Create Custom Picture Frames Online

Looking for a little guidance on ordering picture frames online? We compiled the best tips and tricks to understanding custom picture frames, from choosing the most fitting types of frames for your home, exploring what makes each one unique, and sharing some of our favorite ways to display them. Discover frames in every style, shape, color, and size with our large online selection of custom picture frames. Whether you’re framing a photo, piece of art, canvas, or print, we offer easy personalized framing that’s gallery wall-worthy. Read on to discover our best online framing service that will take care of everything from printing to framing to adding the hanging hardware.

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How To Create Custom Picture Frames Online

Your photos deserve frames that are just as beautiful and unique as the memories they hold. Easily transform your most cherished pictures and create lasting custom-framed prints online. Here at Shutterfly, we want to help you personalize your space with photo prints framed in a variety of modern or rustic styles. Skip the trip to the frame shop or crafts store by making your frames from home. See how to create custom picture frames online below.

custom black modern picture frames with matting

  • Step 1: Choose the frame. The first step of creating custom picture frames online is selecting the frame itself. We have a wide selection of wood, metal, and glass frame options available, in a variety of colors and sizes. We suggest choosing a frame color that matches a shade in the picture, going for a bold-colored frame for a dramatic effect, or selecting a neutral shade for your frame.
  • Step 2: Customize the size. Knowing the dimensions of your artwork allows you to begin to select the proper frame to coordinate with the art piece. We’ve created a guide of picture frame sizes to help you pick the correct size frame. We offer a wide range of standard to large frame sizes – 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, 11×14, 12×14, 20×24, 24×28, 24×36, and 30×40.
  • Step 3: Upload your art or photos. Upload moments or artwork that’ll last a lifetime. We have online custom framing for your personalized posters, prints, and more.
  • Step 4: Consider the matting. Photo frames with matting will make the photo within look more professionally created and is easy to achieve with these personalized photo frames. Frames with oversized mats are quite popular and can make a small piece of artwork look impactful.
  • Step 5: Personalize. You can crop your photos in the preview and use the photo editor to make any edits necessary to bring your project to life. You can also change the background colors, captions, and more during this step.
  • Step 6: Review your project. Once everything looks finished, it’s time to review. Make sure there are no spelling errors, incorrect cropping, or other mistakes before ordering your picture frames online.
  • Step 7: Order away! Add your picture frame to your cart, then visit your cart to make any changes to quantities, apply any special codes or offers, and review anything else before checking out.

Different Types Of Picture Frames

Picture frames aren’t just about being able to hang your picture up on the wall. There’s a certain strategy to choosing the right picture frame that will enhance your pictures or art as well as complement your interior space. Between varying frame styles, it’s important to consider things like color, shape, and material. If you’re trying to figure out which custom picture frame to order online, we’ll break down the different types of photo frames below.

Custom Wood Frames

When creating custom picture frames online, the picture you are framing should play a part in your type of frame. Different styles and pieces work well with different materials. Wooden picture frames, in a range of colors, are a great way to add a classic flair to framed art or photos. Custom wood frames offer a more rustic, traditional look. Great for paintings or wholesome photographs, these rustic frames complement pieces with warmth and elegant detail. With wooden frames, you can begin to transform your living space into a quaint country cottage, rustic vintage bungalow, or other shabby chic get-away.

custom wooden picture frame of family

Contemporary Framed Prints

Our sleek modern frames use a mat to create an elevated frame-in-frame effect that you might often see in a museum photography installation. These contemporary framed prints bring a touch of mid-century modern design, to any room in your home. Use this frame style as a home for your most prized prints, and pull a few of them together to create a gallery wall you’ve always wanted.

Placing your photo in a solid-colored frame, like black or white, can truly accentuate the beauty when used appropriately. Black frames offer an elegant, formal look, while white frames tend to be more casual and eclectic in nature. Both black and white frames carry a modern feel and streamlined appearance.

modern framed prints of art and photos

Metal Picture Frames

Modern pieces, such as abstract art or black and white photos, are complemented well with the simplistic nature of a metal frame. The metal of modern frame styles allows your photos to take center stage, for a minimalist look that puts the emphasis on the print. Our modern metal frame is a premium-quality option for any space, ready to hang as a centerpiece or in tandem with other pieces in a gallery wall. Rather than drawing attention from the picture, custom metal frames subtly enhance the display with a crisp finish.

Engraved Glass Picture Frames

Design glass engraved picture frames to showcase your favorite memories. Certain milestones call for special commemorative gifts. Weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and other big days call for something that is a little extra special. Whether it is you or a loved one celebrating a landmark moment in time, an engraved glass picture frame is the perfect way to highlight this momentous occasion. Engraved personalized picture frames look elegant as home decor, and make the perfect gifts and keepsakes for those who you love. Showcase your favorite family photos, wedding portraits, and more with glass picture frames made with Shutterfly.

engraved glass picture frame of two little girls

Tabletop Picture Frames

It’s all in the little details — and tabletop frames go a long way in making a house feel like home. Our custom tabletop frames are best for photos showcasing those sweet, everyday moments. Creating a custom tabletop frame online will accent any photo by creating an extra decorative design, not easily achievable through a regular colored solid frame. Whether you choose to display one tabletop frame on a small table or arrange several frames across a mantel or the top of a bookshelf, your personalized frames will create a warm and welcoming environment in your home.

custom tabletop frames

Framed Canvas Prints

Why choose a framed canvas print over the traditional photo print? Framed canvas prints work best for decorators who prefer a traditional look with find details and desire the texture of a canvas print. Frames add depth to high-quality canvas prints, which is especially useful for displaying photos you really want to stand out. Choosing from options such as black, wooden or white frames also allows you to color-coordinate your displays throughout your home. Framed prints add dimension and allow you to coordinate with other room accents — dark wood frames like walnut complement dark-stained wood accents and coffee tables.

framed canvas prints

Personalized Picture Frames

Personalized frames go beyond the super simple gallery-style border, offering more stylized custom framing online. If you’re designing a wedding picture frame, you can include the wedding date or a piece of your vows in the custom text. If you’re designing a baby photo frame, you can include the little one’s name along with the best photos of your family’s newest addition. Designing your own personalized frame for a loved one makes a memorable gift they can hang as wall decor and will cherish forever. Our design tool can even check the spelling for you to make sure your finished custom picture frames are error-free.

personalized picture frame

Fun Styles For Custom Photo Frames

Custom photo frames are perfect for displaying your favorite memories in a way that brings out their personality. With our unique designs, you can choose styles for graduation picture framesMother’s Day framesFather’s Day frames, and much more. The personalized picture frames make for great gift ideas. For example. This Mother’s Day, gift mom a custom frame with two photos of the kids along with a sweet message on the frame like “Best Mom.” She’ll love seeing the photos along with your message and enjoy being able to display the picture frame inside your home. To make sure your photos fit perfectly, you can also choose between 8×10 portrait frames and 8×10 landscape frames. With two photos, the custom photo frame will still have plenty of space for illustrations and embellishments.

Creative Ideas For Photo Frames And Displays

Get creative with your photos! With multi-photo picture frames, you can add photos from the same photoshoot, before and after pictures, or family portraits. Don’t forget about the family pets, too. If you end up having more than two photos you want to use, consider a multi-photo collage with a personalized frame. We offer unique themes for your picture frames that are specifically designed for a bold photo caption. If you have more photos to display throughout the home, consider other ways to make them pop. Our canvas prints are highly versatile, so they’re perfect for either rustic or elegant decor. You can also create a glass photo print to place near your windows and truly let your photos shine.

different styles of custom picture frames gallery wall

Wrapping Up

Our online framing service makes it easy and affordable to custom frame the art, photos, and memorable moments you love!  Make your artwork and photos last a lifetime with a new beautifully made custom frame from Shutterfly. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large size photo, an original piece of art, or an uncommonly sized award, you can create a custom frame online that perfectly complements and protects your artwork and photographs at a reasonable price in any style. Start designing your own custom frame that is sure to personalize and compliment any living space. Looking for inspiration for what you should frame? Check out our Ultimate Creative Guide To Wall Art to start your next project.

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