10 Vibrant Red Color Combinations and Photos

Known for its assertiveness and spontaneity, red is a color that breathes energy into a room. When it comes to your decor it can be a showstopping focal point or a stimulating accent. It all depends on your design style and the atmosphere you want to create. Whether you’re going for down to earth or modern and eclectic, a red color palette gives you a variety of options to explore. With shades like maroon, burgundy, crimson and scarlet, you can go in any direction.

To help, we gathered ten different red color schemes with examples of how to use these palettes in your home. Once you have a color scheme in mind, check out our home decor accents to find more ways to refresh your home

Pair a Color with Red

Classic Red + Blue

Red + Blue

Create your own variation of the patriotic red, white and blue to transform your decor. Whether you use this trio for furniture or wall art, it adds a refreshing touch that gives new meaning to this traditional color scheme.

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Bright Red + Aqua

Red + Aqua

For those who can never have enough color, aqua calls to mind a change of scenery. Reminiscent of a paradise retreat, it helps you escape reality. And when paired with an electrifying scarlet, you can’t help but be mystified by these two energizing colors.

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Burnt Red + Dark Brown

Red + Dark Brown

Sparkling with heat and vitality, this palette can embolden any decor. The theatrical red paired with the zesty yellow is reminiscent of warm summer sunsets. Whether you’re updating your living room or kitchen decor, this red color scheme conjures up a sense of adventure that you can’t wait to explore.

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Red + Light Brown

Red + Light Brown

When decorating a room for entertaining, you want a color scheme that’s exciting and stimulating. A spontaneous and assertive color like red steals the show by creating a gregarious and fun-loving vibe. While a dependable denim-like blue provides balance and harmonizes with warm earth tones.

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Pale Red + Dark Gray

Red + Dark Gray

For an urban-inspired room that you want to emanate warmth, you need a palette with just the right balance of cool and invigorating tones. A pale red draped against two contrasting grays creates a timeless yet modern look. It’s the ideal red color combination to help you disconnect and unwind in a cozy living room.

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Red + Stone

Red + Light Gray

Light feathered grays mixed with black are a timeless duo. But, for those of us who like a little color, adding the unpretentious and masculine maroon can completely transform the look. And for a nice pop of color, sprinkling a little topaz throughout is the ideal choice for cozy accents like pillows.

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Red + Orange Sherbert

Red + Orange

A toasty brown is a neutralizing color that pairs effortlessly with a glowing orange and fiery red. The heat from the dominant colors settles into the soothing earth tone for a retro-inspired look that no one can ignore.

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Red + Bright Pink

Red + Pink

If your decor is lacking in excitement, a whimsical and tantalizing red color palette could make all the difference. Whether you use the captivating rose as the main backdrop or for cheery accents, it ties nicely into a subtle pink that makes for an energetic scheme.

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Red Velvet + Tan

Red + Tan

Red is a color that does not enjoy competition. So why not let it have its way with a muted palette that allows it to be the main attraction? The earthiness of different shades of brown combined with a brassy hue sets the stage for red’s dramatic entrance.

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Rustic Red + Yellow

Red + Yellow

Design a cozy guest room by decorating with textiles and embroidered pillows. This style, when executed with a Southwestern-inspired palette, is comforting and inviting. Two things a guest in any home would love to feel.

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