Creative 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Twenty-five years of marriage is a remarkable milestone. And as the 25th anniversary is such a special one, any gift should be special, as well. As your source for personalized gifts, Shutterfly can help you celebrate this jubilee day. Here you’ll find ways to celebrate a couple’s silver anniversary with jewelry, custom 25-year anniversary cards, and party essentials. With a huge selection of gifts for her or for him, you’ll find the best gifts for your 25th anniversary. Look at the legacy of the first 25 years and get ready for what comes next.

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25th Anniversary Jewelry Gifts

Traditional 25th-anniversary gifts are inspired by silver, so it makes sense that gifts for silver anniversaries are often jewelry. You can use this common thread to customize one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts for 25th anniversaries, whether bracelets, necklaces, or other jewelry pieces. For example, you could create a charm bracelet with charms for various highlights of the past few years, such as their children’s birthstones, the initial of a shared surname, or photos from important events throughout their marriage. You could even design a one-of-a-kind keepsake box for them to store these pieces and others, adding yet another thoughtful touch to these unique gifts for 25th anniversaries.

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Silver Home Goods

With 25th anniversary gifts for couples, they will often become centered on the home they share. Our home goods items make lovely additions to any house. To incorporate silver gifts for 25th anniversaries, you can find ways to include silver hues in your unique anniversary gifts. For instance, you might decide that a special photograph should be at the core of your silver wedding anniversary gifts. In that case, you might customize a unique silver photo frame to hold this equally meaningful photo, engraving it with their names, the details of this milestone, or perhaps a beloved phrase. Of course, the same principle can apply to just about any gift we offer. Simply search our designs that incorporate shades of silver or create a completely one-of-a-kind design using the color as your focal point.


25th Anniversary Cards

Near or far, 25th-anniversary gifts will often come in the form of 25th-anniversary cards. Of course, this is yet another way you can include the traditional silver wedding anniversary touch. Make a custom anniversary card with shades of silver or even one that features a silver shimmer for a unique touch. Or design silver envelopes, address labels, or stickers to include with your card, giving a subtle nod to this significant milestone. In any case, you can say “Happy 25th anniversary” and leave the couple with a smile.

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25th Anniversary Party

Suppose you’re able to plan an anniversary party for this special couple. In that case, your 25th-anniversary gifts will likely revolve around the event itself, including decorations, invitations, and other vital elements. Consider crafting vinyl banners, custom yard signs, and other indoor and outdoor home decor to help celebrate their 25th anniversary. Then, of course, you can include all the silver your heart desires. Upload photos of the couple then and now, add text declaring their enduring love, and celebrate 25 years of romance.

Get the Best 25-Year Anniversary Gifts

Naturally, your choice of custom 25th-anniversary gifts will depend, in part, on who you’re personalizing it for. If you’re part of the couple yourself, you’ll be selecting a present specifically for your husband or wife. Or you might only have a relationship with a part of a couple, in which case you may choose a gift with that particular person in mind. Or, in other cases still, you may know and love both parties and want to select a gift they’ll both be able to enjoy. In any case, you can count on Shutterfly to help you design something ideal.

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Design 25th Anniversary Gifts for Her

For example, when it comes to 25th wedding anniversary gifts for her, they can come in many forms. Still, silver jewelry is a popular option. Perhaps you’ll decide to create a necklace in honor of the occasion. You might upload their wedding photo to create a unique charm or engrave a wedding date on a bar necklace. Of course, jewelry is just one of many options at your disposal. There are plenty of creative, DIY 25th wedding anniversary gifts for those wonderful wives and women.


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Create 25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

The options for 25th-anniversary gifts for him are just as plentiful. For instance, you might know that his morning coffee is almost as important as his partner of the past 25 years. With that in mind, you might make a unique custom coffee mug, whether a latte mug or a travel cup designed to keep his drink at the ready while on the go. Either way, you can add photos and texts commemorating his 25 years of marriage and use this as your starting point for the perfect gift.


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Pick Out 25th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Of course, you may well want a gift that both members of this partnership can enjoy, so 25th-anniversary gifts for couples will be your top priority. Take some time to consider what interests they share and how that might translate to a perfect gift. In many cases, you’ll find that a great option is a keepsake they can share, especially for such a sentimental occasion. For instance, you could design a photo book featuring the two of them. It could start telling their love story through photographs from their wedding day while raising their children and other milestones.