DIY Fairy Garden and Other Flower Pot Painting Ideas

The following guest post was created by Barb Webb from Rural Mom.

Container gardening is the perfect solution for enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs throughout the year.  However, you still want to showcase your own style or the seasonality with your garden or yard decoration. Flower pots add a pop of color or personal touch to your home or outdoor garden, making them the perfect solution.  So when you’re ready to start gardening, check out my glower pot painting ideas below.

Flower Pot Painting Ideas

There’s no need to spend a lot to achieve the look you desire.  With a little DIY and Shutterfly you can easily customize your flower pot to match any garden theme or interior décor.

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot decorations.

Ideal plants for flower pot gardening include Aloe Vera, spinach, herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, green beans and of course, flowers.  They are all home and garden friendly and can be a delicious asset to your décor.

Use a Pop of Color on Your Flower Pot

There’s no need to wait for the first sprouts of Spring or colorful blooms. Bright colored plant containers will instantly add a touch of summer to every area of your home, inside and out.

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot decorations.

If you have an abundance of clay flower pots, perk them up with some paints or pretty-patterned duct tape.  Even if you already have a bright-colored planter, a little extra embellishment can help brighten things up more.

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot decorations.

A single strip of polka dot tape applied to the bottom of the Love Grows Flower Pot gives it a cute modern edge.  This trick is super handy for helping to integrate your flower pots into your existing décor.

Paint or Draw Your Own Flower Pot Design

Most flower pots, especially plastic or clay ones, can easily become a canvas for your artistic expression.  Permanent markers, pencils and paint pens can be used to write names and quotes or to add embellishments for any style.

You don’t have to be a master artist to make a lovely design.  Simple shapes, lines and even squiggles can be used to draw the impression of trees, plants or even a unicorn or two.

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot supplies.

If you are looking for a great rainy-day activity, involve your children in drawing on the flower pots, too.  It’s a fantastic way to display their art throughout your home and garden.

Give an Old Item New Life in Your DIY Fairy Garden

Ideal choices for containers are those made of wood, clay, ceramic, metal or plastic.  There’s no need to necessarily use a container that was intentionally designed to be a flower pot, though.

Explore alternatives for containers, such a recycling used items like tea cups, bowls, baskets, vases and even aluminum cans.  Holiday items, like Easter baskets are also fun to upcycle into a beautiful flower pot.

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot decorations.

Just remember that when you recycle a household item into a planter, you will need to either drill drainage holes or use a thin layer of rocks at the bottom of the planter to allow for adequate water drainage.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Flower Pot

Think outside the garden to create custom flower pots for your home (and to gift to your friends!)

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot supplies.

A Latte Mug is a great size for windowsill herb garden planting.  After you’ve enjoyed your fresh herbs and the plant it at the end of it’s cycle, the mug can be cleaned out and used to enjoy a cup of coffee, soup or a warm cup of mint tea.

Add photos from your flower garden to the latte mug for an extra-special touch.  That way you can enjoy the beauty of the blooms all year long.

Design Your Own Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are wildly popular right now for good reason – they are adorable!  They’re a fun, easy way to spruce up your flower pot and make it a focal point.

Whether you wish to attract fairies, trolls, or other mystical creatures, the key to a successful fairy garden flower pot is to think “small.”

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot supplies.

Shutterfly’s Personalized Flower Pot is the perfect size for a fairy garden.  You can imprint your fairy garden name, a poem or any saying you think might help invite fairies to visit your lovely space.

Once you have your flower pot ready, you can find all sorts of embellishments at craft stores to enhance your scene like small butterflies, mini toad stools, garden stones, moss and even fencing, benches and miniature homes.

Flower pot painting ideas and flower pot supplies.

The best plants for a fairy garden flower pot are succulents, including cacti. These plants are available in a variety of shapes, heights and colors which is ideal for creating interesting in your small garden space.  They also require minimal watering and attention, making them excellent house plants.

Final Thoughts on Flower Pot Painting Ideas

However you decide to decorate your flower pots, remember that container gardens need adequate sunlight, a good drainage system and regular watering.  When all of these needs are met, your vibrant flower pots will reward you with plenty of natural joy!

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