Wedding Thank You Card Template: Guide + FAQs

In the afterglow of your big day, all you’ll want to do is spend time with your new spouse. During this honeymoon period, it is important that you tie up a couple of wedding related tasks. One of those tasks is writing your wedding thank you cards. Your guests were there for you before and during your wedding so it is very important to show them your appreciation..

The task of writing personalized wedding thank you cards can seem daunting. Especially when the size of your guest and gift list seems so big. This ultimate wedding thank you card guide has everything that you need to streamline the process, including examples and a template to help you get started.

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Wedding thank you card template

The first wedding thank you card template is an example of what you’d write to someone who attended your wedding and gave you a gift, the second wedding thank you card template is what you’d write to someone who sent you a gift but couldn’t attend the wedding.  

Input the required information into each field to get an idea of what you should write — don’t forget to add personalization! Find more examples and guidelines below.

Dear ,

Thank you so much for I am so that you came and supported and me on our big day, it meant a lot. We also want to thank you for the , it is and we can’t wait to


Dear ,

Thank you so much for thinking of and me on our special day. Even though you couldn't make it to the wedding, we could feel your love and support from afar. We want to formally thank you for the , it is


What to write in a thank you card

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The basic elements of a thank you card include a personal greeting, date (optional), a body paragraph and a signature.

In the body text it is important to:

  • Mention the specific gift if it is a physical gift
  • If it’s a monetary gift, refer to it as a “generous gift,” but never put the actual dollar amount
  • Tell them how their gift will benefit you
  • Thank them for their presence at your wedding or the role they played in it

Here are a few more wedding thank you card “do’s and don’ts:”

  • Do make it personal and detailed — Don’t make it sound scripted or artificial
  • Do write neatly — Don’t cross out words or send cards with big ink smudges
  • Do thank guests for gifts you dislike — Don’t tell them know you’ve returned it
  • Do focus on the gifter — Don’t focus on the cost or size of the gift
  • Do be polite — Don’t be too formal (calling your Uncle Dan “Mr. Mason”)
  • Do add special touches like photosDon’t send them late waiting for prints

Wedding thank you note examples

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Here are a few wedding thank you card examples that demonstrate what to write for every situation.  

Cash gift

Dear Aunt Marcy,

Thank you so much for coming to support Paul and me on our big day. I really loved seeing you and catching up! I also want to thank you for your generous gift. As you know, Paul and I are saving up for a house and your contribution brought us much closer to achieving that dream.

With Love,

Sarah and Paul


Registry gift

Dear Chris, Marcia, Jack and Liam,

Thank you for coming to our wedding, it meant so much to see you all there. We absolutely love the wine fridge, it’s a gorgeous addition to our bar, thank you! We will have to have you over and celebrate with some champagne and sparkling cider for Jack and Liam.


Nick and Kayleigh



Dear Candice,

Thank you so much for coming to show your love and support on our big day. One of my favorite memories was when you caught the bouquet and immediately started doing a victory dance! I am so happy you were able to make it.


Layla and Morgan


Sent a gift but didn’t attend

Dear Cara and Lawrence,

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful vase that you sent. It will be a beautiful reminder of our marriage every time we use it. I so wished that we could’ve seen you at the wedding but we definitely felt your love and support from afar. When you’re back in town, we will have to have you over to check out our new apartment!

With appreciation,

Taylor and Jordan


For a wedding party member

Dear Jacqueline,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you did leading up to the wedding and on the day of. I will never forget how you practically dove across the room to keep that glass of red wine from spilling on my dress! You are a true friend and I feel so blessed to have had a maid of honor like you.

Looking forward to our double dates as married couples!


Jamie and Trevor


For your parents or guardians

Dear Mom and Dad.

Words cannot express my gratitude for the role that you played in our wedding. I am blessed to have such loving and generous parents. Throughout my life, your marriage has been a great example of love — I aspire to have the marriage that you two have. Also in Kevin’s words, “thank you for raising such a wonderful person.” So here’s to you for making me the person I am today, I love you.

Love always,



For your parents-in-law

Dear Jana and Robert,

Thank you so much for making me feel so immediately welcome into your family. I am blessed to have a second set of parents as supportive and caring as you are. I am very appreciative of your generous contributions to our wedding, it was exactly what Garrett and I dreamed it would be. Lastly and most importantly, I wanted to thank you for raising such an amazing and hard working son.

With my love,



For the vendors

Dear Annaliese,

We wanted to formally thank you for photographing our wedding. Your professionalism, patience and artistic direction during each photo shoot was greatly appreciated. The way you captured our wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the memories — we will cherish these photos for years to come!


The Mathesons

How to sign a wedding thank you card

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The card signature that you use depends on how well you know the recipient. If you are having trouble finding unique ways to sign your cards, browse these examples of wedding thank you card signatures.


  • With appreciation,
  • With gratitude,
  • With sincere appreciation,
  • Sincerely,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Best wishes,
  • Warm regards,
  • Thank you again,
  • Regards,
  • Best regards,


  • Love,
  • With love,
  • With our love,
  • Love always,
  • With affection and appreciation,
  • With love and gratitude,
  • As always with affection,
  • Gratefully,
  • Cheers,
  • Xoxo,
  • Always,
  • All our best,
  • Best,

Wedding thank you note FAQs

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There are many standard expectations around what proper wedding etiquette is and thank you cards are no exception. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding wedding thank you note etiquette.  

Who should I send a wedding thank you card to?

You should send a card to people who attended your wedding, sent a gift or were involved with the wedding process. More specifically, this includes attendees, gifters, the wedding party, your parents, staff and any vendors involved.

When should I send my thank you cards?

The proposed “year to send wedding thank you cards” is a myth. Wedding thank you cards should be sent as soon as possible and up to three months from the wedding date or when you receive the gift.

Do my thank you cards have to be handwritten?

Yes, the thank you card and signature need to be handwritten. However, the send-to address and return address can be printed or placed on with address labels. Take the opportunity to create custom return labels with your new moniker for a sweet touch.

How long should my thank you cards be?

They should be at least 3–4 sentences. This answer varies based on how close you are to the person and the size of the role that they played during your engagement and wedding day.

Your guests will love hearing from you — a little bit of gratitude goes a long way. Remember to start this process as early as you can so your list doesn’t build up. Addressing wedding thank you notes may seem like a tedious task but recipient addressing makes it a breeze. And a final piece of advice — take on this task as a team. It’s a great way to work together as a newly married couple!