The Best Custom Playing Cards

Few things provide as much lasting, year after year fun as custom playing cards. Whether you’ve got family game night in mind, a standing, late-night poker session with your friends, or a gift for your son or daughter, our playing card designs are sure to wow everyone in the game. Explore a wealth of options to turn a standard deck of cards into a treasured keepsake by adding your favorite photos, a monogram, and more. These make great birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day presents and also make perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas. Anyone who enjoys poker, blackjack, Texas hold‘em, rummy, solitaire, Crazy 8s, war, spades, or Go Fish can make game time a time of many memories with personalized playing cards from Shutterfly.

The Best Playing Card Gift Ideas For Your Partner

We have plenty of cute playing card designs in our online store if you’re looking for a small personalized gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. From heart designs to decks of cards adorned with romantic messages, you’ll find the perfect gift for that special occasion. Make a one-of-a-kind something for that one-of-a-kind someone in your life. Customize your design with a cute photo of the two of you and add your initials with a plus sign between them. Otherwise add an in-joke, anniversary date, or inspirational quote to your custom playing cards. Whether you are buying a gift for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, your spouse will delight at the DIY present you made them.

Decks of cards customized with photos and text as gifts for any occasion

Cool Playing Cards for Kids

If you’re looking for a gift for your kids that makes game time even more fun, make your son or daughter their very own custom playing cards. Personalize these cards with pictures of your little ones, their pets, or exciting adventures they’ve taken to create their own special deck of cards. Alternatively, create a deck of cards adorned with your child’s favorite animal or colorful characters. Select a color from our Custom Color Palette and personalize these playing cards to match your child’s room, favorite toys, or other preference. Each 52 card deck comes with a hard case to keep them safe for further use. Make a set of the best playing cards for your child today.

Make A Deck of Cards Inspired By Your Pet

Everyone could use a deck of playing cards inspired by his or her furry friends. If you or somebody you know is crazy for their pup, you can create a special pack of playing cards with pictures of the family pet. Whether you have a dog, cat, fish, hamster, or snake, you can personalize Shutterfly cards to show off your affection for your pet. Add an adorable message regarding your pup and customize the color to match your pet’s collar, bed, or even their coat. So whether you choose one of our pet-centric designs or create one from scratch, our custom playing cards are a fabulous gift idea for animal lovers. Make a set of unique playing cards with Shutterfly today.

Make Playing Cards With Art Library Designs

Those looking for design ideas and inspiration for their custom deck of cards should explore our curated Art Library. Browse the stunning images available to make truly unique playing cards for poker, blackjack, Go Fish, spades, solitaire, and more. Add custom text as well to create a gift perfectly tailored for a friend or family member. Add initials, a name, or a unique message to make them feel special or laugh whenever they take these cards out to play a game. Kids will likewise appreciate the designs you choose from the Art Library to make a cool deck of cards just for them. Whether they love nature, fireworks, sports, crafts, or animals, you’ll find just the thing for that special kiddo in your life.

Personalized Playing Cards For Every Occasion

Our playing cards make excellent gifts for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, retirement parties, and anniversaries, particularly when personalized with a monogram, message, or custom photos you’ve uploaded to your Shutterfly account. Make the best playing cards for you and yours with Shutterfly.

Custom playing cards and memory games featuring photos and monograms


Give Cool Playing Cards As Stocking Stuffer Gifts

Our playing cards are outstanding options for stocking stuffers. Small enough to fit into one of our personalized Christmas stockings, you can customize any playing card design with your favorite holiday photos to make a unique and thoughtful gift. Use our Custom Color Palette to create a deck of cards with a holiday theme or choose a photo from any time of the year to celebrate your son, daughter, husband, wife, brother, or sister. Customize any of our playing card gifts with a Christmas message and select up to nine photographs depending on your chosen card design.

Give Custom Decks of Cards As Wedding Gifts

Our custom playing cards make excellent wedding gifts and also stellar thank you gifts for wedding guests. With so many personalization options available, you can create a fun and unique wedding present for the bride and groom. If you’re the lucky couple, take your favorite photos from your big day to create personalized playing cards that serve as a special reminder of your wedding, either for you and your spouse or for your guests and as thanks for attending and for the gifts they’ve given you. Even consider making a deck of cards as romance-themed wedding favors to give to your guests on your wedding day. More than that, these make great gifts for bachelor and bachelorette parties, where you’re sure to put them to use right away.

Make Custom Playing Cards For Fun and Gifts

If you have a photograph or photographs you’d like to turn into a personalized Christmas or birthday gift for a friend or loved one, all you need to do is create an account, choose a playing card design template, and upload your photos. Our personalization process is a snap and lets you create a unique deck of playing cards with ease. Your hands of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, kings, queens, aces, and jacks will look great along with your photo-customized card backs.

Upload Your Own Design Playing Cards

If you have your own idea for a deck of playing cards, be sure to choose the Upload Your Own Design product option to go wild with your customization choices. You can add up to nine photographs to create a collage of beautiful memories and smile-inducing moments on your cards. Alternatively, you can choose just one photograph and place it front and center—a great idea if you’ve taken an incredible photo that would look great as a unique gift. Finally, add your personalized text for added individuality and the final touch to an already thoughtful, one-of-a-kind deck of cards.

A husband and wife playing cards with a custom deck of cards

Select Photos For Your Deck of Cards

When you’re ready to make a photo-customized deck of cards, add all your favorite pictures from your device, external account, or social media site—from Facebook to Instagram—into a convenient Shutterfly photo album. Simply select My Photos on your Shutterfly account page, and follow the instructions to upload photos from your desired location. You can upload entire albums or one photo at a time. You can then use these photos to create unique image designs and custom collages that look great on any of our playing cards. Add up to nine photos for each set of playing cards, turning them into a work of art you can be proud of.

Give A Pack of Customized Playing Cards as a Gift

Shutterfly playing cards are an amazing gift for pretty much anybody who likes to have fun with friends and play various games. Add some personality to your playing card design with photos, text, and similar embellishments, all tailored to your loved one. You can even make playing cards in their favorite color with one of the hues in our Custom Color Palette. So, if you are buying something for an anniversary or wedding, customize your pack of cards with romantic embellishments. If you are creating something for your best friend, go crazy with your favorite photos and leave a message that makes them laugh. Thanks to our customization procedure, you can create any type of playing card gift you like.

Great Gifts Ideas For Other Card-based Games

Those looking for fun and games will find more than just playing cards at Shutterfly. From memory games to decks of cards made especially for Go Fish or Crazy 8s, you’ll find the perfect gift for that game-loving person in your life, regardless of age. Make the best playing cards and card games with Shutterfly.

Custom Kids’ Card Games

Our custom kids’ card games are a terrific addition to your child’s game time. These personalized decks of cards are available in two different classic kids’ game options: Crazy 8s and Go Fish. Each feature colorful illustrations of animals or sea creatures on the number side, and you’re free to customize these cards with uploaded photos and text on the other. Both games are a fun way to teach your children about numbers, strategy, and decision-making. They’re fantastic for afternoons at home and also great for the classroom. We recommend our card games for children aged four and over. Each game includes 40 custom cards, a set of rules, a cover card, and a handy acrylic case so you can safely store your card game with ease.

Personalized playing cards and a custom deck of cards for a kids' memory game

Personalized Memory Games For Any Age

Our personalized memory games are an excellent gift and pastime that people of any age can grasp quickly and an activity you can all enjoy together as a family. Personalize our matching card game however you like, and choose from our selection of colorful prints and adorable characters to create a fun-filled activity the whole family can get behind. Each set includes 24 cards, each measuring 3”x3” square with rounded corners, so they’re safe for younger children or elderly adults. Our memory game cards are made from heavy paper stock and feature a glossy finish. Each deck of cards comes in a storage box so that you can give them as a gift straight away.

Shutterfly Playing Cards FAQ

How many photos can I add to my deck of cards?

This depends on which playing cards design template you choose. For example, some playing card products allow a single photo, while other designs can be customized with nine images. If you’d like total control of how many photos you put on your playing cards, you may want to choose our Upload Your Own Design playing cards.

Does Shutterfly offer deals or discounts on personalized playing cards?

We regularly hold discounts and promotional offers on many custom items, including our personalized playing cards. If you’d like to stay abreast of our newest deals and discounts, visit our Special Offers page and as well our home page frequently.