20 Trendy Dining Room Wall Colors to Transform Your Space

When it comes to DIY room decor, your dining room can be a challenging space to design. Choosing a wall color is essential to tie your dining room into the kitchen or living room color scheme without losing the flow of the home.

Whether you like to host dinner parties or simply enjoy an interior design moment, some colors work better than others. No matter your style or focus, transform an average dinner space into a fun and trendy environment with one of these 20 dining room wall colors.

1. Navy Blue

Navy blue and white dining room with big dinner table.

This is a tough color to pull off unless you carefully consider how to offset the deep blue. Consider adding light and bright accent colors like white and dusty pink to help pull a room together. From pale ice to Navy blue, you’ll fall in love with these watery hues.

2. Restful Violet

Dark purple formal living room.

This gorgeous color symbolizes strength and peacefulness. Shades of dark purple can easily overwhelm, so it’s best to break it up with lighter shades and decor. Oversized artwork is a great way to bring a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any kitchen-related area.

3. Navajo White

White and wood modern dining room.

Navajo white is an orangish yellow-white that’s popular for wall colors. If you use it for a wall, be sure to add some splashes of color to break up the monotony. A white wall in the dining room calls out for beautiful artwork, a large mural, or even a massive wall tapestry.

4. Cool Concrete

Colorful dining room with big table and modern lighting.

Concrete is great for calming creative, inspired minds. When choosing this material as an accent wall, include colorful wall art to draw the eyes to a center point. Less is more when working with this industrial choice. Teal is the perfect complement to gray color combos, brightening up a room without trying too hard.

 5. Grass Green

Green dining room wall and dinner table.

Upgrade your dining area by adding a light green accent wall. Green is an amazing way to stimulate conversation over a delicious dinner. Offset this color with light wood in your dining table and a white floral centerpiece.

6. Exposed Brick

Kitchen and dining room with brick wall.

While some may consider an exposed brick wall too bold for a dining area, it can be perfect for homes that support healthy debate. If you have an open concept kitchen and dining area, it serves as a focal point to inspire and motivate.

7. Shiplap Style

White dining room with shiplap wall and modern lighting.

Not sure if you want to commit to a bold paint color? It doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice color or style! Shiplap is a clever way to draw the line of sight from one room to another. Not only is it ideal for the dining room, but it can also help refresh a kitchen. Its durability and easy cleaning make it a fun way to redesign a room.

8. Dusty Rose

Light pink dining room wall with modern table.

Feng shui enthusiasts believe it soothes energy and isn’t that the ultimate goal with a dining area? Pink is often underused in homes, but when coupled with a soft taupe accent, or bright mauve furnishings, it can help promote peace in your home.

9. Barely There

Light gray dining room wall with colorful chairs.

Not everyone wants a bold wall paint color. If that describes you, consider using some modern art as your focal point when choosing wall colors for your dining room. Don’t have any Jackson Pollacks lying around in a closet? Use a neutral wall color to bring more attention to your decor instead.

10. Bold Stripes

Striped dining room wall with kitchen table.

Striped walls, whether vertical or horizontal, can help your dining room wall look longer and taller. Use neutral colors like gray and white or have some fun with wallpaper on your accent wall.

11. Gorgeous Gray

Gray dining room wall with wood kitchen table and wall art.

Dining room wall paint colors don’t have to be bright. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things on the down-low by using gray tones. If you choose to go this route, add colorful wall decor and some plants to help lighten things up.

12. Gold Highlights

Gray dining room with gold wall decor.

Gold is one of the most versatile highlights, and it’s simple to bring into any layout through your wall art or tablescape. Dining room plates and beautiful gold flatware and dinnerware can be used to accent any dining room or kitchen design.

13. Mixed Wood

Wood wall in kitchen.

If you love a farmhouse-style home, mixed wood and white go hand in hand. Consider using chalkboard paint to add a custom chalkboard area. This eclectic addition is sure to inspire the Italian in all of us. Share menus or use it as a spot for kids to doodle while the adults enjoy mealtime.

14. Classic Black

Black and white themed dining room and kitchen.

Nothing says elegance like a black and white dining area. This classic look portrays luxury and vibrant dinner conversation. Room color ideas with a strong base like black is a great way to add bold color accents (like gold or red). However, be cautious about using too much, black can make space feel smaller.

15. Emerald Green

Emerald green dining room wall.

This big, bold color is a surefire way to capture attention, but if used alone, it could be overwhelming. Be sure to lighten things up by pairing this color with light decor. Green color combinations can include greys, whites, or even something a little bolder like bright yellow.

16. Mustard Yellow

Yellow dining room with wood table.

If you’re looking for dramatic accent wall ideas, mustard yellow may be your color. The color yellow is warm, inviting, and cheerful, so it makes a great option for dining rooms. But, be aware that yellow can add fuel to fires. It’s known as a color of frustration, so be sure to offset it with a calming color, like teal, green or beige.

17. Black and White Combo

Black and white dining room and kitchen.

Embrace your inner interior designer with a minimal black and white dining room. Incorporate your favorite dining room set of table and chairs to match the style. Your only limit is your imagination!

18. Earthy Brown

Brown dining room.

For soothing dinners with family and friends, an earthy brown wall color may be your best bet. From chocolate brown to rich taupe, this color is a great addition to any home. It’s also an easy palette to work with when it comes to transitioning room to room.

19. Matte Black

Matte black dining room with wood table and chairs.

For the minimalist, matte black may be your preferred color choice. Add some life to your dining room with a modern lighting fixture. Choose a larger potted green tree to add visual interest to a corner, and smaller tabletop plants for fresh air.

20. Minimalist Approach

Minimal white and gray dining room.

Not every decision needs to be a weighty one. A minimalist approach keeps things simple and gives your dining room a clean flow. This aesthetic is a favorite with house flippers thanks to its cost-effectiveness. You can transform the look as often as you like with a simple swap in accents or decor.

There is no shortage of design ideas for the dining room. Choose one that is uniquely you, and if you are a person of change, then choose a set of colors that make for simple but dramatic changes. Your dining room should be distinctly you.