The Best Halloween Party Themes

The leaves are turning brown, and your house is filled with the smell of apple-scented candles. Fall is in the air, and Halloween is quickly approaching. Halloween is not only a time for kids trick-or-treating, but it’s also a time to throw a scarily good party. Finding Halloween party ideas and themes that are perfect for the occasion can be a tricky task. Discover the right theme for the kind of occasion you want, send out your Halloween party invitations and Halloween cards, and let the festivities begin.

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Festive Halloween Party Themes for Adults

While trick-or-treating is a fun activity, sometimes it’s even more fun to have a party with just adults. This festive celebration gives adults the chance to dress up for the night, what could be better than that? Whether you’re looking for something on the spooky side, or something with an autumn harvest feel, these Halloween party themes for adults should give you a jumpstart to your planning.

orange and black halloween party invitation for adults Autumn Harvest

This festive theme screams grown-ups only and is characterized by hay bales and hues of orange, yellow and red. Think about the scent of cinnamon apples and the feeling of the crisp fall air when planning your fall harvest party.

Set out jack-o’-lanterns along with a few corn husks in the front of your house and in the backyard. You can also place smaller pumpkins inside the house. Place scarecrows on your lawn and by the front door for some added home decor. For refreshments, you can have glasses filled with apple cider. Get fall-themed napkins and paper plates, such as ones that include maple leaves in their design.

Orange you Scared?

You guessed it, this theme is all about the color orange. This color is the first one that comes to mind when someone says “Halloween”, so why not decorate your party after it? A classic orange and black bash can be elevated with witches’ hats, spider webs and pumpkins. Hang an orange and black vinyl banner above your food table that reads “trick or treat”. If you have the space, designate an area of the party for dancing and mingling.

Encourage your guests to arrive in full costume to give your party that true Halloween feel. You can even have a costume contest, and give a prize to the best dressed. For drinks, you can have punch so that everyone can serve themselves. Make it look festive by putting dry ice in a larger bowl around the punch.

Ghost White

For this party theme opt for an all-white color scheme filled with ghostly white candles and tombstones. Include on the invitations that people should come in ghost costumes, or wear all white. Spiderwebs are an easy way to white-out any party space. Hang them around the venue along with white balloons and other spooky decorative pieces like skeletons and ghosts. Make sure your yummy treats are characterized by all-white colors too. Think white frosting, white gum balls, marshmallows, macaroons and more.

Love at First Bite

A vampire-style dinner party is perfect for Halloween. Table settings can include contrasting plates stacked on each other and theme related decor. Lay a pair of vampire teeth in the center, roll up a dinner napkin and let the pair of teeth gnaw on it for a fitting effect. Opt for the party color of blood red to be present in all aspects of this dinner party.

Think red table cloth, napkins and settings, red candles and even blood red wine. On the menu for the evening should be items like a blood orange salad or steak through the heart. How about a side dish of devil hair pasta? Customize a party menu and use this as a unique table decor piece for the bloody celebration.

carved pumpkins lit up at night for halloween party decorations

Spooky Halloween Party Themes for Teenagers

If you’re planning on throwing a spooky bash for the teens, make sure that you have some cool Halloween party themes up your sleeve. Remember to keep open communication between you and your teen while planning. At this age, it’s all about the frights and scares. These Halloween party themes for teenagers are sure to accomplish just that. Invite your loved ones over to your haunted house with custom Halloween invitations from Shutterfly. Sending custom Halloween invitations will help make your Halloween party spooktacular for all who attend. With Shutterfly, you can customize invitations that will wow your guests.

Murder Mystery

Celebrate this Halloween with a party that revolves around the traditional party game, a murder mystery. There are many versions of this game, but as it generally goes, one of the partygoers is secretly and unknowingly playing a murderer. The ultimate goal of the game is for guests to figure out who among them is the criminal. This party theme requires a little extra planning, but it will all pay off.

Determine the guests’ roles and make sure you indicate a who’s is who. Remember to provide a character background on their individual invitations. Encourage your guests to get into character. The more participation there is, the more fun there is to be had.

Dead Hollywood

A dead hollywood themed party requires an extravagant entrance. Roll out the red carpet as well as the flashing lights to look like the paparazzi. Set the tone for this fun party theme with decor creative decor. You can make display a life-like Hollywood sign that’s bashed up to look old and rusty. Next, lay out personalized directors chairs and old movie scripts to add a real Hollywood feel.

Go for a color palette that includes black, white and red. Encourage guests to get their glam on and transform into one of Hollywood’s elite the night of the party. Serve Halloween appetizers like a great white ball of pumpkin cheese, pumpkin pie cut out cookies, and various dips.

Frightening Flicks

Boo! This party theme is just for those of you who love scary movies and all things that give you goosebumps. Fog machines and black lights are perfect to include outside of the house. A frightening cinema party theme is the perfect way to celebrate this Halloween with your teen.

Screen a variety of scary movies complete with popcorn and Halloween candy. Serve up popcorn the right way with multiple kinds of offerings like sweet and salty. Set up a projector on the big screen so that all of the partygoers can be on the edge of their seats together. You can even customize pillows for Halloween decor to make the viewing just that much more cozy.  

monster themed halloween party invitation for kids

Fun Halloween Party Themes for Kids

When planning a Halloween party for kids, pick a theme with a wide appeal. Have a costume party so that all of the youngsters can really get into the spirit. This is a fun way to see the little ones use their creativity and imagination. Halloween crafts are going to guide most of our Halloween party themes for kids. The goal is to keep them busy and these Halloween party themes should do the trick or treat.

Monster Mash

It’s time to host a monster mash! This theme is represented with bright colors like lime green, light purple and turquoise blue. Picture googly eyes, wacky hair and sharp tooth monsters for some inspiration. Deck out your venue with bright table cloths and colorful streamers. Have a craft station where the kiddos can make their own monster feet. To do this, use old tissue boxes and various items to glue on as claws.

Finger foods are perfect for a kids’ Halloween celebration. Take advantage of the chance to serve up fun Halloween-themed foods like mummy dogs and ghost cookies. It’s all about the decorations even when it comes to the yummy treats. Let your guests know that a celebration is coming up with the perfect monster Halloween party invitations. Everyone will surely RSVP after seeing those invites.

Jack-O’-Lantern Carving

It’s time to carve your way into the holiday with a kids pumpkin carving party. Depending on your guest list, decide whether you want guests to take the trip to the pumpkin patch with you or not. If there is a pumpkin patch near home this could be a good idea. If not, pick out the pumpkins ahead of time or have your guests bring their own to the party.

Set the scene for the party with iconic Halloween hues like orange, black, purple and green. The main attraction of this bash will be the carving. Set up a long table lined with paper because jack-o’-lantern carving can get a little messy. Set out printable templates with funny faces as well as kid friendly carving tools. Keep the carving instruments organized in buckets for safety precautions. If you’d rather not carve the pumpkins, decorate them with substitute items like ribbons, lace, jewels and glitter.

halloween kids cheers

Halloween Party Favors

Even though it is a Halloween party, make sure that you give party favors to all of the guests that attend. While candy is a classic Halloween treat, try to give something a little different. A pair of fake vampire fangs or lollipops with plastic bugs inside perfectly fit with a Halloween theme.

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to selecting a theme for your Halloween party, pick something that stays true to your personality. Keep in mind that you will be able to add your own personal spin on whichever theme you decide to go with. Once you have selected the perfect theme, don’t forget to take a look at these Halloween party games and Halloween invite wording ideas and tips for more inspiration!

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