58 Wintry Engagement Photo Ideas

Newly engaged in the wintertime? Take advantage of this romantic cold-weather season with a creative photoshoot for you and your significant other. Whether you and your loved one enjoy tree hunts, snowboarding adventures, or quiet walks under holiday lights, there are plenty of opportunities to capture an unforgettable winter engagement photo.

In fact, we’ve gathered a selection of stunning winter couple pictures to inspire you in this season of joy, covering everything from breathtaking winter panoramas to intimate moments at home. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and cuddle up with your soon-to-be spouse to browse through these ideas and plan your own wintry shoot.

Once you get the perfect photo, use it on your personalized holiday card or a winter themed save the date to share your engagement with friends and family.

1. Swept Off Her Feet

There’s nothing more romantic than being swept off your feet, so why not have your photographer capture this moment of pure bliss? Schedule your photos on a snowy day for an extra touch of romance.

2. Engagement Sparkle

For holiday engagements, don’t be afraid to put your ring on full display. Loved ones will be excited to see the special sparkle, and you can always pair the photo with a shot of both of you to celebrate the love you share.

3. Keeping Warm

No snow? No problem! You can still enjoy the magic of winter by bundling up in coats, scarves and mittens. Stick to muted tones in your clothing so that your looks of adoration take center stage.

4. Dress Blues in White Snow

Who could resist a Marine on bended knee in the snow? If one of you is in the Armed Forces, don your uniform for couples Christmas pictures that are sure to make everyone swoon.

5. The Perfect Christmas Card

Don’t forget to snap some photos snuggled up to your loved one beside a decorated Christmas tree! This idea will capture the wonder of the season and make for the perfect engagement Christmas card to send to friends and family.

6. Scenic Mountainside

Couple embraces on a snowy mountain

Source: Salt & Pine

Drive into the snowy abyss and find a scenic overlook to propose. Show that it’s just you two against the world by being the focal point in a big expanse of wonderland. The wintery white scene will be sure to light up the smiles on your faces.

7. Among the Lights

couple tree lights christmas engagement photo

Source: Erica Kay

If you’re planning to go on a Christmas light tour with your honey, make sure to bring along your camera. The bright and colorful decorations will create a festive backdrop for a sweet Christmas engagement photo.

8. Merry Me

How about a little play on words for your holiday engagement photos? Pop the question with a “Merry Me?” sign to celebrate the merriment of the season and the love you share.

9. Snowy Christmas Trees

Once you see the snow falling softly, grab your husband- or wife-to-be and head for the nearest Christmas tree farm. Firs dusted in snow are the perfect backdrop for Christmas engagement photo ideas.

10. Christmas Decor in Any Weather

Even if your hometown rarely sees a white Christmas, you can still bring a touch of the holidays to your engagement photos. Decorate your favorite spot with candles, Christmas trees and twinkling lights to set the stage for your winter romance.

11. A Perfect Panorama

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, a hike in the mountains can lead to some stunning pictures. Snow-capped peaks make for the perfect panoramic print to help you treasure this special season forever.

12. Down on a Frozen Knee

Proposal in Central Park in winter

Source: Mikkel Paige

Want to ask the question in a local spot? Bundle up and go for a walk in the frosty morning. Find a park, big or small, to stroll through until the time is right. This Central Park engagement is sure to be memorable.

13. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The crunch of snow beneath your feet, the warmth of your loved one beside you and the bright sparkle of a brand new ring—what more could you ever ask for? Have a photographer or friend snap your couples Christmas pictures while hiking through the snow!

14. A Rockefeller Christmas

You’ve watched many of your favorite movie characters fall in love at Rockefeller at Christmas—now it’s your turn! Take some photos with your soon-to-be spouse at this iconic spot for some Christmas picture ideas worthy of the big screen.

15. The Perfect Christmas Tree

For a creative spin on the popular Christmas tree farm photoshoot, bring some personalized ornaments to decorate your favorite tree. Ornaments that spell out “Marry Me” are a great way to pop the question or announce your love to the world.

16. By the Campfire

The warm glow of a bonfire, candles and sparkly lights can create a cozy atmosphere for your winter proposal. Have a friend capture the moment to create an engagement Christmas card you’ll both treasure forever.

17. Wrapped Up in Love

If you are going to choose a chilly setting to ask the big question, make sure you bring the right supplies. A cozy blanket that you two can snuggle up in will make all the difference on a cold day. Show your significant other that you can care and provide for them.

18. A Snowboarder’s Dream

If you love to go snowboarding or skiing as a couple, you already know how breathtaking the scenery can be. A proposal in the powder will make for a special surprise—and some stunning photos!

19. In the Snow at Sunrise

Sunrise photos are romantic any time of the year, but there’s something particularly magical about capturing them in the snow. If you’re in need of some Christmas picture ideas, scope out a beautiful lookout point, then head out with your sweetie and photographer on a snowy day.

20. A Passionate Picnic

Who says picnics are just for the spring? Bring a warm blanket and basket of goodies to enjoy a special afternoon in the snow with your significant other. Cozy up together—or pop the question!—for photos with a touch of winter whimsy.

21. Photoshoot Surprise

Want to capture the big reaction on camera without raising suspicions? Book a photoshoot for some holiday couple pictures, then pop the question in the middle of your session. You’re guaranteed some stunning photos, and your loved one will never see it coming!

22. Just the Two of Us

If you don’t have any snow-capped mountains nearby, don’t sweat it. For Christmas couple photo ideas you can pull off anywhere, let your love stay the center of attention with close ups of you looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

23. As the Snow Falls

You know those movies where the snow starts to fall right as the main characters realize their love for one another? Capture that magical feeling by getting on bended knee as the snow softly falls around you—the pictures will take your breath away long after the big moment has passed.

24. Pet Lovers Dream

For those individuals who consider their pet to be family, include them in the engagement. Whether it be a wintery walk on a back trail or a ring on your pet’s collar with a red bow, your significant other will be sure to say yes.

25. True Joy

The Christmas season is a time for joy, so let your unbridled happiness show in your engagement photos. A big smile or hearty laugh will make your pictures feel like a genuine celebration of your love.

26. Snowball Fight

Let your true personalities shine through in your Christmas engagement photo shoot. A snowball fight is a great way to bring out the kid in each of you and hint at the fun times you’ll share in years to come.

27. Proposing in Prague

engagement in europe christmas engagement photo

Source: Kurt Vinion

If you have travel plans for the holiday season, don’t miss the opportunity to take some photos in a beautiful locale. Look for a spot that overlooks the city you’ve explored together, then snap some photos to help you remember your trip and the love you shared there.

28. On the Bluffs

For magazine-worthy photos, keep an eye out for icy bluffs surrounded by wintry waves. A quick kiss in front of this dramatic backdrop could even lead to the perfect photo for your wedding invitations!

29. Write it in Hearts

Announce the special day with your whole heart. Stand in a snowy back road and look lovingly across the street. Use a bunting that displays your personality with vibrant colors.

30. Hit the Slopes

For a day you’ll never forget and holiday engagement photos you’ll adore, hit the slopes with your boyfriend or girlfriend—then pop the question in the midst of your snowy adventure!

31. A Snowy Proposal in the Park

Romantic overlooks and public parks aren’t nearly as crowded on a snowy day, so take the opportunity to enjoy some private moments in a beautiful place. Don’t forget a thick blanket to keep warm on cold benches and a photographer to document it all.

32. Make it Personal

For Christmas engagement photo ideas that celebrate who you are as a couple, take some special decor to the great outdoors. String your favorite photos around a tree and add some candles in jars to create the perfect setting for your proposal.

33. A Wintry Walk

Your favorite trails take on an entirely new look when the snow begins to fall. Take a walk with your special someone to witness the magic, then capture some photos in the winter wonderland.

34. Away from the Hustle and Bustle

The holiday season can bring to mind thoughts of bustling crowds, crowded Christmas parties and crazy traffic. Get away from it all and enjoy taking photos in the peace and quiet of nature in the snow.

35. Photos Fit for a Princess

Tell the world of your fairytale romance by dressing up in your favorite formal wear. Whether you’re popping the question or enjoying a quiet breakfast together, have a photographer on hand to take some pictures for your first couples Christmas card.

36. Something Sweet

If you’re looking for Christmas props for your engagement photos, why not bake or order something sweet? A winter-inspired cake will look great in pictures—and you can even enjoy a taste test after the shoot is finished.

37. Christmas in the Rain

Is the weatherman calling for rain, not snow, on the day of your Christmas engagement shoot? Don’t worry! A red dress and holiday flowers are all you need to create images that beautifully highlight your love and the wonder of the season.

38. Snow and Sparkle

People love the sparkle of a new engagement ring anytime of the year, but you can’t deny that a dusting of snow adds some extra romance. Put both on display in your engagement photos this winter.

39. Sleigh Your Engagement

Give your love that fairytale proposal that everyone dreams of. Rent a sleigh and go for a ride through the snowy hillside. She will be more than ready to say yes by the time you ask the question. Bring a thermos of hot cocoa to thaw out your frozen fingers afterwards.

40. Don’t Forget the Champagne

Popping the question? Why not pop some bubbles, too? After all, this news calls for a celebration—and photos to help you remember this special season for the rest of your life.

41. Paris at Christmastime

Audrey Hepburn is often quoted as saying, “Paris is always a good idea”—but it it’s an especially good idea at Christmastime! Snap some photos in front of the Eiffel Tower to reflect your timeless romance.

42. Pause in Central Park

There’s a reason Central Park shows up in romantic comedies over and over again—it really is the perfect setting for falling in love. Take a walk to see it covered in snow, then pause for some photos to mark your holiday engagement.

43. It’s in the Details

The perfect proposal is all about personalized details. Visit your favorite Christmas tree farm, then make the spot yours with a warm flannel blanket and a handwritten love note—creating a moment and photos as unique as your relationship.

44. Under the Mistletoe

couple kiss under mistletoe christmas engagement photo

Source: Studio 29

People have been kissing under the mistletoe to celebrate their holiday romance for generations. Add a timeless touch to your photos by carrying on this tradition with your special someone.

45. Set the Mood

If you want photos that truly display the love you share, start by setting the mood. A romantic background—say, of twinkling lights strung above a cozy Christmas tree farm—will help you connect as a couple as your photographer captures intimate moments.

46. White Christmas (Lights)

You don’t need snow to enjoy a white Christmas. Decorate with white twinkle lights to turn any setting into a romantic backdrop for your Christmas couple photo ideas.

47. Rose Petals in the Snow

The gentle quiet of snow is lovely on its own, but why not step it up a notch? Sprinkle the ground with rose petals before snapping some engagement photos with your soon-to-be Mr. or Mrs.

48. Take a Hike

This Christmas engagement photo idea isn’t for the faint of heart. Take a hike to your favorite lookout in the snow for some breathtaking panoramic photos. You’ll need your trusty hiking boots, but the results will be well worth the effort!

49. Sweet and Simple

Don’t overthink your Christmas couple photos. Some of the best ideas are sweet and simple. Cozy up to your significant other for a quiet moment together, and the photo that results will capture the genuine warmth you share year-round.

50. Windblown Romance

If a big gust of wind interrupts your couples photoshoot, don’t stop smiling! Tousled hair and rosy cheeks can create a final look that’s beautiful and perfect for winter.

51. Christmas at the Beach

If you’re celebrating Christmas by the coast, you can still get some beautiful holiday photos. Throw on a scarf, then take a walk along the water with your photographer in tow. As an added bonus, you won’t have to avoid the crowds that flock to the beaches in summer!

52. Happy at Home

You don’t need to travel anywhere at all to get the perfect holiday photos as a newly engaged couple. Invite your photographer into your home for a lifestyle photoshoot that captures your ring, your love and the first home you’ll share as husband and wife. Pair your photo with a thoughtful holiday saying to complete your holiday card idea.

53. Shared Interests

Look for ways to incorporate your shared interests into your engagement shoot. For example, if you visited a craft brewery on your first date, show off your new ring while holding a pint of ale and exchanging a kiss.

54. An Urban Photoshoot

Explore your favorite city with your soon-to-be spouse while looking for exposed brick and other artsy backgrounds. Then, dressed in your favorite boots and long sleeve shirts to keep warm, head back with your photographer for a sweet and simple engagement photoshoot.

55. Under the Icicles

Small caves and natural overhangs often lead to breathtaking icicles in the wintertime. Scope out an icy backdrop for your Christmas picture ideas, then cuddle up close with the one you love.

56. A Quiet Overlook

After a day of enjoying the slopes on your Christmas vacation, head back to your cabin and get dressed up in your favorite wintry clothes. Then, look for a quiet overlook for some private engagement photos once the crowds have cleare

57. Under the Umbrella

Whether you’re hiding from rain or snow, a clear umbrella adds a fun touch to any holiday couple pictures. You’ll have to snuggle up close to stay dry, so your photos will have a touch of warmth and romance.

58. Saying Yes in Yosemite

engagement on cliff edge christmas engagement photo

Source: The Hearnes

Plan a proposal that will take their breath away. Visit Yosemite or your favorite park, then scope out the perfect overlook for popping the question. Have a photographer hide in the distance to capture couple photos that will make everyone’s jaws drop.

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