34 Sweet and Silly Ring Bearer Ideas

Of the many wedding party responsibilities, the ring bearer certainly has one of the toughest jobs! Traditionally a young boy, he’s responsible for the wedding rings during the order of the ceremony. Carrying jewelry on special pillows has been a part of weddings since the days of ancient Egyptians, but the idea of a ring bearer surged in popularity during the Victorian Era.

Today, there’s much less formality, and a lot more creativity, where ring bearers are concerned. From grandparents to dogs in weddings, witty signs to superhero costumes, anything goes. Take a look at some unique ring bearer ideas to incorporate into your own wedding.

1. Cowboy Ring Bearer

This little cowboy cutie will gallop off with everyone’s hearts at a western-themed wedding. A bright boutonniere adds just the right pop of color to his outfit.

2. Rustic Outdoor Handmade Sign

This pennant sign is made festive and bright with the use of colorful balls and a ring bearer with laid-back style. The sign can also double as a piece of special home decor after the wedding day is over.

3. It’s Party Time!

Get your guests ready for the dance floor with this silly sign for the ring bearer to display after the ceremony. For even more fun, allow him to dance down the aisle while carrying it.

4. Romantic Moss Heart Ring Pillow

This heart-shaped moss pillow is a great finishing touch for a woodsy spring wedding. For extra oomph, consider subtle hints of green incorporated into your wedding ring bearer’s attire.

5. Fauxhawk Ring Bearer

Let your littlest guest show off his wild side with some adorably teased hair to accommodate his dapper suit. A special look or accessory is a great way to get your wedding ring bearer excited and involved in the big day.

6. Tricycle Aisle Entrance

Let your ring bearer cruise down the aisle in style on a bright red tricycle. It’s a unique wedding idea that will puts a special twist on tradition.

7. Ring Bearer Bubbles

Why throw rice when you can blow bubbles? Your ring bearer is sure to have fun with this playful wedding exit idea (and your adult guests probably will too!).

8. Bring On the Tissues Warning Sign

These chalk ring bearer signs offer an adorable warning to watery-eyed guests. Be sure to adequately prepare by having handkerchiefs or tissues at the ready.

9. Hurry Up I Want Cake Sign

This rustic wooden ring bearer sign makes sure everyone is aware of the wedding’s most important part: dessert! For extra fun, be sure to snap a picture of your wedding ring bearer with this sign — and a huge slice in hand.

10. Scottish Kilt Ring Bearer

If incorporating traditional dress into your wedding, don’t leave out the little ones. The result is sure to be spectacular — and super cute.

11. Funny Banner Sign Procession

Keep the guests laughing with a series of ring bearer signs that get funnier as each one marches up the aisle. If you’ve got lots of little ones in your wedding, this is an easy and fun way to incorporate them all.

12. Gingham and Suspenders

Gingham and Suspenders Ring Bearer Outfit

Source: She Wanders

A crisp gingham shirt paired with suspenders creates a playful and preppy look for your ring bearer. It’s a cooler alternative to a tie and jacket, especially for an outdoor wedding.

13. Grandfather Ring Bearer

Why should kids get to have all the fun? A hip and beloved grandfather makes an excellent alternative ring bearer. This is a great way to pay homage to a beloved family member.

14. I Loved Her First

This sweet sign pays perfect tribute to the special relationship you share with your four-legged fluffball. Be sure to test the sign out with your pet before the big day to ensure everything goes smoothly.

15. Still Single Wedding Sign

This witty sign is the perfect adornment for the tiniest of heartbreakers. Make sure to snap a silly picture of him posing with the bridesmaids while holding this up.

16. Where are the Rings? Funny Sign

Want a wedding entrance that is equally parts silly and serious? This funny sign will get guests chuckling — just make sure you really know where the rings are.

17. It’s About to Get Real Sign

This refreshingly honest wedding sign is perfect for your straight-shooting little guy. To get your wedding ring bearer extra excited about the big day, let him help craft the sign he’ll carry down the aisle.

18. Ring Security Guard

Your rings are an incredibly important part of your wedding day. Make sure your jewels are safe and sound with the help of this adorable security guard.

19. Here She Comes Sign

This amusing sign will get your guests (and your groom) chuckling as the ring bearer comes down the aisle. A wearable sign is a great way to make sure it stays visible during the march down the aisle.

20. Here Comes My Mommy

Hearts will paw-sitively melt when your pet walks down the aisle wearing this sign. Get your pet comfortable with the sign before the big day to ensure it stays on for the procession.

21. You Think I’m Cute Ring Bearer Sign

Your pint-sized Prince Charming will delight guests with this whimsical and witty sign. When making a sign for your wedding ring bearer, play with colors and lettering to truly create something one of a kind.

22. It’s Really Happening

It's Really Happening Funny Ring Bearer Sign

Source: Avery House

Remind your guests that this is not a dream with these modern ring bearer speech bubble signs. You can also personalize these signs with some of your wedding ring bearer’s favorite catch phrases instead.

23. Moss Terranium Ring Case

Have your ring bearer carry a glass terrarium filled with greenery for a unique pillow alternative. This look works especially well for an outdoor or forest wedding.

24. Your Bride Has Arrived Sign

This ring bearer keeps it casually classy with an elegant sign, a nice suit and some cool sneakers. Making sure your wedding ring bearer is comfortable in his outfit will ensure he’s smiling all day.

25. Star Wars Storm Trooper

Star Wars Storm Trooper Ring Bearer

Source: Aria Studios

For the sci-fi geeks at heart, a stormtrooper ring bearer is an out-of-this world delight. If you’re doing a themed wedding, consider costuming your little ones for an unexpected and original look.

26. Here Comes Forever Sign

This romantic sign looks extra sweet being worn or carried by a smiling ring bearer. For added impact, gorgeous calligraphy turns a simple sign into a statement piece.

27. Just Wait ‘Til You See Her Sign

Incorporate some of your ring bearer’s clothing accents into the colors on a sweet handmade sign. Homemade crafts also add a fun touch that keeps an air of whimsy.

28. Car Ring Bearer

Consider sending young ring bearers up the aisle in an adorable set of wheels. It’s a unique wedding idea that works especially well if the little one is prone to running off.

29. Superhero Ring Bearer

Is your young ring bearer putting up a fuss over his suit? Let him play Clark Kent — and keep his superhero attire at the ready. He’ll delight in showing your guests his superpower secret.

30. Romantic Olive Leaf Ring Holder

The olive leaf, a symbol of enduring love, is a great alternative to a traditional pillow for your ring bearer. Creativity in small wedding details will help make your wedding feel entirely unique.

31. DIY Wood Ring Bearer Boxes

For the wedding couple with a penchant for vocabulary, consider this unique wedding idea. DIY scrabble-themed ring boxes are a delightful alternative to a traditional ring pillow.

32. Floral Dog Ring Bearer

Floral Dog Ring Bearer

Source: The Edges

If your pup will be bringing your rings down the aisle, add a colorful flower necklace to help get them in the spirit. Just be sure to make sure the flowers are safe and non-toxic — especially if you have a dog prone to nibbling.

33. Hand Stitched Ring Pillow

For a shabby chic style, consider a hand-stitched ring pillow with your own special design. This is a memorable statement piece that will have longevity years after your big day.

34. Wood Slice Ring Pillow

This natural wood slice ring pillow adds an earthy element to an outdoor wedding. Consider adding other rustic elements to your wedding ring bearer’s attire, such as a succulent boutonniere.

We hope you’ve been inspired by these adorable ring bearer ideas. No matter what you choose to do, making children or pets part of your special day adds a layer of whimsy and sweetness like no other. Make sure you capture every minute of it with this list of must-have wedding photos.