90 Romantic Proposal Ideas

So, you are finally ready to pop the question. You bought the ring and are struggling to keep it hidden somewhere safe as you begin to formulate your proposal ideas. This is an amazing and exciting time in any relationship. But, when it comes time to think about wedding proposal ideas, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Marriage proposal ideas come in all shapes and sizes. You may have heard stories of epic proposals from family members or friends, but you’ll want to keep yours special and unique in your own way.
We have scoured the web to find 90 of the most romantic proposal ideas that will help get you started.

Browse the filters to find the best ideas for your proposal style. After you’ve popped the question, don’t forget to share the news and start planning for your engagement party!

Prepare a picnic and post your intentions on a lovely garden trail for a romantic way to say, "Marry me!"

Source: Style Me Pretty

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Pop the question in a garden by getting on bended knee at a local lush spot.

Source: On a Bicycle Built for Two

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Lure in your lover with this fishing trick — the creative proposal idea of putting the ring on a hook!

Source: Fab You Bliss

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Make the most of a walk in the woods by whispering your proposal amongst the trees.

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

For a romantic proposal idea, recreate your first date in a more scenic setting.

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Create an intimate space at the garden of a historic mansion for a creative proposal idea.

Source: Wed Me Good

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Surprise your dearest with a simple proposal in a place you've prepared in a favorite park.

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Send a note and then set the scene in a surprising setting with flowers and furniture just right for the occasion.

Source: How He Asked

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Set up in the lovely backyard or garden of a friend of your intended. The surprise will be all the sweeter!

Source: The Yes Girls

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Light luminaries and create a cushy outdoor secret spot with pillows under a tent to celebrate your proposal.

Source: How He Asked

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Spruce up your threshold to make your doorstep the place to propose the next step of your lives together.

Photo Credit: Photos From the Harty

One of the best romantic proposals is finding a favorite park and proposing right there.

Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

Convince your true love that you are going to model for a photographer friends' photo shoot and then pop the question!

Source: How He Asked

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Got a beach vacation coming up? Find a spot in the sand to get serious.

Source: Style Me Pretty

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A lighthouse beach is a perfect place to send out a beacon of love and it makes a romantic proposal idea.

Source: How He Asked

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Prep a place in a private beach with an intimate tent and rose petals.

Source: A Blissful Haven

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Find a private beach to go on bended knee for a simple proposal idea.

Photo Credit: Engaged on Maui

Put a ring on in it down by the beach. Get snazzed up and then suggest walking down by the water.

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A stroll in the sand makes a simple proposal plan with a beautiful beach setting all around.

Photo Credit: Natalie Franke

A little water, a little sand, and a few little life-changing words. The beach on a beautiful day is a great place to put a ring on it.

Source: On a Bicycle Built for Two

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Choose a sunset on a warm summer day for a simple beach proposal idea.

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Find a favorite landmark, like the Golden Gate Bridge, and take a knee with an amazing backdrop.

Source: Wedding Chicks

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Beach blanket be mine. If you're a surf fanatic, get friends to write the message on their boards for a fun beach proposal.

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Sing barbershop on the beach for a creative way to croon into a proposal.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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Going down on one knee at the end of a pier shows that you’ll go to the ends of the earth for that special someone.

Source: On a Bicycle Built for Two

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Say I will be your lifeguard forever by proposing on the beach.

Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

Choose the facade of a classic building to show your beloved that they are a work of art.

Source: Style Me Pretty

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This couple had a creative proposal idea, which was to create an outdoor space with lights and pictures from their relationship.

Source: Just Because Vancouver

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Use a lovely garden bridge as a way to say we will be together forever.

Photo Credit: Natalie Franke

Feeling metaphorical? A bridge view makes for a simple proposal idea that says we’re going to be connected forever.

Photo Credit: David Cambell Imagery

For a simple proposal idea, ask for a hand by kneeling down near a favorite fountain — just be sure to account for wind and water spray!

Source: How He Asked

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Want to sing in the rain? Pick a soggy day to brighten with a proposal under an umbrella.

Photo Credit: Photos From the Harty

Proposal on ice! Make couples’ skate even more magical with this simple proposal idea at a skating rink in the snow.

Source: Bridal Musings

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Do you (or someone you know) have the authority to cordon off a street? This couple was lucky enough to do just that.

Photo Credit: Cranston Photography

For a romantic proposal idea, plan a citywide scavenger hunt that ends with a resounding yes!

Source: How He Asked

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Get your friends to run interference and take your intended on a night out before showing up to propose out of the blue.

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Peruse a photo album of relationship moments on an intimate walk in a familiar place — and then make the last page the proposal!

Source: On a Bicycle Built for Two

Photo Credit: Exclamation Imagery

Build a beautiful bridge to the future by proposing on a scenic bridge.

Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

Start learning to row together. A rowboat in Central Park in NYC is a classic idea for your proposal.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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For a romantic proposal idea, pick a private place in a park you frequent to pop the question.

Source: On a Bicycle Built for Two

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A Grecian vacation by the Mediterranean can be the perfect setup for saying those four simple little words: Will you marry me?

Source: SS Life + Style

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Fly to France and take a knee by The Eiffel Tower for a classic proposal idea.

Source: MunaLuchi Bride

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Beautiful Barcelona makes a gorgeous backdrop for finding the right moment to propose.

Source: Style Me Pretty

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Start making your own history by proposing in our nation’s capital at one of the historic spots on your tour.

Source: Style Me Pretty

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Dizzying heights and an amazing view makes for a special proposal place, such as the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center.

Photo Credit: Pennace Photography

The ice rink at Rockefeller Center is an iconic spot. Skate into a new life by proposing on center ice.

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Is there a more romantic proposal idea than getting it done on a gondola in Venice?

Source: How He Asked

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Your favorite history buff will fill with joy if you propose at one of DC’s historic monuments.

Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

Your fiancé-to-be will be falling down for you if you propose in view of London’s tower bridge on a British getaway.

Photo Credit: Julie for Flytographer

Share a love for science? Propose outside the Natural History Museum in NYC and then go kiss in the planetarium!

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There’s nothing like the magic of Disney. Get your favorite costumed character help seal the deal!

Photo Credit: Dimes and Donuts

A private dinner set up with symbols of love at an favorite venue (like an art gallery) can make for an unforgettable proposal.

Source: Marry Me Tampa Bay

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Suggest going out by boat and then decorate the marina with flowers and lights to make the perfect atmosphere.

Source: The Lettered Cottage

Photo Credit: Josh Moates

Thinking of moving into a new home together? Decorate the walls with messages of love.

Source: How He Asked

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A verdant greenhouse is a great way to say, "Let’s be together forever."

Source: Ruffled Blog

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Show your sweetie who the cream in your coffee is with a simple breakfast-in-bed proposal idea.

Source: Fab You Bliss

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Prepare a perfect proposal in your home with a romantic theme combined with photos, drinks, dessert, and a save the date already drafted!

Source: Wedding Paper Divas

Make a night at the museum into a night to remember by proposing at a natural history museum.

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Do you perform? Call your beloved up on stage at an event where you are doing your thing.

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Dessert will be all the sweeter when you propose at a favorite bistro.

Source: Style Me Pretty

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Make your relationship blossom by proposing on a favorite spot in a garden conservatory.

Photo Credit: Paparazzi Proposals

The beauty of a conservatory at your local botanical garden makes a simple and creative proposal idea for flower lovers.

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After hours at the restaurant where you met is a creative place to make a "friend" into a "fiancé".

Photo Credit: Adam Rodricks

Suggest taking the plunge together by proposing near a wonderful waterfall.

Source: How He Asked

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Head out on an iceberg to pledge yourself and propose to cling together forever.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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For a creative proposal idea, have your darling meet you in a secluded spot in the desert that you’ve already tricked out for maximum romance.

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Have a sense of creative spirit? Perhaps you can propose on an old mysterious wreck.

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Love nature? For a simple proposal idea, roam out into the great outdoors and find a beautiful meadow.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Fabrizio

Is there a more clear and simple proposal idea than out in a wide open field, in the beauty of nature?

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Do you love camping? Find a scenic spot in the desert at sunset for a simple and romantic proposal idea.

Photo Credit: David Cambell Imagery

Hunker down next to a rolling river for a simple proposal idea in the great outdoors.

Photo Credit: Haley Richelle

Rock climb with a rock in your pocket for a high class proposal, coming right after a hike to high altitudes.

Source: Southern Girl City Lights

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Start a new level of adventure together with a simple proposal idea in a pristine riverbed with waterfalls nearby.

Source: June Bug Weddings

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Head out like Heathcliff and Cathy to the fields for a Wuthering Heights-style proposal.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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Pick a scenic spot where waterfalls crash to get down on bended knee.

Photo Credit: Photos From the Harty

The Scottish highlands are a dramatic place to go through with your proposal.

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Harvest love and happiness by proposing in a pumpkin patch.

Source: How He Asked

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A glorious gazebo with a hidden photographer is a great proposal idea.

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A planned photography session makes a great smokescreen for your surprise proposal.

Source: On a Bicycle Built for Two

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Find your fiancé in the foliage by proposing in a treehouse or wooded glade.

Source: Treehouse Point

Photo Credit: Treehouse Point

Looking for a fun way to pop the question? Enlist adorable relatives to help bear the good news.

Source: Style Me Pretty

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Meet with music on a mountain top for a creative proposal idea with beautiful vistas.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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How’s your long game? Find out when proposing at tee time on a golf course!

Source: How He Asked

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Boats are just romantic and a harbor makes a perfect spot for popping the question.

Photo Credit: Natalie Franke

Go down by the sea coast. Just don’t let the wind take your ring away with your breath!

Photo Credit: Chrissy Vensel Photography

Bend your knee by the bay where the vantage is good and the waves are crashing below for a dramatic proposal story.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

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During the holiday season, a venture to find a Christmas tree can also find you a blissful spot for being affianced.

Source: How He Asked

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