Unique Framed Photo Prints for the Home

Whether you have a new home or you’re looking to refresh your space, framed photo prints can make your home feel stylish, homey, and personalized. With Shutterfly, it’s easy to design framed pictures online and have them sent to your door easily. You can order photo prints online and frame them yourself, or make it even easier by ordering the print and turning it into a framed picture all in the same order. 

Aside from the usual framed family portrait, what are some other unique framed photo prints for the home? We’ll help you get creative in determining which designs to create and styling your home decor. Shutterfly’s personalization options make it easy to let your vision come to life and order beautiful framed photo prints online. Gain some inspiration below and get started improving your interior design!

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1. Framed Collage

Perhaps you have family photos throughout the ages or you want to display your wedding photos in a highly creative way. A framed collage will let you place multiple photos together in a unique layout and show off a variety of photos at the same time. Display four photos in a symmetrical rectangular layout, or place up to 10+ photos in a highly visual, large photo collage. Choose from our multi-photo framed prints to select the layout that makes sense for your vision. Photo collages are especially great for kids’ photos, pet photos, and different shots from the same day or photoshoot. 

Instead of printing photos and purchasing a photo frame online to make a collage, it’s easier to design your framed collage with Shutterfly. With a collage, you’ll want to make sure all the photos sit evenly in the frame. Even if they’re laid out sporadically, you’ll still want them to look even and neat. By opting to print and frame photos in a collage with Shutterfly, we’ll make sure the layout is exactly what you’ve picked online.

Framed collage with photo print of 10 different babby photos displayed in a dark brown wood picture frame

2. Framed Art Prints

A framed art print transforms your photos into a unique display complete with borders, messages, monograms, and other visual elements. Rather than fitting your photo print into a mat and choosing to frame photos without additional personalization, an art print gives you more options. Design a photo collage that’s a unique shape, such as a crescent moon or even the words Mom and Dad to create a loving gift. For a family portrait, you can add your family name and monogram in an elegant font on the bottom of the photo print, adding a simple yet professional touch. 

Framed art prints also make great gifts for others since you can choose designs for Valentine’s Day, weddings, graduations, and more. Designing an art print through Shutterfly is just like hiring a designer to style your print into a timeless piece of art, yet it’s much more affordable and takes less time.

Framed art print with gold foil border around artistic photo and displayed in a dark wood picture frame

3. Large Framed Photo Prints

Whether you’re working with a small space where a focal print would look great or a large wall that you need to fill, large photo prints are a great way to go. With Shutterfly, you can order framed photo prints as big as 24×46 inches, making them the size of a medium poster. Photo collages will look great in a large framed photo print, or it’s also the perfect size for printing digital photos that are high quality. 

Consider your favorite photo from your wedding or one of your favorite photos of the kids. These days, even your smartphone photos are high quality enough to blow into a large photo print. In a much larger size, you can see details you may not have caught on your phone or while the photo was sitting on your laptop.

Large framed print with home caption over family photo and set in a wooden picture frame

4. Framed Canvas Prints

If you’re looking for a more natural or casual option to frame pictures, consider framed canvas prints. The natural texture matched with a metallic frame is perfect for any interior design style and especially looks great on a gallery wall as a unique texture. The canvas material will make your photos look even more timeless and memorable. When you choose to print digital photos on canvas, you can count on durability and a unique, boho-chic look. 

Place your framed canvas prints from photos near indoor plants or windows to highlight even more of the natural textures. When choosing photos, travel memories and destination shots always look great on canvas, as well as baby photos and everyday family moments. As with Shutterfly’s art prints, you can add your family name or a brief message to some of the canvas design styles.

Framed canvas print with photo collage of partners and their kid set with a metallic frame

When you have especially wide photos, they’ll look great as panoramic photography prints. Accommodating your wide photo to a frame that fits will make it look as if it’s in a professional gallery. Panoramic photography prints look especially great if you have multiple photos that match together or three portions of the same photo separated into a panoramic design. 

Experiment with one panoramic print or three side by side that complement each other. You can also pair your panoramic framed prints with smaller square or rectangular prints to create a fun, cohesive collage on the wall. Guests will love coming over and seeing your home transformed into an elegant art space with panoramic prints.

Wide panoramic print with photo of a mom and baby posing in front of a mural wall

Tips for Displaying Framed Photos

Printing and framing pictures is just the first step. Once you have the best framed photo prints, displaying them properly can make all the difference to your interior style and design. Use our tips below to properly display your high-quality photo prints. No matter the design, there’s an easy way to make sure your framed prints look great. We’ll make sure wherever you put them is a place where they can shine on their own or complement your other framed pictures, furniture, and decor.

A gallery wall is one of the most popular placement styles for wall art, and for good reason. A gallery wall is a type of collage itself, and when placed properly it can be much more interesting to look at than standard framed prints laid out side by side on the wall. A gallery wall can fit nearly anywhere, but some of the best spots are your living room or a hallway. 

Your gallery wall can be limited to a small square space on the wall or lengthened to fit horizontally across an entire wall space. How you set up your gallery wall all depends on how much space you have and the size of your framed photo prints. As you create your gallery wall, choose a different size picture frame with pictures for a collage effect. You can also mix and match frame styles for a more eclectic look, or keep each frame the same style to make it more elegant. As you hang your photos, make sure there’s an even amount of space between them and surrounding the gallery wall so it looks best visually.

Gallery wall above a couch as living room decor featuring a variety of framed photo prints

Display Framed Prints on a Tabletop

If you don’t have space on your walls or looking for more personalized tabletop decor, you can always use your framed prints standing up. This option will look best with small framed prints that you can lean against other decor or use a picture stand to make them sit upright. If you have a fireplace mantel, that’s also a great place for standing your prints upright. Using your prints off the wall can make the home feel cozier and allow your guests to get a better look at some of your favorite family memories. 

Variety of tabletop art including framed photo prints and easel photos

Choose a Custom Frame for Each Print

Even if you have a specific design theme you’d like to stick with as you create framed photo prints, you can still get creative with the frames. Creating personalized frames is a great way to make sure the frame complements the photo and makes it look its best. With Shutterfly’s unique picture frames, you can add fun quotes or captions that match your photo. Personalize your frame by color and background design as well as choosing the font styles you’d like to use for the text. 

Personalized frames are especially great if you’re looking to use photo prints as tabletop decor. Shutterfly’s personalized frames all come with a built-in stand that makes them easy to place horizontally or vertically. All personalized picture frames measure 8×10 inches, so they’re a standard picture size for some of your smaller prints that you’d like to use.

Personalized picture frame with baby photos along the frame and the family monogram on the bottom centered around a family portrait

Use Framed Artwork That Matches Your Furniture

If you’re going for a more cohesive interior design style, match your framed prints to your furniture and the rest of your home decor. If you’re making framed art prints, it can look especially great if you design your print with the same colors as your furniture or accent colors throughout the home. If you have a wide variety of colors in your prints, try matching the frame to your primary furniture colors. Shutterfly offers a variety of picture frame colors so you can find something to match, whether you have black furniture, brown, metallic, rustic ash grey, or white.

Living room gallery wall with framed photo prints that match the couch and home decor

Use a Deluxe Mat for Framed Prints

To make your framed prints look even more like a professional gallery, opt for a deluxe mat print. With deluxe options, you can choose from unique and artsy shapes as well as a more durable mat that makes any photos pop. With a deluxe mat, you’ll still be able to choose between a single image or the opportunity to create a photo collage with 5+ photos in a single frame. A deluxe mat print paired with a frame that matches the rest of your interior design will make your home look like you hired a professional to help decorate!

Framed photo print of three wedding photos with deluxe mat

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for unique framed photo prints for your home, Shutterfly has all the options you need. With the opportunity to customize and personalize, you’ll always end up with the finished product you were envisioning. Finally create a gallery wall that features your favorite family moments or design the perfect art print to send as a gift. Our frame options, mat styles, and layout designs can complement your furniture as well as the rest of your home decor and accents to make sure you’re left with a cohesive, beautiful living space.

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