30+ DIY Backyard Ideas to Create a Space You Love

Creating a welcoming backyard is a sweet way to enjoy more time outside with friends and family. When the weather’s nice, it’s always fun to host an outdoor gathering with the people you love most.

Simple DIY projects are a fun way to elevate your outdoor decor, while keeping renovation costs low. These DIY backyard ideas are sure to inspire you, no matter your outdoor aesthetic. To create a space you truly love spending time in, incorporate a few personalized home decor accents to pull everything together.

Sassy Seating

Bright colors are a great way to make a backyard statement. Incorporate vivid hues into your space by adding fun throw pillows and accent blankets. You can also include color by painting a bench a bright color to create an outdoor area that’s funky and fun.

Lovely Lighting

Adding sweet lighting is a simple but powerful way to elevate your backyard space. String simple lights or add colorful lanterns to give your outdoor area a romantic feel. Incorporate them for when you want the party to go on through the night, like for a festive outdoor New Year’s Eve party or outdoor wedding.

Rustic Details

Rustic details like rope, tires and dark wood can act as simple accents that make a big statement. Add florals, feminine patterns or bright lights to rustic decorations for a charming decor juxtaposition.

Pretty Planters

Florals are the ultimate way to spruce up a backyard space. Get creative by incorporating fun flower pots into your area and add bright florals for pops of color that everyone will enjoy. Whether you use traditional terracotta pots or incorporate more unique planters, adding flowers you love is an easy way to brighten up any outdoor space.

Basic Benches

Incorporate a simple bench into your backyard to guarantee that you never run out of seating. Nail together 2×4’s to create a simple place to sit and enjoy the fresh air. To jazz up a plain wooden bench, add a coat of bold paint or some floral details. This versatile furniture could also work on for front porch decor as seating a place for flower pots.


Build your kids backyard fun that they’ll love for years to come. DIY tire swings, treehouses and hammocks are easy to create and are sure to get the children in your life to spend a little more time outside.

Simple Storage

Whether you need to store wood, tools or grill accessories, adding practical storage space to your backyard is always a good. Incorporate simple designs to give a rustic feel to storage containers that will also help keep your backyard organized and feel less cluttered.

Sweet Succulents

Succulents are a crowd favorite because they are both cute and easy to care for. Add cacti, aloe vera or zebra plants to your backyard to make an understated statement you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Functional Fire Pits

Who doesn’t love cozying up to a fire? With a DIY fire pit, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor s’mores with friends and family. All you need is a few bricks to pull together a pit that will completely transform the atmosphere of your backyard.

Gorgeous Garden

To create an outdoor area that really stands out, add interesting accents to traditional greenery. Include pretty stepping stones, terra cotta pots and strategic pops of color to pull your space together.

Keep these DIY backyard ideas in mind to create a space that you’ll love for years to come. Once you’ve finished creating your dream backyard full of the perfect decor accents, you can start thinking about ways to brighten up your front porch space.