75 Graduation Party Ideas Your Grad Will Love

The school year is at an end, which means that it’s time for a new class of graduates to walk across the stage, receive their diploma and throw their graduation cap into the air. If your son or daughter is graduating this year, celebrate this huge milestone with a fun party. To help you plan your perfect party, we’ve collected 75 grad party idea below; plus a great video for anyone who is thinking to DIY their grad party.

From creative decoration ideas to tasty graduation cap and diploma-themed desserts, there are ideas here that are great for every graduation party. Use the filters below to help you discover fun graduation party ideas. Whether you’re throwing a high school graduation party or a college graduation party, you’re sure to find food, decoration and favor ideas here that you love.

With the drinks, appetizers and desserts all selected, don’t forget to make a matching graduation party invite that will delight your guests and your grad. Say congratulations to your 2018 graduate with these party ideas.

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On your dessert table, put out sweet and delicious “class rings” for your guests to enjoy.

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For a cute DIY centerpiece, spray paint wine bottles gold, and use the bottles to display the graduation year.

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Pay homage to the traditional graduation cap with these tasty cupcakes, featuring a chocolate cake base, a chocolate graham cracker top and a licorice tassel.

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For a creative cupcake topper, add an accordion-folded dollar bill. To make it graduation themed, attach a cute graduation cap sticker.

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Celebrate your smart cookie with a dessert table filled with different types of cookies from around the world.

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Celebrate your graduate's new school by using the school's colors in your graduation party desserts. For inspiration, take a look at these sweet blue and white Oreos.

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Add some brightness to your graduation party dessert table by decorating with cheery yellow sunflowers.

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Try using some bold and bright décor at your graduation party, like confetti-filled balloons and colorful honeycomb balls.

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For a sweet and nostalgic décor idea, decorate your walls with photos of your son or daughter growing up.

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Invite your guests to write down some of their favorite memories with the graduate and have them place the memories in a lovely jar.

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Colorful pendants are a great idea for a school-themed centerpiece. You can also combine your pendants with bright flowers and photographs of the graduate.

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Add a sparkle to your table centerpieces by creating fun striped boxes filled with colorful and glittery pendants.

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For a festive dessert, create delicious Oreo cheesecake push pops and top them with little graduation caps.

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For a lovely piece of décor, frame and hang up one of your graduation party invitations. You can also have guests sign the frame to create a wonderful keepsake.

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If your graduating student has some old No. 2 pencils left over from their school days, use them in a creative centerpiece.

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A graduation wreath is a great way to display pictures of your graduating child growing up. Be sure to top it with a paper graduation cap.

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This year sign is easy to make, and it's perfect for a graduation party. Simply glue tissue paper in the color of your choice to foam-board numbers.

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If you're looking for grad party ideas for girls, take inspiration from this beautiful dessert table featuring sparkly silver and turquoise decorations.

Photo Credit: Jen T by Design

Add a festive flair to your graduation party's cupcakes by using toppers that say the graduation year and ‘Congrats Grad.'

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Create delicious graduation pretzel pops by first covering pretzel rods in white chocolate. Then, attach your graduation year and give each of your pretzels a little chocolate cap.

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Give each of your guests their own candy graduation cap to take home by attaching a piece of black paper to a Rolo. Finish with a ribbon in your school's colors.

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Another way to let all of your guests know that your graduate is a smart cookie with this cute wreath.

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For an adorable favor, create smiling cake pop people wearing graduation caps. Attach a tag with each of your guests' names to the pops.

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Create a sweet keepsake for your graduate by inviting guests to write memories they've built with them on Jenga blocks.

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These graduation cap cupcake toppers are too cute to toss into the air! You can easily make them by using black cardstock and a painted bottle cap.

Photo Credit: Dukes and Duchesses

Invite guests to share their keys to success with the graduate with this lovely party keepsake idea.

Photo Credit: Party Bluprints

Create a fun graduation topper for your straws using black cardstock and construction paper. Finish with a little gold tassel.

Photo Credit: The Glitter in my Tea

This bright tag would make a great addition to a favors bag. The cheery yellow tag will make guests smile all the way home.

Photo Credit: Love the Day

Thank your guests for celebrating your smarty pants with this bright favors tag. Fill the bag with matching colorful gumballs and candy.

Photo Credit: Love the Day

Point your graduate in the direction of their dreams with these creative arrow straw toppers.

Photo Credit: Kara Allen

Break out the confetti for this colorful graduation year sign. For even more festiveness, place gold party horns in front of the sign.

Photo Credit: A Bubbly Life

If you're looking for graduation decoration ideas for your dessert table, check out this adorable graduation cap cupcake stand.

Photo Credit: Joyful Scribblings

Fill champagne flutes with Smarties candy to celebrate your smart graduate. Top them with off with traditional graduation caps.

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To make a lovely graduation decoration, frame a few of your favorite small photos of your graduate, and hang them up on a black cardboard wreath.

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Create a unique photo collage of your graduation by attaching black and white photos to papier-mâché letters that spell out ‘Grad.’

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Add some school spirit to your graduation party by decorating your desserts with your graduate's school mascot.

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Burgers are a versatile and delicious addition to a graduation party. You can even make them go with your party's theme by using creative and cute signs.

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The Keys to Success is a great graduation party theme idea that can lead to tons of fun décor options, like ornate old-fashioned keys.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Kaye Photography and Charming Touch Parties

Go down the rabbit hole with a fun "Alice in Wonderland" themed graduation party that features a table runner with pages from classic books.

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If your graduate is going to art school, use paint cans as a cute graduate party favor. You can also add a cap and tassel to the top of the can.

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These glittery gold graduation cap cookies are almost too pretty to eat. The white tassel is a lovely finishing touch.

Photo Credit: Kristi Murphy

For a graduation decoration idea, try displaying a memory board with some of your graduate's favorite memories from school.

Photo Credit: Homemade Interest

Your graduate's new school is a great theme idea for a graduation party. For inspiration, take a look at how this party incorporated University of Mississippi décor into their dessert table.

Photo Credit: GreyGrey Designs

Add a pop of color to your graduation party by filing number-shaped dishes with bright chocolate candies.

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As your graduate takes the next steps towards their future, invite your guests to look into their own futures with decorated fortune cookies.

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Rolled up chocolate cookies are a great addition to a dessert table - with a ribbon tied around them, they look just like diplomas.

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Brighten your guests' days with chocolate bars in adorable blue and yellow wrappers that feature sun illustrations.

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Give your guests delicious Swiss Roll diplomas to enjoy. To make them look just like real diplomas, tie a ribbon around them.

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Encourage your graduate to shoot for the stars with shining silver and gold balloon decorations.

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Score a touchdown with a football-themed centerpiece. Use pendants, footballs and fake grass to make the centerpiece look like a real football field.

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For your graduation party decorations, try creating a colorful tassel banner to pay homage to the classic graduation cap tassel.

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Get your graduate excited about going out into the real world with this cute ‘The World Awaits You' banner.

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Attach a sparkly frame and a classic tassel to a small chalkboard for an adorable graduation decoration idea.

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This Instagram graduation party idea is perfect for every social media lover. You can use Instagram photos in a banner, as part of your centerpieces and on your invitations.

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Give your guests a pair of cool, sparkly shades to rock during the graduation party.

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If you're looking for a way to make your balloons more festive, attach the graduation year and some colorful streamers.

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Tip your cap to this creative graduation cake idea that can be customized to include school colors.

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If you're celebrating two graduates who are going to different colleges, try creating two food tables decorated with each school's colors.

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This graduation party cake takes its inspiration from geometry class with its brightly colored triangles and squares.

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Turn Oreos into the perfect graduation party dessert by attaching a cute, edible smiley face with a graduation cap.

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Fold up bills into graduation caps for a creative way to give money to a graduate.

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Add brightness to a graduation year sign by decorating it with white Christmas lights.

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At the end of your party, give your guests colorful graduation cap cookies to take home.

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To make sweet and delicious graduation cap candies, attach a small chocolate bar to a mini Reese's cup. Finish with a colorful candy tassel.

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If you're looking for graduation decorations ideas for centerpieces, check out this lovely display that shows the graduate growing up.

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Create a garden on your graduation dessert table by using flower cookies and flower pot decorations.

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Try using some foods that match your graduate's school colors, like this party did by using black and red tortilla chips.

Photo Credit: Amy Hutchinson

On your food table, try displaying the graduation year on clear plastic cans or jars. Then, fill the jars with chips.

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Create a delicious s'more on a stick by covering marshmallows in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs. Finish with a cute graduation year label.

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Add festivity to your napkins by rolling them up and tying them with ribbon to make them look like diplomas.

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Inspire your guests by placing quote cards next to their plates. For a conversation starter, have your guests share the quote they got with everyone at the table.

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Create delicious diploma roll appetizers by filling wraps with a mixture of salmon, cream cheese and spices. Finish with a chive ribbon.

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Share inspirational quotes with your guests by creating a lovely Words to Live By wall decoration.

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If you have little guests, hand out sweet Fruit-Roll up diploma favors that are tied up with black ribbon.

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Provide s’mores stations. If the party is being held outside, and you have access to a fire pit, creating s’mores stations is really easy.

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Have a taco/nacho bar. Perfect for any fiesta- or pool-themed graduation parties, taco/nacho bars are delicious and easy to put together.

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Hula skirts, flower leis, and a variety of island-appropriate food, up to and including a luau-style pig roast, are the staples of a great luau themed party.

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Toga parties are classically associated with wild college blowouts, but can easily be adapted to fit family-friendly get togethers. Provide a number of clean bed sheets for guests to use as togas.

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Contact your graduate’s friends and ask for any and all photographs that show the time that they spent together during their school career. Collect the photos and memories beforehand, and use them to create a professionally printed photo-book.

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A memory jar is a great way to celebrate the good times of high school. All you need is a decorative mason jar, some pens or pencils, and enough strips of paper for each guest.

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Make floating photo frames. Get pictures of your graduate out where your guests are, by printing the images on thin, 4×6-sized, lightweight paper, and then attaching those images to festive, helium-filled balloons.

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College is where the graduation cap plays the biggest roll, so using the cap as a symbol in your décor is a great way to recognize the importance of what has been achieved.

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Fill a punch bowl or basket with a variety ring-pop colors/flavors (still in their packaging), and create a small sign or plaque that says “Class Rings.”

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Provide single-serving ice cream sundaes. Fill individual mason jars with a scoop of ice cream, and then add various sundae toppings before securing them with a lid and placing them in a cooler.

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Pirouette cookies, when served with a ribbon tied around the center, make fun edible diplomas.

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Create a school-themed watermelon boat, which can double as a centerpiece. Make it graduation-specific by decorating the side of the watermelon rind with the graduate’s school logo.

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