75 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

You’ve sent out your New Years cards and feel the holiday spirit. Now you can’t think of anything better than getting together with friends and family to celebrate the beginning of another year. If you’re planning on hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year, there are a number of questions you may be thinking about. What kind of decorations will you have? What types of food and drinks are you going to serve? Are you going to have a theme? If you’re stumped on any of these decisions, we’re here to help!

We’ve collected some of the best New Year’s Eve party ideas, games, food options, and themes. There are glittery New Year’s Eve-themed decorations, inventive champagne cocktails, tasty bite-sized appetizers, desserts that celebrate the New Year and more. With ideas in hand, don’t forget to let everyone know about your bash with a festive party invite featuring an inspirational new years message.

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Sequin Letter Garland

Add a festive flair to your New Year’s Eve party with this glittery gold ‘Cheers’ garland. To make this garland, all you need is some sequin gold trim, cardboard, an x-acto knife, a hot glue gun and metallic cord trim.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

Champagne Poster and Striped Straw

Champagne is a classic part of a New Year’s Eve celebration, and this poster celebrates the bubbly drink. For a fun treat, pair the poster with a bottle of cava with an attached striped straw.

Source: A Blissful Nest

Photo credit: Ruby May Designs

Festive Fringe

This colorful party had a dessert table decorated with pink, black and gold fringe. There was also a gold sequin frame surrounding a black poster that said “Time to drink champagne and dance on the table.”

Source: A Blissful Nest

Photo credit: Ruby May Designs

Sparkly Ice Bucket

This cute DIY decoration features a party item that’s usually not festive: an ice bucket! To make this sparkly ice bucket, use gold and pink confetti. Then, surround the ice bucket with other sparkling decorations, like disco balls.

Photo credit: A Bubbly Life

Sparkling Soda Bottles

When you spray sparkling silver paint onto glass soda bottles, you get adorable DIY decorations! Use the bottles to display the date of the New Year, and surround the bottles with festive horns and headbands.

Photo credit: A to Zebra Celebrations

Bourbon Rosemary Fizz

If you’re looking for a tasty, bubbly drink to serve at your New Year’s Eve party, try this bourbon rosemary fizz. The simple but delicious cocktail features bourbon, rosemary sprigs, lemon and ginger ale.

Photo credit: Artful Desperado

Glow-in-the-Dark Celebration

This unique glow-in-the-dark party featured neon glow stick plate toppers, light-up centerpieces, glow-in-the-dark silverware and glow stick favors for each guest.

Photo credit: B Lovely Events

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Appetizers

These light smoked salmon and cucumber bites are the perfect appetizer for a New Year’s Eve party. For an extra zing, the appetizers also include dill cream cheese mixed with horseradish.

Photo credit: Baker By Nature

Puff Pastry Year Treats

For a festive treat, sculpt puff pastry into the date of the New Year. You can pair these treats with a savory sauce, or you can sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on them to turn them into a dessert.

Photo credit: Candy Store

Ice Cream Cone Party Horns

To make tasty New Year’s Eve horns, cover ice cream cones with chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles. Finish by writing the date of the New Year on the horn in brightly colored icing!

Photo credit: Candy Store

Popcorn and Champagne Dessert Bar

This fun popcorn and champagne dessert bar featured three types of sweet popcorn. For an extra pop of excitement, the bar also included poppers that guests could use at midnight.

Photo credit: Celebrations at Home

Sweet Popcorn Desserts

Your guests will love these sweet popcorn dessert options. This New Year’s Eve party included three tasty options: potato chip, pretzel and chocolate; sea salt and caramel; and peanut butter cup.

Photo credit: Celebrations at Home

Golden Balloons

If you’re looking for centerpiece ideas for your New Year’s Eve party, check out these lovely golden balloons. The balloons are weighed down with gold ornaments, and the table also includes matching gold crown plate toppers.

Photo credit: Celebrations at Home

Tangerine Sorbet Champagne Floats

These tasty tangerine sorbet champagne floats are the perfect way to add a unique twist to your party’s champagne selection. The floats are made using tangerine juice, sparkling wine and granulated sugar.

Photo credit: Completely Delicious

Sequin Star Stir Sticks

Your guests will feel like stars when they see these sequined stir sticks. The stars are easy to make: all you need are some sequined star appliques, craft felt, hot glue, scissors and bamboo skewers!

Photo credit: Confetti Pop

New Year’s Eve Cookies

These adorable cookies featured classic New Year’s Eve decorations. They were decorated with silver, black and white frosting, and they looked perfect against this party’s sequin silver wall decoration.

Photo credit: Craft That Party

Tomato Soup Shooters and Mini Grilled Cheeses

This tasty appetizer features a miniature version of every kids’ favorite meal: tomato soup and grilled cheese! For a lovely presentation, serve the soup in different sized shot and cordial glasses.

Photo credit: Culinary Ginger

Baked Cream Cheese Wontons

These cheesy wonton appetizers are crisp and delicious. Fill your wontons with a mixture of shrimp and cream cheese, and serve with a side of Sriracha sauce for an added kick.

Photo credit: Damn Delicious

Avocado Egg Rolls

These tasty avocado egg rolls are modeled after the ones served at Cheesecake Factory. They include a delicious mixture of avocado, onion, tomato and cilantro. On the side, you can serve a creamy cilantro dipping sauce.

Photo credit: Damn Delicious

New Year’s Eve Tablescape

This lovely tablescape included a bouquet of pink roses, rose gold and pewter candlesticks and a hanging ornament decoration. To make the table feel festive, each plate was topped with a miniature party hat.

Photo credit: Design By Numbers

Paper Bag Party Favors

Your guests will love taking home these kraft paper wine bag party favors. Each favor has the date of the New Year written on it in gold, and they all include a party blower, a miniature bottle of champagne and a champagne glass.

Photo credit: Dukes & Duchesses

Easy Fruit Rockets

For a fun and healthy dessert, try creating these fruit rockets. To make the rockets, simply place a strawberry, blueberries, and grapes on a colorful foil skewer.

Photo credit: Eats Amazing

Sparkly New Year’s Eve Table

At this photoshoot, the stylish table had a sparkling black tablecloth, pink sparkly seat covers, different sized golden wooden block decorations, black candles, gold plates and bouquets of pink flowers.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Photo credit: Apryl Ann

Dipped Fortune Cookies

Wish your guests good fortune in the New Year with these dipped fortune cookies. The cookies feature a sparkly gold dip, a rainbow sprinkle dip and a white sprinkle dip.

Photo credit: Happiness is Homemade

Time-Themed New Year’s Eve Table

Your guests will definitely spend time admiring this clock-themed New Year’s Eve table! This tablescape includes clock plates, antique clock centerpieces and festive New Year’s Eve party hats.

Photo credit: Home is Where the Boat Is

Antipasto Skewers

These antipasto skewers are quick and easy to make, and they taste absolutely delicious! To make the skewers, simply place a slice of prosciutto, a sun dried tomato, basil leaves and a mozzarella ball on a wooden skewer.

Photo credit: Home Made Interest

Confetti Party Poppers

You can easily make fun confetti poppers using crepe paper, a toilet paper roll, cracker snaps, ribbon and lots of colorful confetti. Your guests will love using these poppers at midnight!

Photo credit: Honestly WTF

Vanilla Cranberry Mimosas

These festive mimosas are the perfect champagne treat to serve at your New Year’s Eve party. The mimosas are made using a few simple ingredients: vanilla-flavored vodka, sparkling wine, cranberry juice and cranberries and vanilla beans for garnish.

Photo credit: Honey & Birch

Metallic and Sparkly Decorations

These metallic photo frames and pom-pom toothpick toppers will add a sparkle to your New Year’s Eve party decorations. To make the toothpick toppers, tie a chenille piper cleaner around a toothpick, and then place a pom-pom on top.

Photo credit: Hostess with the Mostess

Silver and Gold Champagne and Dessert Bar

This artfully decorated champagne and dessert bar included a banner with silver and gold fringe, a vase with silver and gold balls and a poster saying ‘Raise a Glass’ in a metallic frame.

Photo credit: Hostess with the Mostess

New Year’s Bells

Ring in the New Year with these cute silver bells. The bells are a great alternative to traditional horns—your guests will love getting to ringing their bells away at midnight!

Photo credit: I Heart Naptime

Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites

These sweet cookie dough pretzels are a great bite-sized dessert to serve at your party. Sandwich homemade cookie dough between two pretzels, and finish the dessert off by dipping each pretzel bite in chocolate.

Photo credit: Is This Really My Life

Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Add a fun twist to traditional deviled eggs by making them with guacamole! Create your guacamole using avocados, lime, red onion, salt, pepper, cilantro and tomato, and finish with a chili powder garnish.

Photo credit: Jo Cooks

Stuffed Cucumber Bites

To make this healthy appetizer, stuff cucumber slices with cream cheese, salt, mayonnaise and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix. Then, finish the appetizers off with a halved grape tomato garnish.

Photo credit: Joe’s Healthy Meals

Pink Champagne Cake Pops

Champagne doesn’t just have to be used to toast the New Year—it can also be added into a dessert! These bright pink champagne cake pops look great and taste great too.

Photo credit: Keep it Sweet Desserts

Hot Ham and Cheese Pastry Roll

These delicious pastry rolls are made using ham, Swiss cheese, pizza dough, butter, brown sugar, Worchester sauce, Dijon mustard and poppy seeds for garnishing.

Photo credit: Kevin & Amanda

Tuxedo Cheese and Crackers

Add a creative twist to your cheese and cracker plate by placing black olive ties and buttons onto each cheese wedge! You can use your favorite type of soft cheese, or you can use an assortment of cheeses.

Photo credit: Kitchen Mason

Raspberry Basil Champagne Cocktail

You’ll feel like it’s summer again as you drink this light and delicious champagne cocktail at your New Year’s party. The cocktail includes lemon, basil leaves, raspberries, limoncello, lemon vodka and the champagne of your choice.

Photo credit: Lark & Linen

French Kiss Cocktail

Raspberries pair perfectly with champagne, and this recipe celebrates that combination! The recipe for this French kiss cocktail includes champagne, whole raspberries, mint leaves, lemon and vodka.

Photo credit: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Champagne Bar and Disco Ball Decorations

Transport your guests back to the 1970’s with this champagne bar featuring silver disco ball decorations. The bar includes a variety of champagne choices, and it also features sweet treats like macarons and chocolate-covered cherries.

Photo credit: Lia Griffith

New Year’s Resolution Cards

With these printable cards, it will be easy for guests to create their resolutions for the New Year! Place the cards in a glass vase display, and invite guests to share their resolutions or tuck them away.

Photo credit: Lia Griffith

New Year’s Eve Party Props

Everyone at your party will love these fun and sparkly props, including a white and gold bow-tie on a stick, gold and silver party hats and gold crowns.

Photo credit: Lia Griffith

Champagne Cupcakes

These champagne cupcakes are guaranteed to be the star of your dessert table! Decorate the moist and delicious cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and add gold sprinkles for an extra sparkle.

Photo credit: Life, Love and Sugar

Jalapeño Pimiento Cheese Balls

If you’re looking for a spicy appetizer, try these creamy and flavorful jalapeno pimiento cheese balls. To make them easy for guests to eat, attach a pretzel stick to each cheese ball.

Photo credit: OMG Chocolate Desserts

Honeycomb Ball Chandelier

Have a ball this New Year’s Eve with this honeycomb ball chandelier! To make the chandelier, use colorful honeycomb paper sheets, a circle template, bakers twine and a metal hoop.

Photo credit: One Charming Party

Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail

If you’re thinking of having a tropical-themed New Year’s Eve party, try serving this pineapple coconut champagne cocktail. This tasty drink will make you feel like you’re relaxing on a beach.

Photo credit: Pineapple and Coconut

Oreo Cookie Clocks

These adorable cookie clocks are made using Oreos, black candy melts, white and black fondant, almond bark and silver and black sprinkles. These are the perfect treats to snack on as you countdown to midnight.

Photo credit: Pint Sized Baker

Black and White New Year’s Cookies

At this New Year’s Eve party, all of the decorations were black and white. This color scheme was also used in the party’s desserts—there were cute clock cookies and cookies that had the date written in black.

Photo credit: Pizzazzerie

Champagne Truffles in Oyster Shells

This unique dessert display features oyster shells spray-painted in gold and delicious champagne truffles. To make your own champagne truffles, use heavy cream, white chocolate, champagne and candy melts.

Photo credit: Pizzazzerie

Champagne and Cupcakes

This fun New Year’s Eve tablescape included glasses of champagne, a sparkly gold table runner, red velvet cupcakes with decorations that said ‘Eat Me’ and striped black and gold straws.

Photo credit: Polka Dot Bride

Champagne Table with Fringe

This party featured creative decorations throughout, including white balloons, a table with gold, silver and black fringe, champagne bottles covered in sequined gold paper and a lit-up ‘Cheers’ sign.

Photo credit: Polka Dot Bride

New Year’s Eve Confetti Cookies

These cookies are decorated to look like clocks, and they have a fun surprise inside: sprinkle confetti! The kids and adults at your party will both love these New Year’s cookies.

Photo credit: Repeat Crafter Me

Black and White Striped Table

This New Year’s table featured a chic black and white tablecloth. There was also white and gold fringe hung in front of the table, and black balloons hung above the table.

Source: Ruffled

Photo credit: Jen Meneghin Photography

Glam Champagne Glasses

Add a sparkle to your champagne glasses by painting them with glittery gold, green, red or blue paint. To paint the glasses, simply dab two to three coats of paint onto a glass using a foam pouncer.

Photo credit: Something Turqoise

Countdown Cupcakes

These festive chocolate cupcakes feature Oreo cookie toppers that are decorated to look like clocks. To add some color to your cupcakes, place sprinkles on top of the vanilla frosting.

Photo credit: Somewhat Simple

Glittery Holiday Party Hats

If you’re looking for sparkly New Year’s Eve party ideas, try these glittery party hats! The hats are made using a paper mache cone, Mod Podge, pink glitter and gold tinsel garland.

Photo credit: Studio DIY!

New Year’s Eve Balloons

You can easily turn round, white balloons into clocks by adding number stickers and glittery gold clock hands. For a pop of color, surround the clock balloons with gold, pink and black balloons.

Source: Balloon Time

Photo credit: Mary Costa Photography

Disco Ball Piñata

Piñatas are always a fun addition to any party, and this glittery silver disco ball piñata is the perfect choice for New Year’s Eve. Fill the piñata with your favorite candy, and invite your guests to swing away!

Source: Studio DIY!

Photo credit: Studio DIY!

Honeycomb Ball Table Decorations

Pay homage to the New Year’s Eve ball drop with these honeycomb ball table decorations. You can make them in a variety of colors, and you can also hang some above your table.

Source: Stylizimo.

Photo credit: Nina Holst

Champagne Shirley Temple

This cocktail swaps out the traditional soda used in a Shirley Temple for champagne. To make the cocktail, all you need is champagne of your choice, a splash of grenadine and cherries and orange slices for garnish.

Photo credit: Sugar & Soul

Strawberry and Champagne Cake Balls

When you combine strawberry cake, champagne and white chocolate, you get a delicious cake ball mixture! After baking and frosting these cake balls, dip them in gold pearl dust for an added shine.

Photo credit: Sugar & Soul

Disco Truffles

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to celebrate all things sparkly, making disco truffles a great choice for your dessert table. The truffles are made using semi-sweet chocolate, and they’re decorated with gold and silver dust.

Photo credit: Sugar Hero!

Bourbon Glazed Kielbasa

These bite-sized kielbasa slices can be made in a Crock Pot, and they feature a delicious glaze that includes apricot preserves, maple syrup and either bourbon or apple juice.

Photo credit: Tammilee Tips

Champagne Floats

These champagne floats look beautiful, and they’re super easy to make! Simply place a scoop of your favorite type of sorbet into a champagne glass, and pour in some sparkling wine.

Photo credit: The Bewitchin Kitchen

Loaded Hasselback Potato Bites

Potato bites are a classic appetizer choice—they’re easy to make and absolutely delicious! These potato bites are made using small potatoes, sliced cheese, salt, sour cream, olive oil, bacon and green onions.

Photo credit: The Comfort of Cooking

Raspberry Pink Champagne Floats

These pretty pink champagne floats include two scoops of raspberry sorbet and a glass of pink champagne. For a garnish, place whole raspberries on top of the sorbet.

Photo credit: The Cookie Rookie

Sparkling Cider Tuxedo Displays

This adorable, kid-friendly New Year’s Eve table includes bottles of sparkling cider in boxes painted to look like tuxedos. The table also features paper bowls with disco balls and popcorn.

Photo credit: The Cutest Blog

Caramelized Mushroom Polenta Bites

These decadent caramelized mushroom polenta bites are the perfect vegetarian appetizer! They’re made using white mushrooms, olive oil, Cabernet Sauvignon, ready-made polenta rolls, onions, white stilton cheese and thyme for garnish.

Photo credit: The Fit Foodie Mama

Glittery Bowtie Pasta Garland

For a creative garland, dip bowtie pasta in gold glitters and then tie the bowties onto a piece of gold string or yarn. This glittery garland will look wonderful at your New Year’s Eve party!

Photo credit: The Gold Jelly Bean

Celebrate Tags

These ‘Celebrate’ tags are a great addition to every New Year’s Eve party! You can add the black and white tags to a miniature champagne bottle, or you could tie them to your party favors.

Source: The TOMKAT Studios

Photo credit: Ten 22 Studios

Black and White Dessert Table

This dessert table had a modern black and white color scheme, with a black and white New Year’s banner, a white cake, a striped table runner and striped straws with silver stars.

Source: The TOMKAT Studios

Photo credit: Ten 22 Studios

Easy Cheese Ball

This creamy and tangy cheese ball takes just a few minutes to make. Simply combine mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, parmesan, green onions and Worchester sauce, and garnish with almonds.

Photo credit: Yummy Healthy Easy