38 Gifts for Every Cat Lover in Your Life

Everyone has at least one dedicated cat lover in their lives. Whether taking adorable Instagram photos or diving into the world of DIY to make their kitty more comfortable, their cat is truly a member of the family. And with such a large community of feline enthusiasts online, comes a long list crafty gifts for cat lovers.

Perhaps you want to show love for your significant other and their cat this Valentine’s Day with catnip-filled hearts. Or honor the cats you’ve known for years for National Cat Day by redesigning your childhood home’s cat corner as a unique gift for your parents.

This collection of personalized gifts for cat lovers range from wearable cat-themed styles to knitting and crocheting patterns for cat beds and stuffed animals. No matter the occasion, check out these gift ideas for cat lovers for every season and holiday.

Cat Gift Ideas For Christmas

1. Fun Playing Cards

Table games are a great way to pass time and bond with family and friends during the holidays. Any cat lover will appreciate a set of custom made playing cards featuring their majestic cat – a fun way to show off their loving companion!

2. Cat-Themed Mouse Pad

A loving pet owner will most likely share picture after picture of their kitty on social media. Take the opportunity to get the best shot of their cat and create a custom mouse pad that will surely delight – one of the most unique gifts for cat lovers!

3. Unique Photo Mugs

There is nothing like a hot cup of cocoa to fill the heart with love and warmth during the holidays. Even more heart-warming for a cat lover is if that cup comes in a photo mug with their very own cat adorably placed on it. This mug will surely become a cupboard favorite.

4. Custom Phone Case

Any good cat lover will think about their pet throughout the day wondering what they could be up to. The best gifts for cat lovers are those that provide the opportunity to carry their furry friend around all-day every day no matter where or when. These customizable phone cases will do just the trick!

5. Personalized Desktop Plaque

Cat lovers are some of the proudest pet-parents around. They love their cat and will always want to show off their beauty and model-like poses. Select the most photogenic shots of their kitty and build them the perfect personalized desktop plaque for them to proudly show-off at the office.

6. Creative Photo Book

cat birthday photo album

With their endless energy, majestic beauty and funny quirks cats provide endless creative inspiration – the perfect subjects for a custom-made photo book. The cat lover will be delighted to flip through the pages of this thoughtful gift – a cat photo book is a gift worthy of a permanent spot on the coffee table!

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

1. Wall Cat Hammock

Combine style and kitty comfort by gifting this minimalistic cat perch that fits on any open wall. Add colored canvas to customize it to your friend’s home decor.

2. Cat Lover’s Mug

all you need is love and a cat mug

Give your cat-loving friend a way to show off their affinity for felines at every opportunity. A mug with a funny slogan, cat quotes, or photos of their pretty kitty will spark their favorite topic of conversation over morning coffee.

3. Retro Cat House

Every cat deserves a spot to scratch and relax. Construct a model home fit for Palm Springs with plywood, paint and collection of simple tools. Gift to your cat-loving pal as a housewarming present.

4. Handmade Cat Mask

For Halloween or your next masquerade-themed party, gift a crocheted cat eye mask to your feline-loving friend. Each pattern includes a simple, comfortable tie behind the head for easy wear.

5. Cactus Scratch Post

Add a little Southwest flair to your friends home with this DIY cactus scratch post, a perfect gift for cat lovers. Wrap this Sisal rope around your own combination of piping and paint for a realistic look.

6. Easy Kitty Gloves

Transform a pair of knee-high socks into cute and comfortable gloves for the winter. This little craft makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas or paired with other cat-themed gifts.

7. Cat Bed

nap queen photo cat bed

It’s no secret cats love to sleep — they really are the ultimate nap queens. Gift a cat lover a custom pet bed for the purr-fect place for their feline to snuggle up for a little cat nap.

8. Easy Cat Print

This clever piece of cat-inspired art can be made with a simple online design and a simple frame. The framed cat “peeks” out from the top of a mantle or photo wall and adds personality to any room.

9. Cat Dinner Rolls

Looking to contribute a unique cat gift to a birthday party or wine and cheese night? Mold french bread dough into small lounging cat shapes and add kitty face with food-safe markers.

10. Kid’s Kitty Hat

Add a sense of play to your kid’s winter hat by popping some leopard-print ears to the top. Transform an old hat or find a new pattern that looks just like their kitty at home.

11. Customized Cat Watercolor

Customized Cat Watercolor

Source: Joy’s Life

No painting skills needed! Use your photography software to transform a photo of your friend’s kitty into a stunning, mounted watercolor. Even make a set for those with a family of cats.

12. Cat Food Bowls

stack of personalized pet food bowls

Owners with a messy eater on their hands will love a fresh food bowl. Choose from fun designs and personalize it with their cat’s name. A placemat wouldn’t be a bad idea either!

13. V-Day Catnip Hearts

When seeking a cat-centric gift for your girlfriend, check out these DIY heart-shaped catnip hearts. Hand-sew patches of felt with a personalized message and fill with catnip!

14. Green Clay Cat Soap

This detoxifying, homemade green clay forms into any pre-designed mold, including an array of cat-shaped styles. The recipe includes rosehip oil, frankincense and goat’s milk.

15. Pusheen Cupcake Holders

Fill your next birthday gathering with cat-themed gifts and decor, including these easy-to-make cupcake liners. Use the printable link and cover your own recipe of frosted treats.

16. Cozy Animal Friends

Handmade, stuffed animals are some of the sweetest gifts you can give to your little ones. Follow this pattern with felt and your favorite patterned fabric to make cats, bears and bunnies.

17. Knitted Jiji Cat

Based on a Studio Ghibli film character, follow this step-by-step intermediate knitting pattern for a new furry stuffed friend—perfect for friends with little ones and around Halloween.

18. Pajama Pocket and Cat Friend

Spruce up a pair of bought or handmade pajamas by sewing a pocket to the front of the PJ’s and adding a small, felt cat to act as a nighttime buddy. This makes a perfect gift for a niece or granddaughter.

19. Baked Cat Ornaments

A unique gift for cat lovers around the holidays, combine your baking and craft skills with these personalized kitty ornaments. Create a set for your favorite cat owner with real pictures of their furry friends.

20. Personalized Art Print

framed art print with four cat photos

If you’re a camera whiz, take some photos of their cat anytime you’re visiting and compile them into one art print they’re sure to love. It makes the perfect display for any room in the house.

21. Spooky Trick or Treat Bag

Spooky Trick or Treat Bag

Source: Bugaboo City

When heading out for Halloween with your little one, gift them this handmade felt trick-or-treat bag. Let them help you construct all the pieces for a fun fall afternoon craft idea.

22. Crochet Cat Bed

Use a chunky gauge yarn in the color of your choice to follow this simple DIY cat bed. A practical and caring gift idea for cat lovers, this makes a stylish home accent as well.

23. Rainbow Kitty Doughnuts

Bring along a festival, cat-themed gift to your next coffee and brunch date by baking up these cat face doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles. The design also works on your favorite, plain store-bought doughnuts.

24. Kitty Pocket Patch

Kitty Pocket Patch

Source: Club Crafted

Choose a simple, solid t-shirt fit to her style and sew or iron on a cat patch popping out of the pocket for a one-of-a-kind touch. This project is also a great way to pep up an old shirt.

25. Crocheted Pusheen

Crocheted Pusheen

Source: Ami Amore

This sweet little crochet pattern can be customized for any season or friend’s favorite colors. Gift as a keychain or purse charm when seeking a cat gift just for her.

26. No-Sew Cat Bed

There’s no need to be a confident sewer to make this cat bed. With two patterns of felt, cut strips into the perimeter of the pillow and connect the two sides by tying the strips together. Make it super comfy with polyfill and, of course, catnip.

27. Cat Fishing Toy

This trusty standard is always a favorite of cats and cat lovers alike. Attach a felt-sewn fish to a wooden down and elastic string. Be sure to fill the fish with a bit of catnip too!

28. Rainbow Scratch Post

Scratch posts both help kitties feel more comfortable and keep fur from tracking through the house. Saw a pair of plywood pieces into a rainbow arch, wrap in thick twine and cover with a hint of catnip.

29. DIY Cat Corner

Surprise your favorite cat owner with some stylish and practical additions to their home kitty-corner. Cut a cat-face-shaped door in a painted cardboard box and add hanging tassels that match the room’s decor.

30. Stenciled Cat Shirt

Stenciled Cat Shirt

Source: Oh Oh Deco

This super-creative DIY gift is perfect for cat-loving friends looking for a new maternity or simple t-shirt. Iron on a hand-cut stencil of your choice to the bottom of the shirt before spraying with fabric-safe paint.

31. Zipper Cat Pouch

Whether packing up makeup or heading out for brunch, gift this adorable DIY cat pouch by adding a zipper to fabrics for both lining and outside decor. Add a cat face with a permanent marker.

32. Mini Cat Mobile

Mold three simple shapes of oven-bake clay into a jaunty cat mobile. Connect the head, body and little feet and tail with a gold chain and super glue. Customize it to mirror your favorite cat’s look.

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Handmade, personalized gifts are a great way to show how well you truly know a loved one. Surprise your cat-loving friends with photo gifts that celebrate all their furry family members. With any of these DIY gifts for pet lovers, honor your friend’s caring nature by adding a cat-centric gift to their collection.