Make the most of your favorite images with the best framing in the business from Shutterfly. Get creative and design a beautiful photo collage or art print that you can complete with the perfect frame look that fits your aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a simple photo frame to sit on your desk at work or you want to design a larger piece of wall art decor, we have the perfect options for you to try different frames and various styles. Get custom frames and prints delivered right to your door when you order from the Shutterfly catalog online. Have fun framing all your memories or major milestones in creative and special ways with the help of our designs and templates.

Create the best wall art decor and special prints with our variety of framing options. You can choose from smaller, personalized frames with embellishments, photos, and custom text. Or, simply shop for different frame styles you can add to your art prints. Whether you’re creating a custom canvas, uploading your own images, or utilizing one of our Shutterfly art designs, you can explore amazing picture framing options to make the wall art of your dreams in your home.

Framed pictures hanging over fireplace.

Explore Desktop Photo Frames for a Creative Look

Enjoy custom framing options to bring your photos to life in unique photo frames. We offer a variety of smaller picture frames that can sit on your desk or be proudly displayed on your bedside table. Enjoy creative 8×10 frames that can also include images, custom text, or fun embellishments around a 4×6 photo. Commemorate a special occasion with a fun caption or just create imaginative backgrounds on these frames that will be totally memorable. You can even explore other unique options like our clip frames that allow you to change out your photo whenever you’d like. Take your framing to the next level with completely personalized tabletop picture frames that will be great for your home or as a gift.

Frame Larger Prints as Great Wall Art Decor

If you’re looking for a stellar piece of wall art for your space, we also offer framing for art prints and a variety of large sizes. Create a panoramic canvas with a simple, contemporary frame around it. Design a poster collage that features all the images from your last vacation and include a rustic frame with a farmhouse feel. Or, shop the Shutterfly art gallery to find your favorite image and frame that will be the perfect piece to hang in your living room. Make a statement with the best custom framing and unique looks for any area of your home with our creative wall art decor.

Design Your Perfect Photo Print and Finalize the Look With Framing

As you’re looking into framing pictures, you first need to create your ideal photo print. With the Shutterfly design portal, you’ll have complete freedom to design an art print that you’ll absolutely love. Whether you’re creating a 20×30 canvas print or a set of smaller metal prints, you’ll be able to upload your images, choose your favorite embellishments, and add custom text to your photo product. From there, you’ll have options to add a frame in various colors and styles. Get the information about the size and type of framing as you design your ideal art print and finish it off with perfect framing.

Get Photo Frames in a Variety of Styles

Finalize your framing in a variety of different styles that can fit any room or aesthetic. Enjoy classic contemporary frames for a sleek look or modern frames for something a bit more dynamic. Choose from a variety of frame colors including black, white, brown, metallic, rustic, natural, and matte gold. Because of our wide selection, you can benefit from great custom framing for any occasion. Complete your farmhouse wall art with rustic, contemporary frames. Create a great print for your wedding decor with matte gold finishes. Or, make a smaller piece of wall art for your kid’s dorm room with a simple, black frame that will fit any look. Shop our framing styles to fit whatever scenario you need.

Beyond the traditional framing products and looks, we offer a few unique products that include cute and unique frames. Explore options for a hanging canvas frame that includes bars on the top and bottom and can hang in your space in style. Create small framed Christmas ornaments to ring in the holidays in style with favorite photos to go on your tree. You can even design a special selfie frame to make your next party or event extra special with that personalized touch. Check out all the framing possibilities we offer at Shutterfly to think outside the box with your unique products.

Explore Different Sizes for Your Framing Options

Create a dynamic look with framing options of any size. Start out with our smallest frames by turning your family photos into unique framed ornaments for the Christmas tree. Enjoy a regular 8×10 frame that will fit perfectly on your desk at work. Or, design a framed piece of art that can span the entire wall over your bed or above the fireplace in your living room. With so many different framing sizes, you’ll be able to find whatever look you’re going for with your framing.

Frame Different Materials in Creative Ways

Enjoy framing for a variety of different materials and print times. We can help you finalize a dynamic look for your posters, regular cardstock photos, or large canvases. Simply select the frame look you’re going for and we can help you finalize the best artwork for your space. These creative framing options are the best way to create prints of any material that you’ll cherish forever.

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