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50 Festive Christmas Photo Ideas

Every Christmas, all you want is to capture the season and its beautiful changes, especially time spent with your family and friends. If you’re searching for some new photoshoot ideas to change up your family photo album, look to the pros for new poses, scenery and festive outfits.

For example, head to the tree farm to document your baby’s first Christmas tree. Stay at home and capture all the laid-back excitement of your little ones on Christmas Eve. Or even take the traditional route with a family photo that catches you all dolled up and looking your holiday best.

No matter what you choose, the best Christmas photo books, holiday cards and framed prints show off your one-of-a-kind family. Explore 50 fresh ways to make your family photo ideas shine this Christmas season.

1. Show Your Monogram

christmas photo ideas mugs.

Source: Carrie Vines

Personalized mugs make excellent props for Christmas photos. Fill them up with hot chocolate and a tower of whipped cream for a festive photo pose. If you’re newly engaged, use it as an opportunity to showcase your ring.

2. Autumn Sun

Take care of your holiday photos in the cool air of autumn. Head out for a family photoshoot in your best autumnal fall wear for a day on the farm or pumpkin patch.

3. Christmas Cookies

Snap a photo of all your annual baking traditions no matter what changes have happened in the past year. Look back on your photo album to compare your cookie baking experience as the years go by.

4. Rustic In Green

Take a trip to the farm with the family for a pastoral photoshoot perfect for the holidays. Don a combination of soft greens and bright reds to match the surrounding beauty of the scenery.

5. Deck The Halls

Decorating the tree with all your best girls this year? Capture the afternoon for your photo album and be sure to show off all your DIY Christmas ornaments. This is the perfect route if you live far from home and you’re planning to do a celebration with friends this year.

6. Among The Trees

Plan an individual photoshoot to show off your most glamorous of Christmas wear among a natural setting. Bring along a cozy bright red blanket for a burst of color. Go solo or with a partner, there are lots of ways to make this one special.

7. Family Snuggle

Don’t worry about grabbing that perfect image of everyone sitting still. Show off the natural energy of your family as you let loose during your photoshoot.

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8. Casual And Cozy

Spread a bit of joy this season by donning your favorite winter outfits and heading out to the tree farm with your newest family member. While you’re out there, pick out the tree for their first Christmas.

9. Vibrant Reds

Adorn festive red outfits to pop against the stunning backdrop of a snowy scene. The whole family will stand out even more when bundled together for a group portrait. This is a great idea to evolve over the years—choose a pose you can recreate every year to show a timeline of your family’s growth.

10. Christmas Crowns

Bring the camera along to your annual Christmas party and capture all your favorite traditions with the whole family. If you can celebrate outside, be sure to showcase the warm winter light. This is also perfect for a holiday season birthday—get pictures of the celebration for the scrapbook!

11. Festive In Flannel

christmas photo ideas matching dresses.

Source: Mallory Dawn

Flannel is always a stylish favorite, especially when you can dress your little ones in matching patterns. Keep it casual with a winter stroll and match the kiddos in cozy flannel dresses.

12. Cityscape Christmas

Celebrating Christmas in the big city? Take advantage of the unique streets and brick backgrounds for a stylish and urban photoshoot.

13. Squad Goals

Branch out from the traditional family photos and snap pictures of your best girls to commemorate another year of unmatched friendship. If you come from a family of all girls, this is a great way to get sisters and cousins all together in one shot.

14. Perfect Poinsettias

christmas photo ideas flowers.

Source: Sheree Frede

This vibrant red flower is one of the most iconic blooms of the season. Head to your local nursery and snap your photos surrounded by endless red.

15. Storybook Time

Does your little lady have a favorite Christmas book? When she’s all dolled up for the big day, capture a picture of her picking out her bedtime story around the Christmas tree.

16. Tangled Up

christmas photo ideas wrap lights.

Source: Amy Allender

If you’re putting together a DIY photo album, play with fun themes like Christmas lights and snowflakes. Use a string of lights as a photo prop to brighten up your images.

17. Sunlit Fun

Capture the height of winter sun just before dusk by heading out for a cozy walk with the camera. Wear subtle earth tones to blend with your winter surroundings and reflect the light. This is perfect for a climate that doesn’t get snow in the winter.

18. Let It Snow

christmas photo ideas snow kisses.

Source: Megan Saul

If you’re lucky enough to catch some snow during your photoshoot, head out in a vibrant festive outfit to stand out against the white wall of winter. This is the perfect pose for a newly engaged or married couple as well—commemorate your first Christmas together!

19. Bring The Pup

Head out into the snow with your furry family member and be sure to roll with whatever photo opportunities arise as you frolic around the park or the tree farm.

20. Snowy Scene

christmas photo ideas tree hauling.

Source: Porters Wife

Use easy props in your backyard for a playful family photo idea. Invite your boys to hop on the tractor to pull this year’s mini Christmas tree up to the house.

21. Out For A Walk

Everyone needs to let off some energy around the holidays. Dress up in your holiday best and head out for a country walk hand in hand.

22. First Snowfall

When the first snowflakes of the season start to fall, head out with the kids and capture all their moments of wonder. This is a great opening series in your photo album.

23. Silver And Gold

Capture your family’s beauty by donning black, gold and silver outfits against a warm winter setting sun. These sun-filled shots make timeless additions to your DIY family photo albums.

24. Display The Ring

Getting ready to tie the knot? Use your engagement photos for your personalized Christmas cards this year by heading out for a snowy walk. Be sure to show off the new ring in a well-planned pose.

25. Family Time

Capture all the simple and tender moments of early childhood with a laid back photoshoot at home. Bring out simple activities to keep your toddler calm and comforted.

26. Festive Props

christmas photo ideas sleigh.

Source: Nicole Ochoa

Set up an adorable scenario for Christmas photos of your toddler by surrounding her with fun and festive props from the season.

27. Santa Hats

christmas photo ideas santa hats.

Source: Love Vividly

Need a go-to way to add some festivity to your Christmas photo album? Pop on a Santa hat and snuggle up around all your personalized and DIY Christmas decorations.

28. Gift Reveal

Want to capture their look of surprise the moment they open that special present? Set your family photoshoot ideas around Christmas morning to commemorate their priceless reactions. Always have your camera ready!

29. Show Your Wanderlust

Exploring a new city or part of town during the holidays? Choose poses that show off how you and your partner are in motion, focusing on one of you in the foreground and the other on the move. It’s also a great way to commemorate your adventures together.

30. Tropical Festivities

If you live in a warmer climate, bring the traditional colors of Christmas outdoors to deck your lemon tree and highlight all the local flora and fauna of the region. Who says a citrus tree can’t be the perfect Christmas tree?

31. Pull The Sleigh

Dogs are excellent models, especially when they have the chance to get a little silly. Make your dog a part of the tree-cutting experience and capture every fun moment.

32. Black Velvet

Let the colors of the scenery shine through while you and the family wear deep and cozy fabrics like wool and velvet. Match your little one in the photo with mom or dad for extra cuteness.

33. Family Outfit

Start a family tradition by breaking out matching Christmas suits for a photoshoot the kids will always look forward to. Be sure to snap a shot before you head off to school and work on your last day before the holiday break. As the years go by, you can compile them into a photo book to cherish the memories.

34. Head Into Town

Explore all your favorite local shops in town, especially where you know the owners, to snap some fun family photos of the little ones in their Christmas best.

35. A Night At Home

Dad and young son hugging in front of Christmas tree.

What setting represents your family more than cozying up in your living room? Start a fire in the fireplace, set up a play area and gather the whole crew together for a casual yet timeless photo.

36. Sweet And Sparkly

Do your kids love playing dress-up? Let them pick out their favorite sequined dress and theme the backdrop of the photo off of their sparkly selection.

37. Catch The Magic

Explore a local tree farm with your toddler and capture all the small moments of wonder as you venture through the trees. Be sure to catch the magic hour light just before sunset.

38. Letter To Santa

christmas photo ideas letter to santa.

Source: Ashley Manly

What’s sweeter than capturing your child’s letter to Santa? Snap a shot of them writing and reading the note before they send it to the North Pole.

39. Catch The Romance

christmas photo ideas falling snow.

Source: Megan Saul

Pair a combination of cuddly shots during a snowy walk for a couple’s Christmas photoshoot. This is especially timely if you’re announcing your engagement in your custom holiday cards.

40. Shades of Red

A stylish Santa hat wearing couple pose for a photo with their girls at the Christmas tree farm. Mom is holding one, dad is holding the younger, and they all have big smiles.

Need an easy outfit for your Christmas photo ideas? Dress everyone in one item in a different shade of red. Your little one will stand out even more in a bright red festive sweater.

41. Best Dressed

christmas photo ideas white dress.

Source: Katie Hill

Do you have your Christmas party outfits all picked out? This family photo idea captures a family ready to celebrate in their holiday best. Pair with a photo of dinner with your Christmas table decorations.

42. Cozy Christmas

Capture your annual outdoor Christmas traditions like going to pick up the wreath or enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire pit.

43. Baby Announcement

Looking for a unique photoshoot idea that doubles as a new baby announcement? Snap a shot of your belly while you take Christmas photos to adorn your holiday card.

44. Sibling Fun

christmas photo ideas rain boots.

Source: Jess Foreman

Let the older of the two kids walk their little brother or sister through a farm to pick out your next Christmas tree. Catch all the sweet moments as they help each other along.

45. Holiday Outfits

How can you show off your favorite holiday ensembles? Get the little one in your family in on the fun by dressing them up in a matching outfit for a photo. Then showcase them enjoying their new gift on the big day!

46. Keep It Silly

If your kids are bursting with energy, skip the posed seated photos and let them show off their big personalities. Keep the background nice and simple to keep the focus on your family.

47. Coordinated Color Scheme

Choose two Christmas colors like red and navy blue to base your family photo ideas around. Alternate you poses so you balance out the color of your clothing and pop against the snowy scene.

48. Favorite Film

Look back on your kid’s favorite Christmas movies by capturing a shot of them engrossed in the story. This is a great way to document your Christmas tree decorations each year as well.

49. Pets In The Picture

Dress up your dog or kitty to take part in the Christmas photoshoot. This is especially heartfelt when you can capture your little ones bonding with your pets in matching colors.

50. Christmas Jammies

christmas photo ideas matching pajamas.

Source: Dawn Photo

Wear your matching set of pajamas for a set of photos that shows off your family fun, either with just the two of your or the whole household.

If you’re looking for a great gift for mom and dad this season, consider compiling your Christmas images in a small photo album. Add details throughout the book about all your holiday stories, including Christmas party themes, fun stories and special gifts. Add on a custom Christmas photo card that will be sure to make mom and dad smile.