37 Gorgeous Winter Wedding Flowers

Having a winter wedding doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having beautiful flowers. During the winter months, there’s a full array of unique, stunning and colorful blooms available.

The plethora of flower styles in season offer plenty of flexibility and creativity to design your wedding, whether you’re having a classic, bohemian, vintage, simple, rustic, modern or whimsical celebration. In December, January and February, you can find both rich tones and subtle compliments for your bouquet and other floral decorations. With flowers available in every color of the rainbow, you can select ones that are right for you.

To make the process easier, we’ve compiled a list of the very best winter wedding flowers along with a showcase of seven themed bouquets for inspiration. You can use this all-inclusive guide to design your dream bouquet and wedding decorations.

With the diversity of wondrous winter wedding flowers, your special day is bound to be magical, one-of-a-kind and truly unforgettable. Once you have your arrangement in mind, consider sending floral wedding invitations to get your guests excited for the big day.

Top Winter Wedding Flowers

Flower Types
White, Yellow, Red
Pink, Green, Purple
White, Yellow, Pink, Orange
White, Orange, Red, Burgundy
Pink, Purple, Red
Garden Rose
White, Pink, Orange, Red
Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red
White, Purple, Blue, Red, Burgundy
White, Pink, Purple, Blue
White, Pink, Purple
White, Pink, Purple

8 Winter Wedding Bouquets

If you have your wedding theme in mind, simply select the bouquet that emulates the style of your wedding the best. Still at the beginning of the wedding planning process? Not to worry—check out all seven of our beautiful summer wedding bouquets for inspiration.

With a winter vintage wedding, you can recreate timeless looks with touches of your own personality. By incorporating old-style flair into your bridal gown, florals and others decorations, your wedding day photographs will stand the test of time.

This lush winter bouquet designed with green, pink, red and white tones added life to this bride’s wedding celebration. With a vintage and ageless feel, these flowers will never go out of style.

Recreate this arrangement or design your own vintage bouquet with these vibrant flowers.

  • Deep Red Dahlias: The rich-toned deep red dahlia brings a lush color and aura to the bouquet. With its ruffled bloom, dahlias are easily paired with other flowers to create a full, well-rounded bouquet.
  • Pale Pink Astilbe: The hardy pink astilbe acts as a delightful accent to a wedding bouquet. Pink astilbe’s soft color and spraying stems give a bouquet an enchanting look without being too showy.
  • Nike Cymbidium Orchids: These unique, texture-filled flowers come in white, pink, orange and purple. You can create a sense of allurement just by adding cymbidium orchids to a bouquet.
  • Antique Hydrangea: Intersperse antique hydrangea in your wedding bouquet to create a delightful, colorful appeal. With their green and pink brushed petals, you are bound to receive compliments on this timeless classic.
  • Hearts Garden Rose: Hearts garden rose is sensational for adding a rich crimson color to your bouquet. With its multi-textured bloom, hearts garden rose gives off an instant vintage feel.
  • Coxcomb Celosia: The coxcomb celosia looks like a gorgeous fan when in full bloom. As a one-of-a-kind flower, the coxcomb celosia’s exquisite features will make your bouquet pop. The flower comes in orange, pink, purple, yellow and red.
  • Pepper Berries: These tiny red berries at a punch to any bouquet. With winter being their prime season, pepper berries are a perfect bouquet accent.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus: It may be a surprise that seeded eucalyptus is not only available in green, but also purple, orange and gold. For winter weddings especially, seeded eucalyptus adds texture and fullness to any arrangement.

A whimsical wedding is a spectacular way to delight guests and draw them into your love story. By letting your imagination soar, you can design a wedding that is breathtaking and one-of-a-kind. Step away from traditional wedding fashion and decor, by allowing your whimsical wedding ideas to become reality.

For your flowers, be sure to use rich tones and unique textures. Like this bride, who chose lively hues with unconventional shapes, design an eye-popping bouquet that perfectly enhances all of your whimsical wedding festivities.

  • Red Amaryllis: Red amaryllis offers many opulent blooms on one stem, adding immediate artistic flair to a bouquet. Its rich crimson color will stay vibrant throughout your entire wedding day.
  • Eryngium: Eryngium is commonly identified as a close cousin to thistle. With its unique cylindrical dome, this flower offers an eye-catching spark to a wintery look.
  • Proteas: The large and vibrant protea is available year-round, even though it’s a tropical flower. Proteas are offered in an abundance of colors, including pink, purple, white, yellow and red.
  • Leucadendron: Rusty red tips are a key feature of the sturdy leucadendron. While mostly used as a green element in a bouquet, leucadendron provides an additional surprise layer of reddish color.
  • Viburnum Berries: Viburnum berries, like the blue ones in this bouquet, amplify the whimsical nature of the arrangement. Sprinkle your bouquet with these vibrant accents for an enchanting look.

Modern weddings come to life in many forms and styles—depending on the unique desires and personalities of the couple. Even after researching other weddings, you’ll want to pick colors, decor and flowers that represent you. Don’t be afraid to try something different or add a timeless touch to a trendy look.

While modern styles vary from bride to bride, this bouquet is a perfect launching point for inspiration. With its various textures and flowers, you’ll find great ideas for your winter bouquet.

  • Lisianthus: Pink, purple and white lisianthus are available during the winter months. In this bouquet, you’ll see the white lisianthus’ layers offer special radiance among the other flowers.
  • Anemone: A sensational and textured flower, anemone is a perfect contrasting bloom. Seen often in winter bouquets, anemone can be found in white, purple, blue, red, pink and cream.
  • Stock: The stock flower gives thickness to a bouquet with its lush bloom and sturdy leaves. Their lovely and decorative petals have a way of softening a bouquet while also adding texture.
  • Brunia Silver: The brunia balls in this bouquet are worth noting—they provide a modern and light-hearted look. As a popular medium in winter arrangements, brunia ensures your bouquet has modern ambience yet classic undertones.
  • Dusty Miller: Due to its natural shimmer, dusty miller is often a foliage chosen for winter weddings. Its soft, fanciful leaves lightly complement other flowers in a bouquet.

If you’ve chosen a classic or formal wedding theme, you can still add components that are uniquely you. Select a dress that has distinct features and flower colors that speak to your personality.

With this bouquet, note the classic style, but also the pep added by the bride. Using the right flowers, you too can create a classic bouquet that represents who you are.

  • Black Bacarra Red Rose: The black bacarra red rose is a particularly vibrant bloom that accents well with a wedding dress. Roses of any color are a timeless choice and are widely available in the winter months.
  • Charlotte Red Rose: The Charlotte red rose is another variety that can be layered among other flowers and foliage. Its lavish, layered beauty makes this rose a tried and true classic.
  • Hypericum Berries: Placing hypericum berries in your bouquet enhances the texture and overall appeal. Available in a wide range of colors, hypericum is a delightful winter accent option.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus: Widely used in winter arrangements, seeded eucalyptus never goes out of style. Situate eucalyptus leaves within your bouquet for a full and luscious floral design.

A bohemian themed wedding gives way for plenty of personal style and exceptional charm. Often light-hearted and creative, bohemian celebrations are bursting with fun.

Amplify your festivities with edgy and vibrant flowers. The bouquet seen here is a perfect example of alluring beauty mixed with unique personality.

  • Protea: The tropical protea is available during the winter months in a range of colors including pink, purple, white, yellow and red. Depending on your desired look, choose either a fully bloomed protea or one that’s still closed, like the one in this bouquet.
  • Thistle Blue Flower: The thistle flower comes in a range of hues, including blue, green, red, purple and gold. Its unique snowflake-shaped bloom makes it a perfect winter bouquet addition.
  • Amnesia Lavender Novelty Rose: With a bloom width of two to three inches, the amnesia lavender novelty rose gives off a soft, beauteous charm. Pair these roses with flowers of other shapes and sizes to achieve a majestic-looking bouquet.

Winter is just the right season for hosting a rustic wedding because the lustry outdoors complements the theme so well. With woodsy, country, rural or earthy touches, your rustic wedding will be naturally unforgettable.

Customize your bouquet for your particular rustic theme. Like this magnificent, wintery bouquet, you can have stunning wedding flowers that perfectly match your vision.

  • White Anemones: Though anemones come in many colors, white anemones correspond well with winter weather and snow. When paired with other flowers, anemones provide added depth to a bouquet.
  • Roses: A classic flower representing love, roses are always exquisite—no matter the color. Pick a rose style and color that complements other decor of your rustic wedding.
  • Spruce: Spruce is a natural accent for a rustic wedding, especially in the winter. The evergreen offers decorative and elaborate texture to a floral bouquet.
  • Cymbidium Orchids: Naturally eye-popping cymbidium orchids can be interspersed with almost any winter bouquet. With their colorful center and open bloom, your bouquet will be a bit more magical with cymbidium orchids.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus: Seeded eucalyptus add texture and structure to your bouquet while also nicely tying together your chosen colors.

Selecting a simple theme or wedding doesn’t necessarily mean plain or without flair. By choosing the right flowers and other details for your wedding day, you can have a celebration that is both simple and representative of your personal style.

While this bouquet is mostly white, you can select rich colors for your bouquet, using some of the flowers. The ranunculus and avalanche rose, for example, come in a wide range of hues.

  • Amelia Creamy White Rose: This variety of rose is distinct with its large cup-shaped bloom and elegant coloring. The amelia creamy white rose is perfect for a bouquet because it can be paired with just about any flower.
  • Ranunculus: Ranunculus hosts a bloom with many circular layers of petals. Even in the winter months, ranunculus is available in orange, pink, white, purple and red. It is a vibrant choice for any type of wedding.
  • Avalanche Rose: The avalanche rose is graceful and elegant, with soft, rounded petals. Avalanche roses are not only available in white, but also peach and light pink.

Just because you’re holding your wedding in the winter doesn’t mean you need to narrow down the list of vibrant flowers you can use in your bouquet. Local winter roses are available in a variety of fun colors and if you tuck hypericum berries between the blooms, your bouquet will pop!

  • Hypericum Berries: Hypericum berries are often known as a filler, but they can also be used as a dominant feature to make your bouquet more unique than the traditional winter bouquet.
  • Eryngium: The unconventional shape and color of the Eryngium plant will add a unique detail to any wedding bouquet despite the chosen color scheme.
  • Carmel Antike Garden Roses: The burnt vanilla color of the Carmel Antike Garden Rose can add a warm touch to a wintery wedding.

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