Travel Book Ideas: How To Compile Your Favorite Adventures

Whether traveling alone or with a group of friends, you’ll want those memories to last forever.  If you want an easy way to keep all of your favorite travel photos in one place, a travel photo book is the way to go. Reliving that amazing overseas trip or weekend getaway is a great way to unwind from a long day of work. A travel book is also an amazing way to share your favorite memories with friends and family. If you’re wondering what kind of theme your travel photo book should have, our ideas below will inspire you. 

1. Naturescapes

best app for making your own high quality travel photo booksIf you’ve taken road trips in search of the perfect hikes or the prettiest waterfalls, compile all these gems into one book. Include your favorite trails, bodies of water, campgrounds and forests. If you want monthly reminders of your favorite adventures, build a desktop calendar to inspire your next trip.

2. Selfies

high quality photo books that are personalized and customWe’ve all taken selfies in front of monuments, parks and other famous sites. Why not share them with your best friends and family? Selfie books are especially fun for solo trips. On your next solo adventure, make sure to carry around a canvas pouch filled with your favorite items of makeup for those quick selfie touch-ups.

3. Theme Parks

make your own fast and high quality photo booksThe recent family adventure to your favorite theme park is still fresh on your mind. Gather funny moments of your kids laughing and strolling around the park. If you’ve visited several parks throughout the years, include them all in one book to show how much they’ve grown from trip to trip. Snuggle up in a cozy blanket, share a classic theme park treat and flip through the best of your theme park memories.

4. Local Food Adventures

best site to make memory photo booksDo you remember that amazing pastry you had on the corner of that busy street in Rome? Or the pasta class you took that was taught by the locals? Since you can’t transport back to your favorite spots to eat, photos are the next best thing! Create a collage of all your favorite meals abroad and put them into a food adventure photo book.

5. Collect Souvenirs

best quality photo books with hard coverMovie tickets, tour pamphlets, polaroids and postcards are all fun souvenirs to keep. These can be included in a plastic sleeve in the front or back of your photo book, along with your favorite digital photos from your travels. Brush up on your travel photography tips so you can combine the two seamlessly.   

6. Tropical Travels

create your own memory photo book for travel photosThere is something special about eye-popping, colorful tropical scenery that is different than anything else. If you’ve hopped from island to island capturing beautiful blue waters, you’ll want to create an amazing coffee table book for your home — especially to get you through those cold, wintery days. Don’t forget to pack your tote bag with fun seashells and beach goodies on your next sunny adventure.

7. Sports

best app to make high quality photo booksIf your passion is sports, perhaps you’ve visited several baseball stadiums or monuments that have been on your bucket list for a while. Maybe your young ones are atheletes and travel to compete. Grab your beer stein, sit down and go through the rest of the sports cities you want to travel to while reminiscing on the past.

Additional Travel Book Ideas

  • Instagram captures: If Instagram is where you post your travel photos, why not start a book? Not only will they have cool filters but you can organize in whatever way you want and with or without captions and comments.
  • Art from around the world: Did you go to the Louvre in Paris or the Van Gogh in Amsterdam? Create your own personal gallery with some of your favorite pieces of art from the places you’ve traveled.
  • Colorful views: Make a cool travel book inspired by the colors that you see on your travels. Luscious Moroccan prints or fall colored New York city parks make for a dreamy book.
  • Iconic places: Venice canals, Stonehedge, the Egyptian pyramids are all iconic places one can only dream of visiting. Share your adventures with your loved ones by including interesting facts and notes about your experiences.
  • Pretty doorways: If you notice a trend in the city you’re are visiting, such as colorful doors or entryways, make sure to snap them. They look great on their own or incorporated into another themed book.
  • Locals: There’s nothing better than spending time with the locals and finding the true gems of their hometown. Capture them making art, enjoying coffee or dancing the night away. 

Whether you want to reminisce, share with friends or gift a photo book to your favorite traveling buddies, create something that will make you smile and take you back to those wonderful memories. If you want to make the gift even more special add a personalized travel souvenir to go along with it.