Cute DIY Summer Wreath Idea with Instructions

The following guest post was created by Mckenzie from Girl Loves Glam.

I love the lemon wreath trends that I have seen in so many stores lately. Lemons are such a happy fruit that adds a really playful look to home décor. I’m so glad that they are on trend right now. I love making my own wreathes because I can typically save a little money, while being able to create something that I know that I’m really going to love. This DIY summer wreath is no exception. I absolutely love how it turned out!

DIY Summer wreath concept on doorframe.

How to Make a DIY Summer Wreath

This cute DIY summer wreath idea uses lemons, Shutterfly ornaments, and striped ribbons to pull off a unique summer look for your home decor.

The black and white striped hanging canvas print behind the wreath really help it stand out. I am excited to use this hanging canvas on my door for many seasons to come. I think it would look great with everything from spring to winter. You can customize hanging canvas prints from Shutterfly, by using the artwork that they have available. It makes it easy to make one fit your style. I am a sucker for stripes, so I definitely needed to go with that option.

DIY Summer wreath concept with supplies.

Supplies for Your Wreath Decor

To make this DIY summer wreath, I got a foam wreath that had moss on it, some small garlands, including one with little lemons on it, some faux lemon shoots, pink flowers, ribbon, and I made custom wooden ornaments from Shutterfly.

DIY Summer wreath concept with supplies.

Just like the banner, these wooden ornaments were incredibly easy to customize, in order to fit the style of my wreath. I loved the idea of using ornaments in a non-traditional way, like this. Once again, I used the artwork that was available on Shutterfly but you could even include photos that you love by printing them on the wood ornaments.

Step 1

To get started, place the garland around the wreath and hot glue them into place.

DIY Summer wreath concept with supplies.

Step 2

Next, cut down the lemon sprigs and glue them into place, as you see fit. I kept mine all along the bottom right corner, but you could spread them out throughout the entire wreath. Once you have placed them, start to unscrew the hanger from the ornament, but keep it in a little bit. This just gives you a little more room to be able to stuff them into the foam of the wreath. Place a little hot glue on the metal top of the ornament and poke the ornament in the spot you want it to be.

DIY Summer wreath concept with supplies.

Step 3

Add in the flowers for a little more dimension and color. You can also add a bow or two, as you see fit. I went with stripes because I wanted to tie in the striped banner that I was going to be using as the backdrop for the wreath.

DIY Summer wreath concept.

Step 4

It’s now time to hang up the wreath. Hang up the banner first. Wrap a ribbon around the top of the wreath to the length that you need it in order to keep it in the middle of your banner. Finally, add a few dots of hot glue to the back of the wreath to hold it into place on the banner, if needed.

DIY Summer wreath concept on doorframe.

Hang it on your door to enjoy. If you are concerned about the wreath banging against your door when you open the door or when the wind picks up, you can take a little poster putty and add it to the back of the banner to hold it in place on your door. It is really easy to remove and isn’t going to damage your front door, while keeping the banner in place.

Final Thoughts on DIY Wreaths

This DIY summer wreath could easily be an indoor or outdoor home decor staple. It’s just that cute! I love the idea of hanging the banner inside and doing seasonal wreaths on it throughout the year. This way, you have a designated spot for seasonal wreaths. You could even put a hanging advent calendar or something different on it for other holidays. It is a fun way to switch up your décor.

There are so many possibilities to create when you customize with Shutterfly. With the incredible amount of artwork that you can print on so many different mediums, you’re able to make lots of items that can be worked into your home décor! So if you’re looking for a little inspiration, make sure to visit Shutterfly’s DIY ideas and home decor ideas.

What is your favorite season to decorate your front door?