Decorate For The Holidays With Canvas Prints

Get inspired to create stunning canvas prints that celebrate your life’s moments in time for the holidays! Whether it’s large Christmas canvas art with warm seasonal images or a whole series of pint-sized holiday photos in your hallway, adding holiday cheer to your walls with canvas prints is an easy way to bring some festive spirit to your home. Custom canvas wall art adds a chic, elegant look to your seasonal decorating. They’re long-lasting, easy to hang, and, with a little bit of planning, very easy to create. Click through for some of the best festive canvas print ideas that will convince you to deck your walls with merry moments!

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Unique Holiday Wall Art & Décor

When decorating your home for the holidays, key items to keep in mind are the holiday wall decorations. These work as strong focal points that set the seasonal design tone and help bring the whole room together. Stumped on the best holiday decorations to transform your walls? We got you covered on unique canvas print ideas so that you can commit to going all out with your walls for the holiday season.

Try Festive Holiday Quotes

When you think of canvas prints you often think of photography or art, but don’t forget about how fun quotes can be! The holidays are a great season for featuring some cozy quotes on hanging canvas prints as holiday decor, whether it’s a simple quote in a creative font or art accompanied by a quote. You could feature your favorite holiday jingle or a quote from your favorite holiday movie.

3 piece photo canvas prints display for the holidaysAn excellent holiday decorating idea for quote wall art is to pair it with other prints in a grid format. For example, you could have 4 canvas prints placed together, which one pairs of diagonals feature holiday quotes and the other pair is as seasonal art. Don’t forget that you can play with the colors on the canvas as well.

Show Off Prints Of DIY Holiday Art

A fun idea for family gallery wall is to turn your loved one’s holiday DIY crafts into canvas prints. If you have children that have made fun holiday art the previous years you can upload your own design to showcase this holiday season. You could even have a family night where you create DIY holiday art for canvas printing. Having canvas prints allows you properly store the original art as a keepsake, without damaging them by re-hanging every season.

Feature Seasonal Landscape

hanging winter wonderland canvas prints

A great way of welcoming the holiday season without going overboard is to choose custom canvas prints with a seasonal landscape. Whether it’s through a painting or photography, seasonal landscapes could highlight a winter scenic view of a grove of evergreen trees or a foggy dirt road in the woods. Another idea would be a classic photo of snow falling! Brows through our Art Library Collection for curated designs that are perfect for creating accent pieces, gallery walls, and personalized gifts.

Add Instant Festivity With Black & White Canvas Art

If you are looking for a more artistic approach to themed canvas prints, then sticking to black and white canvas prints is perfect for you. Black and white art is classic and gives your seasonal décor just as much of an impact while easily blending into your home. Black and white wall art is great for if you do go all out decorating for the holidays but don’t want to add too much color everywhere.

Christmas Canvas Art Ideas

medium sized canvas print family photo christmas wall art holiday decor

Decorating your home with loved ones is one of the best parts of about the Christmas season! While decorating your picture-perfect Christmas tree with unique ornaments, dressing up your front door with festive wreaths, and arranging the perfect dinner table setting might be top of mind, sprucing up your walls is another simple way to embrace the festive spirit. Show off your personal style this holiday season with these best Christmas canvas art ideas.

Snowman Wall Art

Snowman wall art is a cute Christmas canvas print to have around the house. It brings the feeling of Christmas cheer, the feeling of a winter wonderland, and the love of the seasonal changes together in one piece of Christmas art. This could be placed in any room of the home for a little extra holiday touch. This type of Christmas wall decor is also a great reminder to go outside and enjoy the snow while we have it and to create a fun snowman.

Santa Wall Art

If you have small children, you know how important it is to celebrate Santa coming to town! This exciting time keeps the little ones awake late on Christmas Eve trying to see the jolly old man. Use Santa wall art as a way to remind the kids that they should start being really good so they end up on the good list and not the naughty list! Decorate your home with all sorts of personalized home decor and wall art!

Animal Christmas Wall Art

dog antlers photo wall art hanging canvas printDo you absolutely love your pet? Do you love Christmas? Why not combine the two with an adorable animal-themed Christmas canvas art? You can decorate your walls with cute festive photos of your pet that is bound to bring joy into your home. Do you know someone who loves their pet and would like this in their home? Get it for someone as a special personalized Christmas gift this year.

Religious Christmas Art

Some like to celebrate Christmas by hanging religious wall art around the home. You can customize all kinds of tabletop canvas prints to have religious imagery and Christmas bible verses.

Christmas Tree Wall Art

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to more classic or traditional wall art when deciding what to have printed on canvas. One of the neatest things about having custom canvas prints is that there aren’t limits are what you can have done. If you found a picture of a painting you love or are particularly fond of the art on a holiday card you can have it printed on canvas.

Traditional art, such as a painting, has a warm feel to it that instantly brings a feeling of home. For the holiday season you can select a wintery landscape, a country scene with wildlife, a vintage holiday postcard art or poster, and more.

Local Wall Art

Want a gift that combines photography, art and something close to home? A great way to combine all three is to have your canvas printed with a photo of a local attraction in your hometown or some other location that means a lot to you. This idea is perfect for something that is intimate but still great for family, friends, or your own home.

Family Photo Ideas For The Holidays

Custom hanging canvas prints and photo tiles for holiday decorationWhen you think of canvas you often think of traditional art, such as watercolor or paint. However, here at Shutterfly, you have the ability to print nearly anything you can imagine onto a canvas. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for photo canvas gifts. A common tradition for many families during the holiday season is to share a family photo with loved ones, especially those long-distance relatives you may not be able to see often. Typically these photos are printed on thick glossy paper and mailed, but why stop there? If you have captured a special moment with you family consider having the photo printed on canvas.

A small to medium size canvas is ideal for printing and giving a holiday family photo for very close relatives, such as your parents or grandparents. This could also be a very welcome gift to your spouse or partner as a surprise as well. Below are holiday photo ideas you can turn into custom canvas prints.

Family Pajama Photo

These candid shots are so cute and are sure to bring some merry moments to your holiday decor. Choose matching jammies for your entire family for your portrait. You can choose to have a candid photo of your family in their element or you can have a professional shot done with everyone posing together. And don’t forget to include your four-legged family members!

Baking Holiday Cookies

Making cookies over the holidays is a popular holiday tradition in many households. What if you photographed that event for your holiday wall decor? This casual approach to getting a perfect Christmas family photo will showcase the natural fun your family shares together during the holiday season. Don’t worry if the kids or counter get dirty, it’s all part of the authentic photo look! We even have some adorable holiday-themed aprons that will pair perfectly with your photoshoot.

From The Archives

funny photo canvas wall art of family and petsIf planning and orchestrating a family holiday photo shoot is just not in the cards this year, embrace all the photos you already have on your phone! Even the simplest photos can be spruced up by making them black and white or using a program to apply an artistic filter. There are many ways to start with a simple phone photo and transform it into a beautiful option for your custom canvas print.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Sometimes the perfect photo-op is right in your bedroom. Gather the family for a cozy photoshoot in the comfort of your own bed. This is a great option if you are announcing a new addition to your family this holiday season.

Selecting Or Decorating The Tree

Another favorite family tradition is picking out the Christmas tree. Capture a behind-the-scenes look at where your family accomplishes this task. Another Christmas photo idea can center around the act of decorating the tree once it is home. Everyone has their favorite custom ornaments and someone always receives the honor to top the tree with a star or special topper.

Festive Ways to Decorate with Canvas Prints

Christmas canvas prints are a great way to capture the festive spirit. Looking to step up your home decor for the holidays? We’ve got you covered on festive ways to flawlessly decorate with your canvas prints.

Mix Your Media

For a striking centerpiece, mixing your media alongside your canvases could be the key. You don’t always have to start from scratch either; consider items you already have. Christmas garlands make a fantastic accompaniment next to your photo canvases. Utilize free-standing items on cabinets or shelves to neighbor your canvas prints, such as framed photos. Winter plants inject a refreshing splash of natural color to your gallery. Live for the more-is-more look? Amp up a boring wall with your best ornaments!

Same Day, Different Shots 

When grouping a collage of canvases, using photo shots from the same day or holiday brings them together in a practically effortless way. Bear in mind that including multiple photos of the exact same subject may become overcrowded – you and your husband looked a treat on your wedding day, but didn’t your wedding cake too? Include shots of different subjects for welcome variety; a close-up of your wedding cake or your lake-side cabin will set off your people shots superbly.

Configure it Out

You have your seasonal canvas prints ready to reveal, or perhaps you want to reconfigure them. There are various knockout layouts you can get adventurous with. For canvases of the same size, instead of lining them exactly side-by-side, why not assemble them at alternating heights? Picture an imaginary zig-zag and place a canvas at every point. If you have numerous canvases of different sizes, create a bird’s eye ‘street view’– the ‘road’ is what divides your canvases, creating a sense of balance on either side.

Setting Is Essential

The backdrop to your photo canvas can be a real game changer. Be playful with a plain wall behind an eye-grabbing canvas print, or pair a simpler photo with a decorative wall. Remember your canvas will get your attention in different ways depending on which room it’s in. A family photo in your hallway will be appreciated getting home from a long day at work, or be inspired by a luscious landscape photo in your office.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’re brimming with canvas art ideas, choose your favorites and bring them to life! The holidays are an exciting season and there is no reason why you can’t bring some of that energy indoors. Personalized canvas prints are the perfect way of bringing festivity into your home, plus they are easy to store and can be reused for many, many more years.

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