Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The wedding invitations are out, and the response cards are in. You’ve already lined up the perfect photographer. Even if you have planned your wedding day down to the last detail, you know that surprises are still inevitable. Sure, you’ve been wearing your heels around the house to prevent walking-down-the-aisle blisters, but have you thought about what you will do if the back of your earring gets lost on the way to the ceremony? Or if your bridesmaid spills champagne on her shoes? While you can’t always prevent the small stuff, you’ll sweat it a lot less if you’re prepared to handle common problems that may arise.

Whether you are a dutiful maid of honor or a diligent bride, packing a wedding day emergency kit is almost as important as remembering the rings. Here’s a comprehensive list of items to have on hand throughout the big day.

Wardrobe Wedding Survival Kit

Wardrobe mishaps happen every day, and wedding days are no exception. From a torn veil to an unexpected champagne spill, there are so many things that can threaten a bride’s impeccable ensemble. Here’s what you need to be prepared for the worst:

  1. Safety Pins: Use these tiny workhorses for quick fixes to torn fabric, missing buttons, broken jewelry or even ill-fitting clothing.
  2. Stain remover pen: If you have one on hand, no spills will even happen… promise!
  3. Blister cushions: Just in case you didn’t break those heels in as well as you thought.
  4. Static-cling spray: Because the only thing you want sticking to you that night, is your partner.
  5. White chalk: This is an awesome stealth move if a spot of dirt does get on your dress. It’ll cover up wedding dress stains really well.
  6. Lint roller: Great for dark bridesmaids’ dresses and tuxes.
  7. Sewing kit: All you need are needles, thread, scissors and maybe a spare button or two to be prepared for unexpected rips and tears.
  8. Clear nail polish: Not just for fingernails anymore; clear nail polish can help stop runs in (probably your flower girl’s!) hose and dresses.
  9. Extra earring backs: Nothing else can really be rigged to keep an earring on if one of these is lost.
  10. Extra underwear: Because your mother is always right.

Essential Bridal Makeup and Wedding Accessories

Hair and makeup are the finishing touches that will make any bride ready to walk down the aisle; but weather, tears and standard wedding day stress can wreak havoc on even the most polished person. The bride should have these items handy on the big day, but don’t forget about the bridal party. Remember to also pick up a Bridesmaid Survival Kit for all of her crew. Keep these beauty tools on hand to be picture-ready throughout the day.

  1. Tissues: Happy tears are inevitable on a wedding day, which means that messy mascara and eyeliner are as well. Keep plenty of tissues at the ready for when the waterworks start.
  2. Makeup removing wipes: For those times when the tears get the best of you, be prepared with the tools you need to wipe away the evidence.
  3. Makeup: For quick touch-ups, be sure you have foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick and any other makeup you plan to wear.
  4. Blotting papers: These are key for soaking up oily spots without smudging your professional makeup—especially necessary for warmer weather weddings.
  5. Hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins and hairspray: To keep all the ladies looking their best… until the dancing starts, at least.
  6. Nail polish: Chips happen. Make sure you have a bottle of your nail color to touch up any polish chips.
  7. Nail file and clippers: Sharp, frayed nails are the enemy of delicate veils and other fine bridal fabrics. Keep those nail edges smooth.
  8. Baby powder: The all-purpose fix. Prevent chaffing against lovely but uncomfortable lace and beads, and eliminate that nervous sweat outbreak like it never happened.
  9. Contact case, eye drops and solution: If the bride wears them.
  10. Lotion: Great for skin and also for fixing flyaways.
  11. Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss: In case the bridal party finds themselves with a little extra time and a lot of spicy tacos.
  12. Mirror: It catches the natural light a bit better than your phone’s selfie mode.
  13. Perfume: So the bride can put it on as she’s getting ready.
  14. Chapstick: Easy to forget, but crucial for many.
  15. Tweezers: In case you spot a stray hair while getting ready. Plus, flower girl splinters are a real epidemic.
  16. Deodorant: Because you will be giving a lot of hugs.
  17. Razor: Don’t forget how much dancing you’ll be doing with your arms in the air.

Emergency Kit for Small Medical Mishaps

Hopefully your wedding day won’t involve any trips to the ER, but it helps to have a few basic medical supplies on hand in case of any everyday bumps or bruises.

  1. Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment: Bring some Band-Aids in all sizes. Get some that are clear in case the worst happens and someone’s scratch is visible.
  2. Pain reliever: Whether certain members of the bridal party overindulged at the rehearsal dinner or the bride feels a stress headache coming on, be ready with a bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen.
  3. Antacid: Anxiety can easily cause indigestion.
  4. Allergy medicine: The last thing you want is to be itchy and sneezy for your photos… or vows.

Accessories for a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Some emergencies may not fit in any one category—and those are often the ones we forget to prepare for. These items are some of the most essential elements of any emergency kit.

  1. Duct tape and Scotch tape: What can we say? It fixes everything! Grab a roll of white tape in case it’s the wedding dress’s hem that needs attention.
  2. Super Glue: There’s a reason it’s called super. Rely on this for last-minute fixes to boutonnieres, bouquets, bracelets and more.
  3. Cash: For emergency supplies… or a coffee run!
  4. Phone charger(s): With planners and guests calling nonstop, there is truly nothing that stresses a bride out more than a dead phone.
  5. Snacks: Granola bars, nuts and other prepackaged foods are great to have on hand when getting ready takes longer than expected or there is traffic between appointments.
  6. Bottled water: Staying hydrated is key when you’ll be drinking and dancing the night away.
  7. Straws: To drink water (or mimosas) without smudging your lipstick.
  8. Small notebook and pen: In case your phone dies and you need to make a note of something.
  9. Breath mints or mouthwash: Because your first kiss should be minty fresh.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items For the Unconventional Wedding

While this list should be helpful for any wedding, keep in mind that if you’re planning an atypical ceremony or reception, you may need to add or subtract a few items.

  • The Outdoor Wedding: Even sunny days can be detrimental if a bride isn’t properly prepared. Come equipped with plenty of unscented sunscreen, bug spray and rain gear (just in case!).
  • The Destination Wedding: There’s a reason it’s called super. Rely on this for last-minute fixes to boutonnieres, bouquets, bracelets and more.
  • The Courthouse Wedding: Just because you’re getting married on the fly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared! At least make sure you have the essentials stashed in your purse: A mini pack of tissues, a compact mirror, and of course all the documents you’ll need to make it official.

While this list should be helpful for any wedding, keep in mind that if you’re planning an atypical ceremony or reception, you may need to add or subtract a few items.