedding.

Baby Flower Girl Proposal

If the flower girl will be a toddler or younger at the wedding, you don’t need to stress too much about the timing of asking her to be your flower girl. Asking her right before the wedding will help her get excited about the main event. Just make sure to ask the parent’s help to make sure that she receives her dress, basket, and anything else she needs before the big day. Also, you may want to make back up plans if the flower girl is especially young. If she’s tired or crying, you may need to prepare for a ceremony with an alternative flower girl entrance.

Will You Be Our Flower Girl Gift Ideas

When it’s not enough just to ask “Will you be our flower girl?” you may want to include a special gift. Not sure what to give her? We’re here to help! Check out our top flower girl proposal gift ideas below for even more cute ways to ask your flower girl to be in your wedding.

1. Flower Girl Proposal Letter

Card and Flowers on a desk.

Sometimes a simple letter is the best way to ask a flower girl to be in your wedding. If she’s old enough to read, she’ll appreciate the sentiment of a special letter. Include a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to guarantee a “yes.”

2. Drawstring Backpack Goodie Bag

Drawstring backpacks displayed in a living room as a party favor

One fun DIY flower girl proposal idea is to make a personalized drawstring backpack and fill it with goodies. Customize the bag with the girl’s first name and the words “flower girl” and then fill the bag with all her favorite sweet treats.

3. Teddy Bear Proposal

Personalized teddy bear toy.

Nobody can say “no” to a teddy bear. Especially one as cute as these customized kids teddy bears. Personalize the text on the bear’s shirt to read “Will you be my flower girl” for a gift idea she’s sure to love. You may also want to include a flower basket small enough for the teddy bear as an extra special touch.

4. Bridal Party Pillow

Personalized decorative throw pillows.

This custom kids pillow doubles as a proposal idea and as a wedding memento. Simply include the flower girl’s name and the phrase “be our flower girl” within the personalized text for this simple gift idea. Wrap it in a large ribbon for a perfect presentation. 

5. Pop the Question with a Puzzle

Personalized puzzle for a flower girl.

Puzzles are a unique way to ask your flower girl to join your wedding, but they’ve quickly gained popularity. These kids’ puzzles can be personalized with almost any photo, design, theme, and phrase; making them the perfect option for your flower girl proposal. 

6. Bubble Kit

Group Of Flower Girls Having Fun Blowing Bubbles In Garden.

Kids love bubbles, and bubbles also double as an eco-friendly alternative to rice, confetti, or balloons after a wedding service. Include a set of wedding-approved bubble blowers to help your flower girl get excited for the big day. 

7. Flower Girl Step Stool


Personalized step stool for a flower girl.These customized step stools are elegant, personalized, and a super cute way to ask your flower girl to be in your wedding. Pick from a variety of designs including roses, polka dots, and various animals. Along with the step stool, make sure to include a letter asking the young girl if she’d like to be your flower girl.

8. Cookies!

Unicorn cookies on a wooden background

Everyone appreciates a basket of cookies, including flower girls. Ask her parents what her favorite kind of cookie is, whether she has any allergies, and start baking. This is one of the sweetest flower girl personals on our list. Just don’t forget to include a note!

9. Flower Girl Dress

A selection of flower girl dresses.

This flower girl gift idea is both practical and adorable. If you’ve already spoken to her parents and you’re certain she’ll say yes, consider pre-purchasing your flower girl’s dress. Include the dress and a personal sign in a basket and deliver it to your flower girl-to-be. The excitement of a new dress is a sure way to get a “yes.”

10. Personalized Lunch Box

Persoanlized lunch box for a flower girl.

For this cute flower girl proposal idea, you need to personalize a special lunch box with the young girl’s name. Then tape a small sign to the bottom of the lunch box that reads “Will you be our flower girl?” Finally, fill the lunch box with candy, accessories, or anything else you think she’d love. 

Flower Girl Proposal Box

Proposal boxes are one of the most popular ways to ask a flower girl to be in your wedding. They’re also easy to make if you plan ahead. Start by choosing your box type. A wooden box or paper box with a clasp will do the trick. Then paint or draw in the name of the flower girl on the outside. Decorate the exterior and interior with the color palette or theme of your wedding. Finally, fill the box with a few personalized gifts for kids and include a sign that reads “Will you be my flower girl?” 

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