200 Inspiring Home Color Schemes

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Has your home been feeling a bit lackluster recently? Sometimes a simple color update is all a room needs to feel refreshed. You could go big, like painting an entire room, or keep it simple by adding new details. Regardless of the project size, we created 200 original room colors to inspire your next redesign. We also had the assistance of Shutterfly designers and expert home decor bloggers to help compile custom inspiration boards so you can see each home color scheme come to life. Get started by clicking a room below to browse our home color schemes.

Don’t forget that small upgrades can make a big impact. With your new color scheme ideas in hand, browse home decor accessories like custom pillows, fleece blankets, tableware and more.


So fresh and so clean—browse 40 bathroom color ideas for your best fit.


Wake up in a better mood with our 40 unique bedroom colors.

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Find color scheme inspiration across 40 dining room colors.


Refresh your kitchen by browsing our 40 original color schemes.

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Choose your favorite living room color from our 40 ideas.