Simple Canvas Prints for the Home

Personalized and custom canvas prints can be the perfect option for bringing your own personality and showcasing it in your own home. Whether you decide on large canvas prints or small canvas prints, at Shutterfly, you can create a beautiful piece that can wow your friends and make your house feel like a home.

You can showcase your favorite memories while hanging a unique canvas wall art piece that can also double as a special keepsake. Shutterfly offers many types of personalized canvas prints that can fit your style, and with our customization options, the possibilities are endless.

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Framed Canvas Prints

Looking for a simple canvas print option that can work for any home? Framing your canvas prints can be an excellent way to elevate your own custom canvas prints. At Shutterfly, you can choose to frame your custom piece with various frame options, including black frames, brown frames, white frames, metallic frames, and rustic wood frames.

Canvas wall art pieces with vertical and horizontal pieces

Virtually all of our custom canvas prints can be framed, from panoramic spread canvas prints to individual canvas print pieces. Framing your canvas prints can add a touch of contemporary elegance that can also be a classic piece that will be timeless. With the added frame, the eye can be lead towards a focal point, which is the picture that you want to showcase, and can add an extra layer of dimension.

Hanging Canvas Prints

Elevate your home decor by personalizing your own hanging canvas print from Shutterfly. With Shutterfly’s hanging canvas prints, they can act as a modern way to display your favorite images on canvas, without feeling bulky. Our collection of contemporary canvas prints allows you to turn your favorite photos of your loved ones into one-of-a-kind works of art.

Custom hanging canvas prints and photo tiles for holiday decoration

Customizing your hanging canvas print is fun to do, and Shutterfly makes it easy to design your own piece and add your personal touch. Our hanging canvas prints are made from premium poly-cotton canvas with a semi-gloss finish, making them extremely durable and high quality. Each hanging canvas print comes with two sleek and stylish magnetic wood bars that can be customized to hold the top and bottom of your canvas in place.

Photo Collage Canvas Prints

Can’t pick between some of your favorite photos? You don’t have to with Shutterfly’s photo college canvas prints! Include multiple of your favorite memories on a single canvas print, and choose from many templates to feature your photos.

Collage canvas prints

Simple drag and drop your favorite photos after uploading into the template design, and you can choose to personalize any text or colors to really add your own personal flair and style. Designing your own canvas print with photo collages is made easy with Shutterfly.

Large Canvas Prints

If you have a lot of space on your wall and want an eye-catching piece to bring some life to the room, try out a large canvas print option. Whether its a beautiful family photo or a one-of-a-kind high quality photo, Shutterfly’s large canvas prints can be an excellent way to make a statement in your living room above your couch or in your bedroom right above your bed.

Large landscape canvas print.

Whether you decide to go for large canvas prints (or something smaller), all of our canvas designs can be customized specifically to match your tastes, preferences, or room design. Choose from various sizes, from 24×36 canvas prints to our largest 36×36 canvas size.

Small Canvas Prints

Shutterfly offers many small canvas print sizes and designs, such as easel back canvas prints, and other small canvas wall art. Small canvas prints can be the perfect option for filling smaller spaces around the house, such as in your kitchen or bathroom, or even to create a larger gallery wall of small canvas prints.

collage canvas prints gallery wall art

Shutterfly’s small canvas prints come in a variety of sizes, from our 8×10 sized canvas prints that are perfect for desks and bedside tables, to our 10×24 canvas prints that are great for gallery walls or kitchens and offices.

Canvas Print Ideas

Display your best memories from your own wedding or even showcase your best family portraits on our canvas prints, which can be great home decor options.

Couple measuring to hang a canvas print.

Canvas wall art can be displayed anywhere in your home or office space. Hang a beautiful panoramic canvas print above your living room couch or in your bedroom to create a statement and personalize your space. Use the canvas photo spread design to creatively showcase your photo, or create a gallery wall with different size canvas prints.

Not looking to display photos? We also offer text only canvas wall art prints that can display your wedding vows or your favorite song lyrics. The possibilities are endless with Shutterfly’s canvas wall art options.

Make Your Own Canvas Prints

To make your perfect custom prints on canvas, browse through Shutterfly’s large collection of pre-built templates, and choose the one you like the most. Whether you decide on making a photo collage of your favorite images, or even create one large canvas print with a single photo, the choice is yours.

Once you have chosen how many pictures you want to feature, simply upload photos and start designing your unique piece of wall decor and home decor.

Customize Canvas Prints For Your Home

Personalize your print on canvas with your own custom text, colors, and unique layouts or templates. Choose the perfect canvas size, from small canvas print sizes to large panoramic canvas prints sizes, to fit your home.

You can even choose to add a frame to elevate your canvas print design, or choose our hanging canvas print option for a more simple and lightweight look.

Wrapping Up

Making photo canvas prints has never been easier with Shutterfly, and not only can they be great to decorate your own home, they can also be great gifts to give for birthdays or the holidays.

Wow your friends and family by giving them a personalized canvas print that they will cherish and hang in their own home. No matter what you decide to do with your canvas prints, Shutterfly makes it easy for you to bring your favorite memories to life.

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