20+ Graduation Outfit Ideas For Every Style

When you celebrate your graduation, you should look and feel your best. After all, you’ve accomplished a lot. Luckily, there are many stylish options for every season. You’ll be fashion-prepared whether you’re taking photos for your graduation announcements, giving a graduation speech or celebrating with your closest friends and family. To help choose your wardrobe, we’ve put together 24 graduation outfit ideas. From DIY dresses to collared shirts, our list has something for everyone.

As you plan for this memorable time, remember to take plenty of photos. You can capture them all in a photo book or create a framed print.

graduation outfit ideas teal dress


Teal Dress

Your graduation is a big deal and you should dress the part. Consider a colorful, flowy dress that will match the joy of your celebration and style with a monogram gold necklace.

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graduation outfit ideas high waisted pants


High-Waisted Pants and Blouse

Bring a sophisticated look to your graduation day. Wear high-waisted slacks and a breathable blouse. You’ll stay cool under your gown without sacrificing on style. Add some color with a beautiful DIY money lei to wear during the ceremony.

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graduation outfit ideas family summer colors


Casual Wear

Whether it’s your little one celebrating their kindergarten graduation or you tackling a degree, aim for a cheery ensemble. A sundress or a button-up top with jeans are both great options for a spring or summer graduation.

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graduation outfit ideas embroidered skirt


Embroidered Skirt

Make your outfit stand out with a one-of-a-kind skirt. Decorate the front with an embroidery pattern and pair with an engraved cuff. You’ll love celebrating in something so unique.

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graduation outfit ideas beach colors


Neutral Tones

Blues, whites and grays are serene, sophisticated tones. You’ll look stylish and ready for your next step, whether that’s more schooling or a professional job.

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graduation outfit ideas floral jumpsuit


Floral Jumpsuit

Aim for both comfy and stylish for your graduation outfit. Jumpsuits are back in style and come in a range of patterns, like florals and stripes.

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graduation outfit ideas family spring colors


Spring Pastels

Looking for graduation outfit ideas for springtime? Opt for pastels, from pink to green. You’ll look carefree and timeless in your graduation photos.

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graduation outfit ideas fall colors


Skirt and Top

Be fashion ready for your graduation party. Couple your favorite skirt with a sweater or blouse. Don’t forget to accessorize with cute shoes and a pair of earrings.

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graduation outfit ideas black dress statement necklace


Black Dress

Arrive at your graduation in elegance. Choose a black dress that matches your style and highlights your best features. Throw on a jacket or sweater if it’s a cooler day.

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graduation outfit ideas mens knit scarf


Knit Scarf

For winter graduation or a chillier spring day, accessorize with a knit scarf. Have it match your school colors for extra fashion credit.

Source: The Crafty Gentleman

graduation outfit ideas lace necklace


Black and White Ensemble

Keep your outfit simple and cross it off your graduation party checklist. Pair a white top with a black necklace or tie. Add extra personality with a patterned skirt or pair of pants.

Source: Confessions of a Refashionista

graduation outfit ideas embroidered sleeve


Embroidered Shirt

Add personality to a shirt you already love. Embroider a flower, star or heart on the shoulder. Not only will your outfit be beautiful, but it’ll also have a personal touch.

Source: Jennifer Jangles

graduation outfit ideas stripe sundress


Patterned Sundress

College graduation dresses range in style — from elegant to casual. Go the more casual route with a floral or striped sundress. You can wear it again to all the summer parties.

Source: Kiku Corner

graduation outfit ideas button collar


Embellished Collar

Enhance a dress shirt by sewing buttons to the collar. Choose a mix of colors and textures for extra flair.

Source: David Leon Morgan

graduation outfit ideas pom pom earrings


Festive Earrings

Your accessories are as important as your clothing, especially since you’ll be wearing a cap and gown. Wear a pair of pom earrings with a unique grad cap design and catch everyone’s attention as you walk across the stage.

Source: The Outfit Repeater

graduation outfit ideas wide leg orange pants


Fun-Colored Pants

Step away from a typical pair of black slacks. With orange, red or pink pants, you’ll have instant personality. Your top can be just as festive or more neutral.

Source: Sew Altered Style

graduation outfit ideas ruffle hem dress


Ruffled Dress

This is one of our favorite dresses for graduation. With its ruffles, cowl back and sheer fabric, it’s both fresh and fun.

Source: Paper Michey

graduation outfit ideas print jeans


Printed Jeans

Not all graduation outfits have to be formal. Choose a neutral shirt to accompany a patterned set of jeans and tote bag — whether they’re decked with stripes, polka dots or an animal print.

Source: Emerja Design

graduation outfit ideas crochet scarf


Crocheted Scarf

Want graduation outfit ideas for the fall and winter? Crochet a scarf that you can layer on top of a dress or shirt. Add brooches and buttons for extra style.

Source: Petals to Picots

graduation outfit ideas wide leg stripe pants


Striped Pants

Sew a pair of wide-leg pants for your graduation day. Choose a pattern like stripes or zig zags for a classy ensemble.

Source: 5 Feet of Style

graduation outfit ideas box pleat skirt


DIY Dress

Transform a curtain into a cute graduation dress. Try a flared pattern for enhanced shape, like this box pleated skirt. A flared, calf-length dress also makes for a comfortable outfit to wear during any graduation games you have planned for your party.

Source: Paper Michey

graduation outfit ideas crochet dress


Crochet Dress

You can crochet more items than just scarfs and hats. Test your skills with a crochet graduation dress. Try a gradient color scheme using multiple yarns.

Source: Wilma Estenberg

graduation outfit ideas mens stripe shirt


Striped Shirt

Instead of a solid-colored shirt, go for more personality with a striped option. You can make this a DIY project by using a t-shirt pattern and jersey cotton fabric.

Source: The Crafty Gentleman

graduation outfit ideas crystal key necklace


Linen Dress with Rope Belt

For a vintage or rustic look, wear a linen dress and add a rope belt. Pair it with a simple necklace for a timeless ensemble.

Source: The Artisan Life

No matter which outfit you choose for graduation, the most important part is feeling like yourself. To personalize your outfit even more, consider adding a custom piece of jewelry.