Three Gorgeous Ways to Create Custom Wedding Invitations with Photos

wedding invitation with custom photo

Personal and stunning, this invitation features a photograph of a couple sitting on a boat acting as a reflection of their beach vintage-inspired wedding to come.

Photo wedding invitations are so fresh and personal – a perfect fit for the mood of our modern era.

Photos are unique and beautiful and give couples a chance to transform wedding stationery into a custom creation.

While photos are commonly used to create one-of-a-kind “Save the Date,” cards, invitations are also being graced with this relatively new wedding stationery trend as a way to express a couple’s authentic style and give guests an accurate glimpse of the wedding day to come.

“With layout and design in mind, a photo invitation can look classy and sophisticated,” says Emily Reiter, owner of the event photography company Anna Delores Photography.

The location of the photo shoot and the attire also matter, says Emily. The right location and clothing can dictate the mood of the invitation, so it’s important to be consistent.

“If you’re having a formal country club wedding, a casual beachy engagement session might not be a good fit,” says Emily.

According to Emily, the goal for any couple using photographs in their invitations is to stay true to their own personal style.

“As long as a couple is true to themselves in their photo shoot (by wearing clothes they would normally wear or that they are comfortable in, even if they are dressing a little fancier than usual), their photographs will feel authentic to them as a couple.”

If your love of photography and desire to express your authentic style have brought you here, it’s time to get started.

Here are three of our favorite ways to use Shutterfly’s wedding invitation templates to design personalized wedding invitation card photos.


Personalized Wedding Invitations Using a Single Photograph

“A single-photo invitation can be elegant as long as it’s a professionally-produced photo like from the couple’s engagement session,” says Emily. “A candid snapshot, on the other hand, would communicate a more casual wedding vibe.”

The template: Shutterfly has designer single photo wedding invitations available in a variety of classic and contemporary themes, such as Glowing Bright featured here.

Upload a custom photograph to create wedding-worthy invitations that express your personal wedding style. Your photograph can be from a custom photo shoot or a design gallery.

wedding invitation template for one custom photograph

The Glowing Bright wedding invitation is a modern template that allows you to upload a single photograph that capture your love story and unique sense of style as a couple.

Along with using a custom photo of the bride and groom, couples can also use a photograph of a landscape or an image that represents their wedding theme or style.

In A Perfect Match wedding invitation, featured below, a photo from Shutterfly’s Art Library turns the stationery into a vintage-inspired sophisticated wedding invitation. The same template can be used to create unique themes, such as Boho wedding invitations or beach-inspired wedding stationery.

wedding invitation with a custom photo from an image library

A Perfect Match wedding invitation featuring a custom photograph of pink rose bushes instantly creates a romantic vintage vibe that’s ideal for any vintage-inspired wedding.

Creatively Framed Wedding Invitations with Pictures

You have the perfect photograph, but don’t want to take up the entire invitation. In this case, you can upload your photo into a lovely frame template, such as the one featured in Ingrained Love. This rustic and romantic invitation has dedicated space for your wedding day details and frames a photograph that’s true to your love and unique sense of style.

wedding invitation with a frame for a custom photograph

The Ingrained Love wedding invitation features a frame you can use to upload your own photograph, image or illustration.

For the bride and groom having a formal wedding, the Classic Romance suite includes a template for a wedding Invitation with picture, response card, enclosure card and address label all in a coordinated, elegant style. Seen below is Classic Romance in effortlessly on-point black and gold, but the colors can be personalized to your own wedding day palette.

wedding invitation template with a custom photo frame

This sophisticated wedding invitation template is customized with a photo of the bride and groom, giving the stationery a personal touch that’s authentic and classy.

Multiple Photo Wedding Invitations

If you have more than one photo you want to feature on your invitation, consider going with one of Shutterfly’s custom photo on photo templates.

These fun wedding invitations are ideal for casual and cocktail-attire weddings of all themes and styles.

wedding invitation with a collage of custom photos

An invitation featuring a collage of custom photographs reflects this couple’s classy style and sense of adventure.

While using many photos can be fun, Emily recommends exercising an editing eye.

“Be selective about which photographs you choose, says Emily. “Using too many photos or photos that clash can change the tone you’re trying to set for the wedding day.”

custom wedding invitation with four photographs

This couple chose a Nautical-themed wedding invitation along with a variety of photographs to express their love of the ocean and laid-back sense of style.

Personalized Wedding Invitations with Photos

Design stunning and personalized wedding invitations using your custom photographs. Whether it’s a picture of the bride and groom or a unique landscape, your photo wedding invitation will reflect the exact the look and feel you want for your wedding day.

Upload your photos and further personalize your invitations with the perfect trim, color palette, and unique wedding invitation wording for your big day.