19 Purr-fect Cat Birthday Party Ideas

Everyone’s birthday deserves a celebration, including your feline friend. Your cat has a special place in your heart, and you can’t pass up the moment to cherish their special day. Here are some fantastic cat party ideas for the next time your cat’s birthday rolls around. Most of these ideas can be fantastic gifts for cat lovers too, which you can bring in lieu of a traditional present.

Things to Consider

Where Will It Be?

Will your cat’s party be in your house or outside? Keep in mind how cats love to scratch and climb anything near them. If your cat’s best buds love to hang out in the yard, give them an easy access to their favorite toys and a way to get back in.

Or, if you’re gathering only a few of your furry friends, you might not have to leave the house at all. Set up a cat play center right in the living room. Just remember to account for how many cat and human guests you’ll have.


When everyone gets together, they’ll be looking for tons of entertaining stuff to do. Plan awesome birthday activities, fit for both humans and their pets. You can place cat birthday theme decorations around the party, and organize the best toys for your cats to climb, scratch and jump around.

It could even be something as simple as having empty boxes for all the cats to slide on. Whatever you select, make sure to take photos that you can commemorate later in a cat themed photo album.

Your Kitten’s Character

cat purring with owner
Does your cat play well in a large group? If not, don’t worry about inviting a ton of guests. In fact, your party can be any size — even just the two of you.

If you do opt for a larger gathering, make sure you have plenty of treats, gifts and toys for all the cats to share. You don’t want arguing to get in the way of your cat’s special day. With a big group of people and cats in the building, things could get hectic. It’s smart to plan in advance and make sure your cat has a calm place to relax if the party overwhelms them.


Cats love to snack on tasty treats and drink plenty of water. Your feline’s festivity is incomplete without the best cake, snacks and refreshments.

Make it clear to your guests which snacks are for humans and cats. You don’t want a mess to spoil the fun. Get creative and make your birthday party one of a kind by adding in a personal touch of cat themed plates and cups.

How to Host a Cat Birthday Party

1. Birthday Cake

Is it really a birthday party if there wasn’t any birthday cake? Give your cat and friends a chance to dive into this sweet and safe, cat-friendly dessert.

2. Tabby Tidbit Delicacy

Present your cat and friends a stunning display of a cat theme layer cake. Mimic the look of a happy cat on the front of the cake for a wonderful treat.

3. Rainbow Laced Yarn Table Setting

Set up a heavenly table setting fit for any cat. Lace the silverware with colorful yarn and realistic mice for a cute look.

4. Fondant Icing Decoration

Add wonderful details to your cake by using fondant icing. Take a photo of the final look before it’s all gone when you dive in for dessert.

5. Make a Wish

Snap a cute photo of your cat with their very own birthday candle. Make sure to take a photo every year with a new candle to capture how much they’ve grown.

6. Delightful and Delicious

You can never have too many treats for a kitty cat’s birthday. This paw-some luncheon setup has simple, tasty snacks for the cat owners to lunch on. Add a few balls of yarn, topped with a mouthwatering cat birthday theme cake, to complete this look.

7. Kittie Glitter Box

Every good birthday party needs a share of good laughs and sweet treats. Capture this magic with a clever kittie glitter goodie box.

8. Creative Cat Balloons

All you need are a few balloons, paper and art supplies for a floating visual of a cat’s whiskers and ears. You can craft these adorable cat birthday decorations in just a few minutes

9. Cat Puns and Drinks

This dynamic duo is an unforgettable way to bring everyone at the party together. Cat birthday theme drinks and clever puns will bring your cat a tremendous day of celebration.

10. Paw Print Brownie Bites

Your guests won’t be able to get enough of these amazing brownie bites. Fill your chocolate cravings with these easy to bake sweets.

11. Tuna Kitty Cake

cat birthday party tuna cake

Source: Mommity

One of the most popular cat birthday party ideas is to prepare this delicious tuna kitty cake. Spoil your pet with this effortless recipe.

12. You’re Invited!

cat birthday party invited

Source: Fete Gazette

Each birthday invitation will be the first impression for what your guests will expect at your cat’s party. Impress them with a detailed cat theme card and envelope, full of cat quotes or cat sayings.

13. Oreo Truffle Yarn Balls

One of our favorite cat birthday ideas is to dip and drizzle candy melts over these Oreo truffles. They’re easy to make and taste delicious.

14. Feline Friend Festivity

Whip up adorable printed out cat faces with toothpicks to attach to your treats. They’ll match nicely with the rest of the party.

15. Custom Gold Wishes

cat birthday party gold wishes

Source: HWTM

Wish your purr-ty friend a blessed birthday with a personal name tag on top of their cupcakes. Cherish this special day with your cat as you reflect and look forward to the future.

16. Creative Theme Cat Cakes

cat birthday party garfield cake

Source: HWTM

Decorate your dessert with a well know cat character, like the hilarious Garfield or sweet Hello Kitty. You can even try your hand at creating a cake replica of your cat.

17. Kitty Litter Tease

Get your guests giggling with this kitty litter bowl snack. Just remember, labels are still important here.

18. Party Hats

cat birthday party party hats

Source: Dana Vento

Give each special guest at the party an adorable hat to wear for the day. Celebrate in style by adding these must-have birthday decorations to your plan.

19. Kitty Cupcakes

Try kitty cupcakes instead of a larger cake if you’re having a smaller gathering. Keep your cat entertained with a cute party hat, and don’t stress if they prefer to play with it rather than wear it.

Combine these fantastic cat party birthday ideas together for an unforgettable celebration. These ideas are bound to stir up treasured moments for you to capture. Collect them together in a precious photo album with the rest of your memories.