14 Celebratory High School Graduation Party Ideas

It’s not everyday that you get to celebrate a high school graduation, so extend your congratulations by throwing a party. Take the time to mark this special event and give it the recognition it deserves with an out of this world high school graduation party for your young scholar. Whether it’s a large get-together or an intimate celebration, you’ll want the party to showcase the grad’s personality and interests. To help, we’re excited to be sharing some of our favorite high school graduation party ideas with you. Check out our selection in the sections below.

High School Party Themes

The following party themes are some of our favorite high school graduation party ideas. Pick  one for your own party or use them to inspire an idea all your own.antique grad graduation announcement designer between friends

1. Sports Themed

If your graduate played a sport throughout their high school career why not showcase that in his or her high school graduation party. When it comes to the dessert table at this sports themed bash, add your grad’s jersey number to the cupcakes. Or bake a cake decorated with the sports that they played. Showcase their letterman’s jacket and other accomplishments or awards they have made throughout their high school sports career. This sports themed grad party is perfect for the young athlete in your life.

2. Dinner Party

Throwing an elegant backyard dinner party for your recent grad is a great idea and can work for a guy or girl. Filled with toasts to the future and cute table settings, this graduation party idea will leave your guests filled with delicious food and your graduate feeling celebrated. Add photos of your grad and their year of graduation to the table settings.

3. A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

This theme is a perfect way to look back on what your young scholar has accomplished as well as where they are now and what their future holds. With so many fun grad party ideas for high school it can be tough to choose a certain color or theme to stick to, but by using photos of the grad in cap in gown throughout the party and creating a timeline of photos from when he or she was younger is a fun way for guests to celebrate the graduate. Get creative with the way you display your photos around the party, hang them on strings or create a poster collage.

4. Colors & Graduating Year

Since your young scholar is now a part of the graduating class of that year, show off the year throughout the graduation party. To make the theme more uniform, you can also pick up party essentials in your grad’s favorite color or even the colors of the high school they are leaving.

5. Picture Your Future

This grad party theme is a really fun way to celebrate the past as well as look to the future. A “picture this” theme is a beautiful way to showcase your young scholars high school career in photos. Hang pictures throughout the party venue, you can print photos in a fun collage or individually and hang them in a unique way. Showcase the exciting next steps for your graduate in photos as well. If they’ve decided on where to attend college, print photos of the college colors and mascot to hang around the party too.

6. Congrats Grad Theme

This exciting grad party theme is all about high school graduation. Set up the party with high school colors as well as showcase the diploma and other awards that your graduate has earned throughout his or her high school career. Drape the tables with a tablecloth and add confetti to the tops to spice up the party set up. You can find banners and balloons with “congrats grad” printed on them to incorporate this theme into the party even more.

7. Bright and Bubbly

congratulation transparent balloon insert with colorful shaped balloons for greeting

A high school graduation celebration is a very happy and exciting time for your young scholar and you should throw them a party that reflects that. Bright yellow and light blue colors are just the right amount of happy and bubbly for a graduation celebration. Incorporate these hues in your party décor and food. For an extra cute touch, top the snacks with their own graduation caps and of course, showcase the year your guest of honor is graduating.

8. College Major Themed

Maybe your high school grad is off to nursing or law school in the fall. Have his or her graduation party reflect that. Wherever your graduate’s future is taking them, this grad party should celebrate what is ahead. Think plenty of book for English majors, artistic decorations for art majors, and movie posters for film majors.

9. Key to Success

This theme is going to incorporate black and gold throughout the party. Along with guests providing advice for the high school graduate, this elegant theme has tons of cute touches. Set up a dessert table with chocolate diploma rolls and have guests fill out advice for the grad or write down their ‘keys to success’ and well wishes.

10. Congratulations Smartie Pants

Have Smarties candies play a huge roll in your grad’s celebration. You can utilize the bright colors of the candy wrapper to inspire your party décor and of course have the candies all throughout the party.

11. You’re a Star Theme

Making academic achievements is a huge honor and it takes a star. Use this fun grad theme idea and decorate your high school graduation party with stars galore. These crazy grad party ideas are bright, gold and glitzy.

12. Milk and Cookies Graduation Party

Because your grad is such a smart cookie, celebrate his or her graduation with a milk and cookies bar. This theme is definitely something different then your typical BBQ party. Use milk jugs and cake holders and set up a “cookie table” including photos of the graduate. Have a wide variety of cookies for your guests to choose from and everyone will leave this high school graduation party happy.

13. Oh The Places You’ll Go

Plan a party around all the adventures your grad is sure to have in the coming future. Use travel based decorations, include a photo booth with props showing off the grad’s next destination, and more. This theme is meant to be creative so have fun with it. You’re sure to make memories and capture photos to last a lifetime.

14. Classic Graduation Party

Graduation party table with brownies and popcorn

This classic graduation party theme can work for a girl or boy. Stick with a black and gold color palette and incorporate the graduating year as well as caps and gowns in all the party essentials. Send DIY graduation announcements weeks in advance to set the theme’s tone. Create a custom poster for the grad that showcases his or her senior photos and other high school achievements. You can find graduation cupcake flags with the year on them and stick those in the fruit for a little festive touch.

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The high school graduation party ideas above are unique and a fun ways to celebrate your graduate’s journey. All of these grad party ideas would surely make for an amazing celebration and the best part is that you can pick a theme and make it your own. The main thing to remember throughout all of this party planning is to have fun and cherish this time to celebrate such a great accomplishment in your young scholars life.

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