Unforgettable 24th Birthday Party Ideas

Any birthday is a reason to celebrate, but having a birthday party as an adult is especially exciting.  Turning 24 can feel just like any other birthday, but it’s not! Being in your mid-twenties is a time for exploring and learning new things. Help your friends or family celebrate their 24th birthday in style and look at our creative ideas to choose what theme best fits them. Choose from these unforgettable 24th birthday ideas, and make this birthday of theirs one for the books.

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roasting marshmallows

Unique 24th Birthday Party Ideas for Anyone

If you need a birthday party theme for guests of all ages, you probably want to look at birthday party ideas for anyone. Some more basic party ideas that are appropriate for children and family don’t have to be boring. These ideas are perfect for anyone but will surprise all of your quests.

Camping Trip

If you are looking for a more casual theme, sitting outside and roasting marshmallows seems like the perfect solution. Have blankets in the backyard, and get some fire pits going. You can have guests make s’mores as a yummy and interactive activity!


This is perfect for anyone who has a warm weather birthday. Barbecue food, put tiki torches in the backyard, and give leis to your guests!

Favorite Movie

Whatever the birthday boy/girl’s favorite movie is, make it the theme! Play the movie on a screen and serve fun drinks and food that fit with it. For example, if their favorite movie is Harry Potter, serve butterbeer and have everyone come dressed like wizards. It is something both the adults and kids will enjoy.


Pick the birthday boy or girl’s favorite color and make sure everything at the party matches. From dessert to decorations, make sure you go all out. Don’t forget to remind people, on the invitation what to wear. It also doesn’t hurt to tell the guest of honor what color to wear so that they are not standing out!


Just like the theme says, dress retro! Play music from whatever era that you choose, and play “old school” games like twister. If you have the budget and want to take the party to another venue, you could even bring your guests to a roller skating rink.

Film Festival

This theme is perfect for a casual, backyard party. Put blankets outside, and get a large screen to view movies. Have the guests pick the movies beforehand. You can even pick the birthday boy or girl’s favorites. Serve popcorn and have a sundae bar set up for some movie treats.

girl laughing holding cake streamers

24th Birthday party Ideas for Him

If you are looking for more specific themes, look no further. Here are some fun and memorable birthday party ideas for him. Some of them might be less children friendly, but they are still just as fun!

Beer Tasting

If the birthday boy is a beer lover, buy multiple craft beers and have him and his friends do a tasting! Pair them with wings and macaroni and cheese. You can even provide a personalized pilsner glass for the birthday boy.

Rock n’ Roll

Let out your wild side and throw a rock and roll themed birthday party. Play classic rock and have guests dress to fit the theme. Put up band poster and have karaoke! This is sure to a crowd pleaser.

Sports Fanatic

You are sure to score big with this theme. Pick the birthday boy’s favorite sports theme, or have everyone choose their own and tell all of the guests to wear jerseys. You can have decor to match. For a basketball theme blow up basketballs and have them in the yard. If he is a baseball lover, have a movie like Moneyball or The Sandlot playing inside of the house.


He may be an adult, but choose this theme if you know that he is secretly a kid at heart. Put up decorations with phrases that say things like “Pow” or “Wham” and play have different superhero movies playing. You can even give the birthday boy a cape to wear around the party. This theme will is sure to make all of his childhood dreams come true.

Cigars & Bourbon

For the more sophisticated type of party, have a cigar bar. Buy different types of bourbon and cigars to make the birthday boy feel even more adult with this theme.

Video Game/Arcade

Show their inner kid and make the arcade of their dreams. You can set up different video game consoles for tournaments and have all of the guests bring their favorite game so you don’t have to provide them all. Make decorations and food that have to do with famous games, such as cupcakes with a cutout of Pacman or Mario on them!

24th Birthday Party Ideas for Her

Does the birthday girl want to have something relaxing? Is she a brunch fanatic that would absolutely love a mimosa bar? Whatever activity she is into, find exactly what kind of party you want to throw for her with the following ideas.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

This theme is for the ultimate girly girl. Put confetti on all of the tables and have an area where guests can put glitter on their faces. Buy feather boas for everyone and get ready to be dancing the night away. Have the guests help contribute to a party playlist and serve cupcakes on a display complete with pink frosting and even more sparkles.


Instead of throwing a party for the birthday girl at night, consider having one in the morning or during the day. Create a “make your own mimosa” bar complete with fresh juices and chilled bottle of champagne. Decorate outdoor tables with bright-colored flowers and have everyone dress up in dresses and sun-hats.  This is the perfect excuse to wear a cute sundress and enjoy good company!

Wine Not?

Have at-home wine tasting with the birthday girl. Get bottles of wine, serve small snacks, and dress up. If guests want, have them bring their favorite bottle of wine to share with the others at the party. If you have a smaller group of people and the budget, consider taking the birthday girl to a real winery for wine tasting. Either way you decide to have this party, you can still get her a personalized wine glass to go with the theme.


Relax and make DIY face masks and sugar scrub. If you feel like splurging, you can even hire a masseuse to be at the party. You can give all of the guests a small bottle of nail polish or a bath bomb as their party favor for attending the celebration.

Slumber Party

Have a sleepover party just like when you were all little girls, only this time it will be more grown up! Have everyone come in pajamas and get together everyone’s favorite movies. Buy face masks, popcorn, wine and supplies for painting nails. This theme is a tribute to your childhood days, so be sure to stay up all night and cook breakfast in the morning with your best friends.

Pinky’s Up

Having a tea party is not just for little girls. You can have small sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and an assortment of teas. Put lace on the tables to add a delicate detail, and be sure to include some type of dessert, whether it be cookies or tea-cakes. This is a good excuse to still play dress up as an adult!

girls laughing with champagne at spa

Grown Up Birthday Party Themes

Everyone thinks once you have turned 21 you are an adult. So, here are some themes that are a bit more sophisticated and just “adult” enough for a 24th birthday party.

Wine & Cheese

How much more adult can a party get than having a wine and cheese? Provide various cheeses and crackers to serve, as well as a few bottles of wine. You can even ask guests to bring their favorite bottle if they have something they want to share.

Murder Mystery

This theme is basically a real-life version of CLUE, that allows you to get dressed up in character! If you are planning the party, figure out who you want the murderer to be and give everyone a character before they arrive. Have some sort of prize, like a bottle of wine, for whoever guesses who the murderer is first.

Fancy Dinner Party 

Have a full on dinner party and include in your invitation a reminder to come dressed up. You can even make it potluck style so that you don’t have to do all of the cooking! Have music and dancing for guests, so that they can dance the night away in style.

Paint & Sip

Have a wine night paired with painting. Hire someone to either step-by-step teach how to paint a specific piece, or you can also have everyone create their own. This theme will allow people to let out their creative side and enjoy some nice wine with friends.

Game Night

Practice your gambling skills with a game night party. You can rent blackjack tables or have someone at the party play the dealer. Have alcohol for guests like whiskey and champagne, and provide small snacks for people to munch on while they play.

Prom Night

Even though it was not too long ago, relive your prom night or have an 80’s themed prom party. Choose a theme, such as “Under the Stars” and decorate your house according to the theme. Create a backdrop for people to take couple prom pictures, have a table with chocolate fondue, and get a disco ball for the dance floor.

Food and Drink Ideas and Tips

Having food and drinks at any party is a must. For any party on the fancy end of the spectrum, you can serve small snacks like cheese and crackers, olives, or cucumber with smoked salmon.

Holy Guacamole

Feeding a larger crowd has never been easier than having a taco bar at the party. Prepare all of the meat ahead of time, and place toppings out in an assembly line. Put out toppings like cheese, salsa, and guacamole for guests to choose from.

Nothing Beats BBQ

If you are having something more casual consider having an array of hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages. Once again, put everything in an assembly line so that it is easy for guests to help themselves. Include toppings and condiments as well.

By the Pitcher

Other than having beer and wine, you can always serve punch or margaritas. Both of these options are easy to make in a pitcher so that you don’t have to individually make drinks.

Remember to have options for those that don’t drink alcohol. Consider having soft drinks, sparkling water, or ginger beer. For more food and drink ideas look at our birthday party food ideas.


Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Customize all of you invitations for your party needs! Consider options with glitter and foil so that your cards make a statement when they arrive in the mail. Foil adds a more elegant touch, while glitter is just more fun and can spice up any invitation. When writing the invitations, think about whether or not the birthday boy or girl likes to laugh, especially at themselves. If they do, think of something funny to incorporate into the card when inviting guests.

Party Favor Ideas

It’s good party etiquette to not send your guests away empty handed, so be sure to try and incorporate a party favor into the party planning. Think of giving guests something small like miniature bottles of champagne or whiskey. If you want to send them away with something sweet, buy decorated cookies to fit the theme or that have the number 24 on them. For something more personalized, and perhaps for a smaller party, buy guests personalized wine corks or bottle openers.

Whether you are celebrating a 50th birthday or throwing a celebration for your friend’s 24th, birthday celebrations are an extremely exciting time. Throw a birthday bash that is one to remember, whether it be for him, for her, or for everyone. Think about what kind of food and drinks you want to incorporate into the theme. Have some kind of activity or game for them to participate in as well. Finally, remember to send guests away feeling good and with a party favor in hand. Stick to these tips and you will be having a birthday party guests will remember for a lifetime.